November Newsletter, 2013 
We exist in order to provide accurate information, effective tools, and strategic support regarding comprehensive sex education in Oregon K-12 public schools. 


Do We Have Local Control in Oregon?


Yes, and it is imperative that parents recognize this.  Parents hold a lot more POWER and INFLUENCE than they think.


Your local school district has an obligation to honor parents' rights and their roles in the lives of their children; schools are expected to support not destroy the parent/child relationship.  REMAIN RESOLUTE in respectfully reminding them of this!  


Your district leaders do not want to experience a drop in enrollment (this means less $$ for them), experience negative publicity, have bond measures voted down, deal with packed school board meetings or be facing a public records request. 


 If you get the "brush off", respectfully remind them that they work for YOU! 


1.  Your district (that's YOU) has LOCAL CONTROL when it comes to K-12 Comprehensive Sex Education.

2.  Parents have the right to inspect instructional materials before/during instruction and are to be notified in advance of any instruction on human sexuality or HIV/AIDS.

3.  Students right to refrain from participating is protected.

4.  Teachers/Staff have the right to be protected if they do not want to participate and cannot be sanctioned, disciplined or otherwise compelled to participate against their conscience. 

5.  Parents have the right to opt their children out of objectionable curriculum.

6.  Parent/Guardians have the right to request disclosure of public records relating to human sexuality or HIV/AIDS instruction.



"Prenatal to Age 20"


There is a very serious "power grab" that is going on in Oregon with an effort to seamlessly integrate health care and education in Oregon. Governor Kitzhaber is now in charge of both the "Superintendent of Public Instruction" AND Oregon's health care system (Oregon Health Authority). That's a lot of power!

The governor has appointed Rob Saxton to be Oregon's Deputy Superintendent who now oversees the Oregon Department of Education (ODE).  He has recently announced a "P-20" System which includes monitoring our children while they are still in the womb

"We should be thinking of education from the time a woman is pregnant, her nutrition, exercise and what education is needed around making sure the child is kindergarten ready; this will be prenatal all the way to his/her 20th birthday"                    

~Rob Saxton, Oregon Deputy Superintendent 



Listen to Rob Saxton October 2013 roll out the "P20 Plan" (educational oversight from prenatal all to 20 years of age): PTA Training Meeting, October 5, 2013. 


"I'm an S.O.B." Oregon Deputy Super Rob Saxton Threatens Teachers Who Dissent on Common Core & P20W:, published October 2013.


ODE's Sexuality Specialist, Brad Victor, boasts that they have "pushed the envelope" regarding Oregon's recently revised sex education standards.  The ODE endorses the Adolescent Sexuality Conference held annually each April in Seaside and partners with Planned Parenthood in a variety of ways throughout each school year.  You would be amazed at what is being touted as "age appropriate" and "research-based"! 


There is a growing emphasis on a child's "whole-body health" and this would include aspects of your minor child's physical, mental, emotional, social, oral and reproductive health. (ie: SB 436 and HB 2445 passed in 2013 promotes stronger integration of health and education and also grants the authority of the Oregon Health Authority to control the Oregon School-Based Health Centers (SBHC) around the state.)


Parents' Rights in Education is VERY concerned about the implication the above items have on the rights of Oregon parents and guardians.  PARENTS RIGHTS MATTER!



2014 Adolescent Sexuality Conference is on April 7&8 in Seaside, Oregon



HIPPA= health records
FERPA = educational records
"FERPA is similar to HIPAA, but it applies to the school setting and defines access to and protects the educational record of a student, including a school health record maintained by a school nurse. Under FERPA, the educational record can be requested by parents and some school officials. However, records maintained at Oregon's certified school-based health centers (SBHC) are governed by HIPAA, not FERPA."
This means...that you as a parent or guardian may never know about a "health service" that your minor child receives from your district's SBHC!  We recommend you visit our October 27 website post, "A look into an Oregon SBHC".
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