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April Newsletter, 2015
It is impressive. A growing number of Oregonians are beginning to question the wisdom of the Oregon Department of Education, are refusing to succumb to "institutionalized obedience", and are making efforts to be more informed.  Oregon minors are the better for it!   


Tell Salem "Hands Off" Our Children

Should strangers be allowed to touch your child's private areas or give them a chemical to ingest?  Should "health care professionals" have unfettered access to your child's body, mind and soul?  Many elected officials are parents.  Do they allow trespassers to enter their home unannounced or be involved in the private and personal lives of their own children?


Current Oregon 2015 Legislative Bills (SB 894, 336-339, HB 2758, 2626, and 2307) support confidential health and mental health services (ie: dispensing drugs) to minors, funding for confidential medical services to minors without parental knowledge or permission, and infringements on your right to choose the health care you feel is best for your child. 


Your child does not belong to the state.  YOU are the parent. YOU have legal rights. Draw a line in the sand and say, just as you would say to any intruder, "hands off my child"! Parents are being bullied, harassed and silenced by many of our own elected officials and special interest groups.


As school-based health centers and school district programs usurp your legal rights as a parent, call them out on it!   Health care decisions are the purview of the parents and not the school or state.  Period.  You have the right to be informed of any service, program, or referral your child receives.  Many of the agencies which endorsed the controversial Seaside Adolescent Sexuality Conference (where minors were not being protected) are sponsoring these bills in Salem. They have proven they are NOT to be trusted!  


Day of Silence, April 17th.  What is it and why should you care?

April 17th is the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network 's (GLSEN) Day of Silence in public schools across the nation. On this day, students are encouraged to remain silent and not speak in class as a show of solidarity against bullying, bias and harassment.   Some students may even come to school with tape covering their mouth. Students may also distribute cards stating they are part of the "national youth movement bringing attention to the silence faced by LGBT students...". Teachers are encouraged to use this day to have a "special display of posters, books and other material that explore LGBT topics", regardless of the subject they teach.

GLSEN is the largest homosexual advocacy group in the country and they are "dedicated to promoting homosexuality to public school children as young as kindergarten."   The Day of Silence is not the only day sponsored by GLSEN in the public schools, there is "Ally Week "in October and "No Name Calling Week" in January for elementary and middle schoolers. Their goal is to incorporate homosexual topics into curriculum, books and events.  Further, they are active at the state and national legislative level using the Office of Civil Rights (OCR) in the U.S. Department of Education to promote seeing the world as they do.

No one wants to see a child bullied or harassed, but the Day of Silence represents far more than anti-bullying. The public schools should not be a place where national political activist groups like GLSEN  (and Planned Parenthood) can enter and exploit a captive audience to promote their agenda.  The public schools are a place where students have an expectation of being educated, not indoctrinated.  Are Oregon school districts following their "teaching controversial subjects" policy when endorsing such a biased agenda?

If you are a parent and were unaware of the Day of Silence, call your school and ask them if they will be observing this day?  If they are, consider joining the movement across the nation and keep your child home on April 17th.
   "Teen Sex Specialist" Teaching Your Child!

The Peer Education Institute is the creation of Planned Parenthood and has been active in the public schools for the last 20 years.  It teaches teens on how to become "sexuality educators and advocates" for fellow teens and middle schoolers.  Peer education was also promoted at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) in Seaside.  A  17 year-old student from Olympia, Washington and a "peer educator" was a keynote speaker at the 2014 ASC and is a member of the Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest Teen Council.

One such program of the Peer Education Institute is the Teen Council Program.  "The Teen Council provides teen leaders with comprehensive, accurate, sexual health information that allows them to be nonjudgmental resources to their peers..." as defined by Planned Parenthood.

A "teen sex educator" is an absurd practice.  Students are no more qualified to dispense information on sexuality than they are qualified to perform brain surgery.  They have no formal education in health, mental health, counseling, child development or teaching and they haven't even graduated from high school. Many don't even have a driver's license, yet they are singled out, made to feel more competent than their peers or the credentialed teachers and are armed with biased information and techniques for spreading Planned Parenthood's agenda.  Who knows what kind of harm they can or have caused.  Your wouldn't let an unqualified, inexperienced surgeon operate on your child, so why would you allow an unqualified, inexperienced teenager to dispense sex education propaganda to your minor child?   It would appear that these teens have been brainwashed into believing that parents are uninformed and ill equipped to discuss matters of a sexual nature with their child. 

Planned Parenthood is filling "peer educators" heads with such nonsense that the teens feel empowered to render their years of "advanced sexuality education, experience and expertise" as more qualified to speak to our children about sex than we are.   

What is the real reason why school children are being taught by fellow students on a subject as sensitive as sex and sexuality?
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Call to Action


 April 17, Day of Silence

Call your school and ask them the following questions:

1.  Will the Day of Silence be observed in classes on April 17th?

2.  Will students be permitted to refuse to speak during instructional time?

3.  Will the school observe the Day of Dialogue, one option for students to present a different viewpoint in a compassionate way?

4.  How is this justified based on the district's "teaching controversial subjects" policy?
 New words related to gender as defined by the National Center for Transgender Equality  and taught in   public schools.

Drag King/Queen
FTM (female to male)
MTF (male to female)


The House and Senate Health and Education Committees need to hear from you!


Urge them not to support legislation that creates a wedge between parents and their children. Oregon SB 894, SB 336-339, HB 2758, HB 2626, and HB 2307 are calling for unprecedented access to our children's health care services.

Oregon State Legislature