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March Newsletter, 2015
The hypocrisy is astounding.  Gender fluidity, using cybersex to try out different sexual orientations, puberty inhibitors and voice coaching to minors.  At both the Adolescent Sexuality Conference and Time to Thrive, messages such as these are directed to children, OUR children.  Then consider Oregon's 2015 House Bill 2307, which deliberately comes between parent and child in the area of health care decisions that are extremely private and value laden.  Parents would no longer have the legal right to get the treatment they decide is best for their child.  It is hypocritical to hold parents responsible for raising healthy children while taking away their rights to do so.
WARNING:  The 2015 Adolescent Sexuality Conference titled Healthy Bodies, Minds & Communities is coming to Seaside, Oregon April 13-14.  

Keynote speaker, Al Vernacchio, is a 47-year-old homosexual Catholic "Sex Scholar" who says sex is like pizza...you can have it any way you like and there are no rules.

Remember:  Students as young as 11 years old could be attending this conference!
Why is Rob Running?

Rob Saxton, Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction stated in a letter December 10, 2014 to superintendents around the state that the presenters at the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside "were appropriate".  So why is Mr. Saxton running away from Carla Castano, investigative reporter for KOIN 6 News?  View her report below and find out why.


What is 'Time to Thrive' and Who is Terrance Bean?


Time to Thrive was a conference held at the Portland Hilton, February 13th -15th and hosted by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC), which is the largest homosexual lobby group in the country. The conference was sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), American Counseling Association, Oregon Education Association (OEA), California Teachers Association, California Federation of Teachers, Washington Education Association, Gender Spectrum, National LGBTQ Task Force and more.


The content and format for the Time to Thrive conference looks remarkably like the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) held in Seaside with keynote speakers and workshop presenters.  It should be noted that one hundred free tickets were given away to minors to attend the Time to Thrive conference.   


Tracy Flynn, presenter of two workshops at the Time to Thrive conference which were titled "HRC's Welcoming Schools" and "What do you say to, "That's so gay!" and other teachable moments in PreK-elementary school education", will also be a presenter at the 2015 ASC.  The title of Ms. Flynn's workshop at this year's Seaside conference is also "Welcoming Schools" .  This is a program designed by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation for PreK - 6th grade and has as one of its many goals creating "gender inclusive schools".


Terrance Bean, the 66 year-old co-founder of HRC and who served on its board until recently, seems to have been quietly removed.  Apparently, Mr. Bean's arrest and indictment last November on two felony charges of sodomy and a misdemeanor count of sexual abuse of a 15 year old boy doesn't look so good for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.    You might be interested to learn that one of the workshops presented at the conference was "Perspective of Young Men Who Have Sex with Men about School-based HIV Prevention Services".  The description of the workshop defines young men as "...adolescent men who have sex with men (YMSM) 13-19 years old." This is confusing; does the workshop mean teenage boys in high school and middle school having sex with other teenage boys in high school and middle school?  Or does it mean teenage boys in high school or middle school having sex with men Mr. Bean's age?

Evidently, Mr. Bean also has a background in gay porn.


Reparative Health and the Mental Health Protection Act HB2307  

The purpose of this bill is to stop parents, who believe their child may be confused about his or her sexual orientation, from seeking professional help for their child. The bill would prevent health care providers in Oregon from practicing "conversion therapy" on youth under the age of 18.  This would be akin to  your neighbor telling you that you could not take your child to the doctor. Although it is not your neighbor who is promoting this bill, it is Health Care for Basic Rights Oregon.

One of the workshops presented at the "Time to Thrive" conference was titled "Dangerous Therapy - Efforts to Protect Youth from "Conversion Therapy".   This is the  Mental Health Protection Act HB2307!

Apparently, propagandizing to a captive audience...students in the public schools beginning in kindergarten...is perfectly fine.  However, if you are a parent and object to this extreme interference in private family matters, well you just better sit down and shut up because the Basic Human Rights lobby is on the march to take away your parental rights. 

Section 7 of the proposed bill states "This 2015 Act being necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety, an emergency is declared to exist, and this 2015 Act takes effect on its passage."  In other words, if this bill passes, parents will effectively be silenced from seeking health care for THEIR child.
National News 



NOT appropriate for minors and is highly suspect for adults.  

What are the parameters that your school has around sex education?

Will this be coming to your school courtesy of the Oregon Department of Education, Oregon Health Authority , NEA, OEA, ASC and School Based Health Centers all contained in the warm fuzzy title "Healthy Kids"?

Contains shocking content much like what was distributed at the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) in Seaside.

Planned Parenthood is on the steering committee for the  ASC. They provide training, curriculum and programs which are promoted to school districts across the state.


Are the "Purple Penguins" Coming to a School Near You?


Some believe students should  no longer be referred to as boys and girls ... but purple penguins? 









Call to Action


Call your school district and ask them if they are going to administer the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education's 8th grade and 11th grade  2015
Oregon Healthy Teens Survey to their students?

Please note:  The survey is voluntary.  Did the school contact you for permission to administer the survey to your child?
Call your school district and ask them if they are sending students, teachers or counselors to the 2015 Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside on April 13th and 14th? 

If they are, register your displeasure!



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