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Our Mission
We exist in order to provide accurate information, effective tools, and strategic support regarding comprehensive sex education in Oregon K-12 public school.
Success Stories
The journey in opposition to the School Based Health Center proposed in Clatsop County/Astoria High School began in January 2013.  The Astoria School Board voted to deny its implementation in May 2013.
Those opposed to the estalishment of the SBHC believed the entire process was founded in deceit by SBHC advocates.  One of their greatest concerns was the loss of parental and community control and involvement.  
Other questions  regarding accountability, quality assurance, and the real cost to taxpayers were never addressed.
Parents in the Canby School District first learned that the SBHC wanted to begin dispensing birth control pills and condoms to students 15 years of age and older from the community newspaper that was covering the local school board meeting. 
At the June, 2011 board meeting, Mr. Lockwood, Director of the SBHC proposed, in addition to already delivering a slew of medical services they call "comprehensive health care" to our children, he now wanted authorization to dispense birth control pills and condoms to our underage children without parental consent or knowledge. 
Ms. Diane Downs, school board member, made a motion to pass Mr. Lockwood's proposal, the motion was seconded.  Ms. Downs stated that "this is a student health issue.  I feel this is a student body and school administration issue."  What it is not, according to Ms. Downs is a parental issue.  In other words, it is a government issue and parents, you just sit down and shut up because the school board does not want to hear from you.
Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and the vote was put off until parental input was received. 

Needless to say, parents were outraged and forcefully spoke-up against this proposal. As a result, the school board

unanimously rejected the proposal by the director of the SBHC to dispense birth control and condoms; though some school board members did so quite reluctantly and stated so.

While the outcome was favorable, it was only the vigilance of a group of aware parents that prevented further destruction of the ties that bind families together. 


"Hey, public schools: it's time for a separation of sex and state" 


Segments from The Matt Walsh Blog, January 16, 2014:


"'Comprehensive sex education' is a sham and a joke. It's also more than just a little creepy. If an adult in ANY OTHER CONTEXT came up to your child and tried to strike up a conversation about "self-pleasure" or "oral sex," you'd likely have ... uh... "words"... with him, and then words with the police."


"So while progressives take the Ten Commandments and the crucifixes out of the schools, I'll come in right behind them and clean out the condoms and the birth control brochures. And then we can meet in the parking lot and swap. I'll take my religion home to my kids, and they can take their sexual permissiveness home to theirs".

dad and kid

Choose ONE GOAL for 2014

Parents' Rights in Education encourages you to commit to ONE GOAL for this upcoming year that will better equip and inform you.  Here are some examples

  • Begin asking questions
  • Request to see your district's sex education curriculum
  • Ask for the K-12 sex education "plan of instruction" (what will be covered and what will not at each grade level)
  • Educate yourself (ie: our website!)
  • Have a conversation with your child, grandchild, niece or nephew. Ask them about what they are learning in their school about: sex, health-related issues, bullying, SBHCs, community resources/links, health insurance, Youth Advisory Councils (YACs), etc.
  • Save all notices, emails, surveys, assignments and school activity announcements related to sex education/health. 
  • Attend a school board meeting (observe and learn the process)
  • Join a sex education/health curriculum review committee
  • Learn what to watch for (ie:buzzwords)
  • Talk to other parents/guardians 
  • Find out what other states are experiencing/doing about explicit sex education in their school districts
  • Contact Parents' Rights in Education if you need support, ideas or want to share with us what you see occurring in your community
DID YOU KNOW...           

The Playboy Foundation and Hugh Hefner made the initial grant to establish an Office of Research Services for SIECUS (Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States is the major source of sex education materials for public schools).

The SIECUS 1970 Book List included: "The Playboy Philosophy by Hugh Hefner - a work blaming Christianity for crimes against humanity.  In turn, Hefner's "Playboy Advisor" column of December 1968 recommended SIECUS sex ed materials to parents.  
"SIECUS was founded at the Kinsey Institute in 1964.  It was specifically created to teach and promote the sexual theories of Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey.  What are Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey's theories on human sexuality, which form the basis for SIECUS's approach to teaching children about sex and sexuality?" 
Just a few of those theories are:
  • Children are sexually active and potentially orgasmic from birth.
  • All cultural and historic sexual taboos and laws are passe'.
  • Adult-child sex or incest is one appropriate aspect of human sexuality.
  • Sex can and should be commonly shared with anyone and anything.  

(Source:  Concerned Women of America)


Today, SIECUS suggests children as young as 5 years of age should begin their sexual education in the public school.


SIECUS receives public funding.  

Parents Have Rights! 
(including teachers and administrators)


If you do not know what to do when you are told, "It's the Law", here are some Oregon laws that school districts are to enforce as they strive to serve the parents and their minor children when presenting information about sex:


ORS 336.035 - right to inspect instructional materials before/during


ORS 336.035 - right to be notified in advance of any instruction on human sexuality or HIV/AIDS


ORS 336.465 - right of students to refrain from participating is protected


ORS 336.035 - rights of teachers/staff protected if they do not want to participate


ORS 336.035 - right to opt out of objectionable curriculum


ORS 192.420;192.440 - parent/guardians right to request disclosure of public records relating to human sexuality or HIV/AIDS instruction

A Kansas father said he was shocked after he discovered his 13-year-old daughter's health curriculum included references to vaginal intercourse, anal sex, and touching each other's genitals.

As of January 1, students in California public schools have been able to choose whether to use the boys' rest room or girls' rest room... based on whether they feel female or male, not whether they are anatomically female or male.

Girls can use urinals in the boys' restroom 

A Swiss measure stipulates that sex education is the business of a child's parents and not the school system.

French parents are pulling their children out of school one day each month to protest what they say is a government attempt to teach young children that they're not boys or girls, but "neutral."
French parents protest gender education program

Fantastic Empowering Parents Guide!


What do SBHCs have to do with the mission of Parents' Rights in Education?

In researching and gathering facts around sex ed in Oregon, we have unfortunately discovered that SBHCs are included in some well-funded and powerful partnerships threatening your rights as parents.











We would like to hear from you.


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