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December Newsletter, 2014

We are grateful for KOIN 6 News and KOIN 6 Investigative Reporter Carla Castano for breaking the important story about the "XXX Rated Education" that has been promoted at the ASC. 


We are also thankful  for law enforcement, attorneys,

local, national, and international media, numerous organizations

and individuals who

grasp the implications of

exposing minors to the content and materials that have been allowed to pass under the radar and under the guise of "healthy sexuality".


You are all helping to INFORM, EQUIP, and EMPOWER Oregon

parents,guardians, teachers, administrators, school board members, and legislators! 

Sheriff wants to shut down Sex Conference.

Clatsop County Sheriff, Tom Bergin, sent out an informational email on November 25, 2014 to all Sheriffs in the state advising them of the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority sponsorship of the highly controversial sex ed conference in Seaside.

School districts across the state are sending students   as young as 11 years old to the sexually graphic conference.  

If these were adults, it wouldn't be an issue, but these are our children.
Conference Skirting Edge of What's Legal


Listen to

"Who's Driving the Sex Ed Bus?" 

It's no longer "sex education, it's "sexuality education" which delves into values, lifestyles, and gender identity.


Even more shocking, it's not just for high school and middle-school students...it is directed to children as young as kindergarten!

"XXX Rated Educated"
Adolescent Sexuality Conference 

View the Shocking November 18, 2014
KOIN 6 News Investigative Report

 2015 ASC Keynote Speaker

Who is Mr. Al Vernacchio? 

Just when it might be prudent for John Kitzhaber's Oregon Department of Education, the Oregon Health Authority, Brad Victor (WISE Sexuality Expert) and those who promote the Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC), to display some humility, and perhaps shame, due to the recent expose' on the sordid activities that are being promoted to minors at the conference in Seaside. Sadly, you would be mistaken. 


Rather than being chastened, they are doubling down. The title for the conference in April 2015 is Healthy Body, Minds and Community and the keynote speaker is Al Vernacchio, a 47-year-old homosexual Catholic "Sex Scholar".


More can be understood about the background and viewpoints of Vernacchio by visiting his Facebook page at: 

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Al-Vernacchio-Sexuality-Edcuator/1390930691165050.  Homosexual issues, pictures of naked men, men dressing in women's clothing, and videos of elementary school children who are Transgender are the mainstay of his posts.

Mr. Vernacchio teaches English and human  

sexuality at a private high school in Philadelphia.  In his sex education classes he encourages students to create their own value system and uses baseball analogies in referring to sex acts.  For example, first base, second base, third base and home run.  


Vernacchio describes a grand slam as "...orgy, some people say grand slam is a one night stand". He is also quoted as saying "If there's grass on the field, play ball, right, right,"..."which is interesting in this rather hair phobic society where a lot of people are shaving their pubic hair...". 


Vernacchio also shows a video of a woman ejaculating and photos of vulvus and penises.


To describe Mr. Vernacchio as unorthodox is to be too kind. Vernacchio is just another pusher of moral depravity in the name of  sex education.  He is in good stead with his predecessors at the conference whose vision of sex education is no holds barred, no boundaries, if it feels good, do it.  The goal of these "sex educators" is to unmoor the values, moral codes and traditions of the youth of today, indoctrinating them, promoting gender confusion, and endangering their health and wellbeing.  


One has to wonder what impact past conferences have had on middle and high school students as they viewed and participated in the free-flowing ideology of sex education and the adults who promote it.  What impressions are left on the minds, hearts and bodies of youth who have been exposed to this graphic material?



Sample of Adolescent Sexuality Conference Keynotes


There is a track record.  In addition to viewing shocking ASC evidence (images, documents, agendas, resources, workshops, etc) on ParentsRightsinEd.net, take a look at the some of the conference keynote speakers selections.


Remember, these adults were deemed " sex experts".  


Report: Chicago schools teaching 'safe' anal sex to 5th graders!





Former abortion clinic director:

 "Our goal was three to five abortions per student"



    Our Daughters represent    

    economic development for 

        Planned Parenthood.


Could this be why
they push "sex ed" in
public schools? 

Is it really about
 health and safety?


A How to Guide for Protecting Your Child's Innocence and Your Family's Values in Public Schools 
This book was written to assist parents in fighting offensive programs, including Planned Parenthood type sex education in public schools.

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