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May Newsletter, 2015
It is encouraging that even students in the 9th grade are recognizing the inappropriateness of some surveys they are being asked to complete.   

In late April, students at a high school in the Portland-Metropolitan area were given a survey to complete entitled "School Climate Survey".  Discerning students recognizing the questions to be improper and intrusive, surreptitiously snapped a photo of the questionnaire and sent it to family members.  Interestingly enough, parents were not informed on who is requesting the information, the purpose of the survey or how it will be used.  

It is fantastic to see students and their parents taking action to expose questionable material!  

What are "Youth Rights" and how do they relate to school-based health centers?

The school-based health center (SBHC) is not a benign entity. Parents need to understand that there is an all-out assault on parental rights, not only in the state of Oregon, but across the nation. We are seeing a swing from parental rights to "youth rights" and it is swirling within the context of school based health centers that provide mental and medical health care, sex education, reproductive health services (as pictured above) and a slew of other services to your minor child.  All of these services can be accessed through most SBHC's, and if not available, the minor can be transported or referred to another clinic...all without parental knowledge or consent.  

Laws have been passed in Oregon (ORS 109.610, ORS 109.640) which allow minors of any age to access birth control related information and services as well as treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STI's) without parental consent.  A parent's private insurance can already be billed if their child visits a SBHC and the parent may be notified after the fact. 

However, there is a new twist on this law.  House Bill 2758 is currently winding its way through the political process in Salem and it seeks to take more of your rights as a parent away from you and hand them over to your child.  The ostensible purpose of this bill is to protect your child's confidentiality in any insurance communications they may have with your insurance provider.  In order words, the bill "will require carriers to send insurance communications directly to the member receiving sensitive services, not the primary policyholder unless the member receiving the care affirmatively consents to the policyholder receiving those communication."   So you see, you, the parent, would be paying for your child's health care but have no knowledge of the kinds of services your child could be accessing at the school-based health center if this bill passes. 

So who is having a say in the kinds of health care your child will be receiving at school?  You might be interested to learn that the following organizations have a vested interest in your child's health care and are supporting and lobbying for its passage: Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, Basic Rights Oregon (a homosexual lobby), Cascade Aids Projects (homosexual organization), Oregon Latino Health Coalition, Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force (which supported the pornography laden Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside) and the Oregon Coalition Against Domestic & Sexual Violence.   And these are the same organizations who are on the march to remove your parental rights, not only at the state level but the federal level as well.

So you see, all that these organizations needed to do to come between parent and child was to isolate children from their parental influences and values by putting the child in the driver's seat of their health care. It's as simple as granting minors control over these decisions, even though these same minors are not deemed mature enough to drive a car or cast a vote.  It's ingenious!  At SBHCs your child's health care decisions are being commandeered by the school, the Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority, private organizations and foundations that want unconstrained access to your child.

As a parent are you prepared to hand over your child 's health and safety into the hands of faceless bureaucrats?
Will school-based health centers be performing vasectomies?

Yet another bill promoted by Planned Parenthood is winding its way through the political process in Salem this session, HB 2678.  This bill, if passed, will allow nurse practitioners to perform vasectomies, which currently are being performed by doctors in the state of Oregon.  This all seems fairly harmless and may even seem reasonable given medical advances.  But upon closer scrutiny... is it?

As parental rights are being legislatively attacked by special interest group, new laws are being enacted to allow certain entities to prey on your child.  Your child is being targeted in the public school by organizations you may not even know about or agree with.   It's  much easier to indoctrinate a 5-year old than a 35-year old.  It's much easier to indoctrinate a child when parental rights have been hijacked.  

Imagine your child is being taught that the world is becoming over-populated.  What can they do as an individual? How can they help save the planet?  It's quite simple in the eyes of Planned Parenthood...have a vasectomy,  get an abortion and you won't even miss a day of school! Parents may not know that sterilization forms are available at school-based health centers.  

Outrageous! That would never happen!  Really?  Your daughter can now get an abortion without your knowledge because a "loving and caring bureaucrat" has indoctrinated her into believing that they care more about her than you.

These laws are being enacted with the specific purpose in mind...separating you from your child. Again, what better way than giving children "grown-up" rights they are ill-equipped to handle and too immature to understand.

Who is accountable?

In 2013 the state of Oregon passed Senate Bill 491 protecting those providers who dispense medical or mental health care to your child while at school.  If your child has an allergic reaction to a drug they have been given or some type of occurrence directly related to the health care received at school, the school based health center and the health care workers "shall not be subject to civil liability."  In others words, they are not accountable for any harm that may befall your child because of their actions. As a parent or guardian you will have no recourse. 

However, should you take your child to your family physician and a similar reaction occurs, you have legal recourse and accountability.

Your rights to monitor and direct the health care of your child are being quietly plundered by elected officials in Salem at the behest of private organization and wealthy foundations.  The larger questions is; why have SBHCs and their providers been exempted from civil liability in the medical treatment of YOUR child? 
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Call to Action


Condoms to 6th Graders is Back!

ast year state and national attention erupted around the Gervais school board's decision to allow teachers to dispense condoms to 6th graders. The district is at it again. This rural community, located just fifteen minutes from the Salem, is once again positioning itself to be a "shining example'" for districts across the state to emulate. This, despite public outcry.  A community petition was presented to the Gervais School Board identifying serious concerns and a blatant disregard for the cultural values of the families in which they service. 

You can register your displeasure by:

  • Attend the next Gervais School Board meeting on Thursday, May 21st, 6:00 PM
  • Call or email Matt Henry, Gervais Superintendent, (503) 792-3803 ext. 5010, matt_henry@gervais.k12.or.us
  • Email the Gervais School Board members: steve_rush@gervais.k12.or.us, marie_caballero@gervais.k12.or.us, brent_lafollette@gervais.k12.or.us, molly_mccargar@gervais.k12.or.us, jose_ayala@gervais.k12.or.us
  • Write a letter to the editor at the Woodburn Independence and register your opposition to the infringement on parental rights.
Let your friends and family in the English, Spanish and Russian communities of this district know that their parental rights are being threatened again and urge them to attend the Thursday, May 21st meeting.