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October Newsletter, 2014

Gervais Update 

The nationally recognized condom controversy in Gervais is not dead. Unbeknownst to parents, evidence has revealed that state officials have provided funds and are quietly working behind the scenes with Gervais school officials to provide reproductive services to students at any age.

The following class was presented at the 2013 Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside: 

"...identifying & monitoring the strengths and risks of each family, infant and child.." p11
"Utilize Oregon's heath reform effort within to transform...for screening of all families & children." p13

In 1994, then U.S. Surgeon General, Joycelyn Elders was forced to resign after 15 months in office because of her position that "schools should consider teaching masturbation to students as a means to prevent sexually transmitted disease"

Today the Oregon Department of Education and John Kitzhaber want to begin teaching kindergarteners about sex and give condoms to sixth graders and...no one is losing their job!


Why is the Department of Education in the Business of Identity Formation? 




The Oregon Department of Education is trespassing on the hearts and minds of children and doing so under the guise of "healthy sexuality".  One must ask why the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Governor Kitzhaberis supporting content and programs that negate the rights of parents, guardians and individual school districts.
 Who is Protecting the Children?



"Your gender gummi...can change by the day, hour, or minute"  

Source: Dry Humping Saves Lives, page 9 & 10



The Cascade Aids Project pamphlet 'Dry Humping Saves Lives' was distributed at the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference (ASC) and tells minors:   

   - Do, dress in, or say anything regardless of  gender

   - Do whatever feels right with this information

   - There is no universal right or wrong

   - Watch porn or masturbate while someone is watching


This type of material is endorsed by the Oregon Health Authority and the Oregon Department of Education, is dangerous, over-reaching, and usurps the legal rights of parents & guardians.



Governor Kitzhaber is Oregon's Superintendent of Public Instruction. Rob Saxton is Deputy Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Oregon Health Authority and Department of Education are on the steering committee of the Adolescent Sexuality Conference which is promoting explicit sexuality to schools across the state 

 Food For Thought
 What is social justice and does it relate to Oregon public schools?
(Read our November Newsletter to learn more)

Hawaii middle schoolers earn gift cards to learn about anal and homosexual sex 



Teacher announces upcoming sex change to students

Gender Spectrum is the organization behind "gender inclusive" schools.  They provided the documents to the Nebraska middle school. Titles of the documents are: 12 easy steps on the way to gender inclusiveness..." and "Continuum of Sex and Gender".


Biological Truths vs.
Social Agendas 

"How do we fight this madness?"


"By standing up publically and insisting that sex education, like all health matters, be based on biological truths, not social agendas.


By reminding authorities that this is a war against disease, not social injustice.  And by proclaiming loud and clear: My child's innocence is precious. You try and take that away, and you'll be sorry."

     ~Miriam Grossman, MD

Practical Tools for Parents
A How to Guide for Protecting Your Child's Innocence and Your Family's Values in Public Schools 
This book was written to assist parents in fighting offensive programs, including Planned Parenthood type sex education in public schools.

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