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We exist in order to provide accurate information, effective tools, and strategic support to parents, school officials, and community members who have reason for concern about comprehensive sexuality education in Oregon public schools grades K-12.

Find out if Planned Parenthood is in your child's school

Turning Kids 
Into Clients
As an organization, Planned Parenthood is just like any other business.  So, what does a business like Planned Parenthood require (besides government money) to be successful?

It needs new and repeat customers, a positive public image, a product its customers believe they can't live without, boatloads of money from foundations such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the expectation of making money.

As the number one provider of abortion in the United State, where does Planned Parenthood troll for their new and repeat customers?  If you said the public schools, you would be correct.

The sex education that is forced on our children in public schools is government sanctioned. It is fertile ground for raising new clients. Further, Planned Parenthood helped draft the manual for "age appropriate" training for "FoSE" (Future of Sex Education). Their focus is to begin indoctrinating our children into their (Planned Parenthood) "sexual exploitation" at age five. 

Planned Parenthood also is aided and abetted by the School Based Health Centers which deny parents the right to know what the center is dispensing to their child because of the child's right to privacy. But Planned Parenthood can whisk your daughter away to have an abortion and you would never know.

Ask yourself...

1.  Why is Planned Parenthood partnering with the Oregon Department of Education and School Based Health Centers?  
2. What part of OR's Comprehensive K-12 Sexuality Education do you want Planned Parenthood to be associated with?

3. Really, what kind of sex education does your five  year old need?

Evolution of Planned Parenthood and Abortion

Sweden became the first country to revert to Pre-Christian abortion legislation and to institutionalize Planned Parenthood sex-education and family limitation programs.

Abortion was legalized in eleven more European countries.

 Planned Parenthood held an international conference and called for "reform" of restrictive legislation.

United Nations agencies began to subsidize Planned Parenthood projects and programs throughout the developing world.

American Law Institute proposed that abortion laws be decriminalized. 

American Medical Association reversed its commitment to protect the lives of the unborn.  
California, North Carolina and Colorado loosed restrictions on certain procedures.

United Kingdom legalized abortion.

Hawaii, Alaska, Washington and New York enacted abortion-on-demand legislation.

United States Supreme Court approved Roe v. Wade

Killer Angel, a Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder Margaret Sanger, Author George Grant 1995
Planned Parenthood, Part 2
Who are these people?

In our May/June Newsletter we introduced you to Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood and the mother of reproductive rights, feminism and the abortion movement. 

In this issue we will introduce you to the millionaires, billionaires, and foundations  who partner with, fund and help sustain this organization and the culture of death they promote.  We will also introduce you to the Oregon state agencies who have a long standing partnership with this organization. 

Many of the organizations and individuals who support Planned Parenthood are familiar to all of us.  The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, William Gates Sr., the Rockefeller Foundation, Warren Buffett,  the Packard Foundation, Ted Turner, George Soros, the Ford Foundation, Google  and Ross Perot, just to name a few. 

To understand the genesis of Planned Parenthood, you must first realize that those who promoted Margaret Sanger and her agents of death, embraced a popular movement of the day called Eugenics. If Sanger was the mother of the abortion movement, then Thomas Malthus was the father of the Eugenics movement. Malthus posited that "population grows exponentially over time, while production (goods and services) only grow arithmetically." Thus, a full-blown crisis awaited the human race if something wasn't done about the ever expanding population. And so, these masters of the universe created Eugenics. Eugenicists believed that in order for society to survive, the physically unfit, the spiritually diseased, the mentally ill, the feebleminded, the deaf and blind and those in the lower and defective classes should not be allowed to breed.

Of course, Eugenics fell out of favor when Hitler embraced this abhorrent philosophy...but only slightly. Today, it has a much more benign and favorable name.  Eugenics has been transformed into bioethics.  Bioethics is about population control and the delivery of scarce resources, such as health care... but it's still the culture of death.   The millionaires and billionaires who fund Planned Parenthood also support the bioethics movement. 

You might be interested to learn that no special college degree is required to become a bioethicist however, most were trained in philosophy. Bioethicists' wrestle with life and death issues, and yet, no special test need be passed or special qualifications need be met.  

The 2010 Census revealed that Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods. Seventy Nine percent of its surgical abortion facilities are located within walking distance of African American or Hispanic/Latino neighborhoods.

The Oregon Department of Education
has a working relationship with 
Planned Parenthood!

Culture of Death, The Assault on Medical Ethics in America; Wesley J. Smith

Bill Gates Supports Death Panels, Rationing of Medical Advances,, Wesley J. Smith,3/14/2014

Eradicating the Poor: Why Are Billionaires Paying for Abortion and Pushing Population Control?,, Niamh Ui Bhriain, 3/14/14

Killer Angel, a Biography of Planned Parenthood's Founder Margaret Sanger, George Grant 1995
The Sexualizing of the Girl Scouts

The Girl Scouts of the United State of America (GSUSA) has certainly changed since I was a girl scout.  True, it's been many decades since I participated in this once fine organization, but one might conclude that the current incarnation is unrecognizable from the Girl Scouts of yesterday. 

Sadly, just like the public schools, Planned Parenthood has infiltrated the once noble organization of Girl Scouts and filled them with lies, propaganda and deceit.  They prey upon the innocence of these young girls and groom them to be future clients.

In the past, girl scouts earned badges by participating in activities in their community, designed and completed projects, volunteered in service to others, explored new fields of knowledge and learned new skills.  

Girl scouts today still do many of these activities but the national organization has partnered with Planned Parenthood and many of those in the national leadership are very politically active.  For example, Timothy Higdon, Chief of External Affairs (2009 to present) is a long time homosexual rights advocate and has "worked closely with the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force" and worked for Amnesty International (2007-2008).   Kathy Cloninger, CEO 2003-2011, stated in an interview that the Girls Scout's partners with many organization such as Planned Parenthood, "to bring information-based sex education to girls."  Ms. Cloninger was also chair of National Collaboration for Youth (NCY) in 2010-2011.  "NCY's public policy is to eliminate all abstinence-until-marriage sex-based education and to ensure access to contraception to everyone regardless of age." 

The national leadership (GSUSA) of the Girl Scouts has honored such luminaries as Gloria Steinem and Delores Huerta.  Delores Huerta helped defeat the parental notification law in California.  Huerta is further honored by the GSUSA by promoting a "Delores Huerta Patch".  She is considered a voice of good by the GSUSA. The list is endless and replete with recognizable names.

In my Girl Scout Handbook, Florence Nightingale, Amelia Earhart, Louisa Alcott, Sacajawea and Marie Curie were the women we honored.  My how things have changed.

Sadly, the Girl Scouts has become another organization that has fallen prey to the promotion of moral, social and cultural decay that is Planned Parenthood.

The good news is alternative organizations such as American Heritage Girls and Little Flowers Girls Club are clubs young girls can turn to that are pro-life, pro-family and pro-God.  

Girl Scout Handbook, Copyright 1953/55 by Girl Scouts of the USA.
Did you know?
Did you know that the CEO of Planned Parenthood (government funded "non-profit" organization), Cecil Richards, was paid $523,616 in 2012?  According to Planned Parenthood Federation of America 2012 IRS Form 990.
Local News

 Clackamas, OR
July 15, 2014

Lila Rose and her organization, Live Action, did an undercover sting of the Clackamas Planned Parenthood abortion clinic informing minors about gagging, whipping and asphyxiation.

PP and ODE are "in bed with each other"

National News

"Lets get one thing straight: no doctor or nurse is going to sequester my children in an exam room and talk to them privately."


Abortion is now "economic development".


"Former Planned Parenthood employees have revealed that the organization requires its affiliates to meet abortion quotas in order to stay in business."

Do Not Have to be Experts

Learn what to watch for and what questions you could ask. Don't be intimidated because you may not be an expert in Oregon's K-12 Comprehensive Sexuality Education.

Your child does not need an expert...they need YOU!

Visit: for tips, tools, and resources


Use respectful resolve and don't allow yourself to be bullied into handing over your rightful place as guardians of your children.

YOU are ultimately responsible for the care and upbringing of your minor child.


Despite any differences we may have about politics, religion or ideology - we can all agree that we do NOT want to relinquish this right and privilege to another. 


Parent's Legal Rights


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