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We exist in order to provide accurate information, effective tools, and strategic support to parents, school   officials, and community members who have reason for concern about comprehensive sexuality education in Oregon public schools grades K-12.
Making a Difference  Curricula promoted by the ODE
In 2011, Governor Kitzhaber appointed himself "Superintendent of Public Instruction"; a formally elected position by the people of the state of Oregon. 

The Department of Education and Governor Kitzhaber are promoting such onerous sex education curricula in our schools that it can only be described as "mental molestation".

The education material "Making a Difference" instructs the 6th grade teacher to ask the question, "How do people express their sexual feelings?"
According to ODE's endorsed curriculum, the goal is to elicit answers such as: oral sex, caressing, dancing, hugging, masturbation,  kissing, grinding, sexual fantasy, anal sex, touching each others genitals, and vaginal intercourse.

How offensive do you find the question? How many of these terms are necessary for 12 year olds to discuss in class with their peers?

This particular curriculum, "Making a Difference", is one of nine curricula adopted in Columbia County, Oregon by the Scappose School District. The sex ed material was rushed through this summer, much like Gervais, without parental consent or input.

Not only can Oregon's K-12 sexuality curricula be considered as an assault on parental rights but a betrayal of community trust.
Who is Cory Silverberg?
Mr. Silverberg was the keynote speaker at the 2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside 
(ASC), a two day conference for youth, teachers, counselors, and health providers.
The Oregon Department of Education is on the ASC steering committee.

A brief research of Mr. Sillverberg reveals  that he describes himself as a "gender variant (or maybe a queer person in a straight package)". 
He owns a sex shop in Toronto, Canada and his favorite month of  the year is May. 

Hmmm, you're probably 
wondering what is so special about May, other than honoring our men and women in the military who gave their lives protecting and defending our country. Or, honoring our mothers who nurtured, protected and loved us.

May is National Masturbation month.
Mr. Silverberg "spends the month talking to people about jerking off." It is also a fundraiser (who knew fundraising could sink to such depravity). Awards are given to those who raise the most money as well as those who have the most multiple orgasms and endurance.  In 2003, you'll be pleased to learn, that Cory participated in the Masturbate-A-Thon at the annual Jerk was unclear if he won an award.
*Source: I'm Hot for Myself, by Cory Silverberg        

If you think hiring Mr. Silverberg was simply poor research or an oversight  on the part of ODE, you would be mistaken.  At the 2013 ASC one of the keynote speakers at the conference was Jenn Burleton a transgender.  A man who now considers himself a woman.  She was described in the 2013 conference as inspiring, humorous and what end?
As a parent, here's a question you might ask yourself... Is this education or simply a social justice agenda which rejects parental rights and propagandizes to a captive and innocent audience?

Parent Power!

In our May/June Newsletter we reported that the Gervais school district would begin allowing teachers to hand out condoms to 6th graders beginning in the fall. The Gervais school board passed the new sexuality education standards in May and the administration planned to hash-out the pesky details over the summer. 

We asked the question... "were parents consulted?"  Or, did the school board, guided by the Oregon Department of Education and Governor Kitzhaber, decide that it was their decision to sexualize your child in a way they see fit?  
The Gervais parents were not consulted.
Parents in Gervais were up in arms at the intrusion into parental rights and expressed their disproval by "flooding" the June school board meeting forcing the school board to "re-think" its plan to dispense condoms.

Do not think this debate is over.  The Gervais principal stated that, "...his research found that other school districts don't put the responsibility of giving contraceptives to students on teachers.  Instead, they might be referred to the health clinic, a counselor or an off-campus partner."

So you see, the battle is not over.  Nonetheless, Gervais residents deserve praise for their successful efforts to keep teachers out of the condom distribution business.

The Oregon Department of Education is Perpetrating an Assault on Your Child's Sexual Innocence By...
-Promoting explicit sexual behaviors to children
-Betraying the trust of parents and guardians
-Motivating minors to engage in sex
-Enticing schools to usurp parental rights
-Failing to safeguard children


        Below are statements from presenters at this year's 2014 Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference entitled, "Building Blocks of Youth Sexual Health".


Is this ODE sanctioned conference really Building  Youth Sexual Health OR is it a form of "Mental Molestation"?

  • "The internet (cyber-sex) is a good place to try out  different sexual orientations"
  • "I line up with what my genitals look like"
  • "My pronoun of choice is..."
  • "I wish my parents had not identified me as a boy"
  •  "Start with the children...they have all had  experiences in their bodies about pleasure"
  • "Your life is your own, your body is your own, and  your choices are your own"
  • "We don't have names for all the identities yet"
  • "Thank you Creator for giving me the opportunity to  serve others.  We love you kids."
  • "Perhaps you are omni-sexual, pan-sexual,  asexual, gender-binary, transgender, bi-sexual,  mono-sexual, cis-gender, etc."
  • "I'm questioning...I know what I am, I just don't  have a word for it"
  • "We need to support sex ed programs so we know  why we are ourselves"
  •  "Identity can change every day, every hour"
  •  "I'm here to help you build your sense of self"

 ASC Steering Committee

Did you know...


Under Oregon Health Authority and Obamacare, 15 year olds can get tax-funded sterilization without parental consent.  


Oregon School-Based Health Centers are required to either provide or refer reproductive services to minors of any age.  According to the Oregon Health Authority, sterilization is considered a "reproductive service".  This would mean that your 15 year old child could be provided an "Ages 15-20 Consent to Sterilization Form" (DMAP742b) and get tax-funded sterilization without parental consent. 

While it is true that teens can be sterilized under the law,
HIPPA; Minors' Rights, even without a school based health center, it must be understood that a SBHC has a captive audience and that there is no minimum age for a child to receive reproductive health care without parental consent or knowledge.

This begs the questions...What does this have to do with receiving a sound education?  Answer:  Not a darn thing!

The first SBHC was located in Roosevelt High Schol 30 years ago with the goal to slow the supposed explosion in teen pregnancy.  "Today, mental health experts claim the clinics are crucial in treating young people suffering from depression and more serious mental health issues."


What is the genesis of this law? Remember, Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, believed in population control through eugenics (sterilization of the lower classes, the unfit, the mentally challenged and the poor). Today the warm and fuzzy term is bioethics - the dispensing of scarce resources such as health care to the most deserving.


So, if your child is suffering from depression because of the dire warnings of global warming or over-population they receive at the hands of the public schools (without an opposing view), perhaps they feel they can do their small part in saving the planet by giving up the possibility of having children.  As a parent (and now a grandparent), I can think of few worse fates. 

Now, as outrageous as this may sound, is it any more preposterous or ridiculous than 6th graders talking about anal sex or Planned Parenthood whisking your 15 year old daughter off to have an abortion?
Parents' Rights in Education is committed to informing you about the K-12 Comprehensive "Healthy Sexuality Education" that the Oregon Department of Education is promoting to districts across the state.  We know that life can get let us help you.

There are many practical things that parents, guardians, and residents of a school district can do.  You have the legal right to speak, be involved, and be informed about what children in your district are being told about sex and sexuality. 

The residents of Gervais did it.  So can you!

1. How does the Oregon Department of Education, your school district's sex ed policy, and your child's teacher define the term "healthy sexuality"?

2.  How much sex education is too much?  Have we crossed that line?




Planned Parenthood Tells Teen to Let Her Boyfriend Beat Her with a Horse Whip 

Yet again, Planned Parenthood has been caught dispensing sexual advise to a teen thought to be 15 years old, telling her to let her boyfriend beat her with a horse whip!
Nearly 2500 concerned parents signed an online petition protesting the "Your Health Today" text, which discussed oral sex, vibrators and bondage.

Dozens of parents spoke at the board meeting, many of them vehemently opposed to the new text, with some calling it "borderline pornography" and "a how-to for sex."

"Protecting Heart and Home"

Despite any political, religious, cultural, or social differences we may have, parents and guardians can agree that when it comes to our minor children:
WE are their guardians and caregivers. 
WE take this responsibility seriously. They are ours to love, guide, and protect. 
WE hold out hopes and dreams for their tomorrows. 


What is the "Circle of Threat"? 

The Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Education represent a triple threat to parental rights through: 
1.Oregon Sexuality Education Curriculum Standards and Revisions (Sex Ed)

2. School Based Health Centers (SBHC's)

3. Adolescent Sexuality Conference in Seaside.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander and her husband share personal details of their lives that they say laid the foundation for a long marriage.



Oregon School Boards &

Local Control
Legal status of school districts:

All school districts are bodies corporate, and the district school board is authorized to transact all business coming within the jurisdiction of the district and to sue and be sued. Pursuant to law, district school boards have control of the district schools and are responsible for educating children residing in the district.ORS 332.072



Oregon School Boards do NOT work for the:


ODE, Governor Kitzhaber, OSBA, OHA, Public Health Agencies, or Private Corporations (ie: Kaiser Permanente)


THANK your school board members for their service however, remind them that they work for YOU! 

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