October Newsletter, 2013 
We exist in order to provide accurate information, effective tools, and strategic support regarding comprehensive sex education in Oregon K-12 public schools. 

 Statewide Campaign to Use Students to Market Healthcare 


Parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, school boards and public officials need to be aware of the promotion of "Youth Advisory Councils" (YACs) in schools all across Oregon.  Our students are being used within the schools to influence and "empower" their peers about their reproductive rights, sexuality issues, and to promote healthcare services.


Youth Advisory Councils plan school activities, develop marketing and outreach programs to their peers, promote school-wide surveys, advocate for their local School Based Health Centers(SBHC), promote SBHC Awareness Month, develop projects, create newsletters, utilize social media outlets, etc. These efforts are generally marketed to our children during the school day and often for the purpose of subverting parental authority. 


In addition, the Oregon School-Based Health Care Network (OSBHC) trains Youth Advisory Councils across the state to promote health insurance enrollment and access to reproductive services to their peers. 


Visit to view links to resources/messages that the Youth Advisory Council's are encouraging their peers to access. Some examples of topics include: 

  • discussing gender identity and expression
  • enhancing sexual pleasure
  • accessing the morning after pill, obtaining an abortion and contraception 
  • promoting reproductive justice/rights/activism
  • empowering students to discuss sexual health

You may also visit our website to view agenda items from the annual Oregon Adolescent Sexuality Conference that students attend and receive training to use at their local schools.  

Example of topics discussed:

  • discussing intimacy and gender stereotypes
  • the exciting world of porn
  • gender non-conforming children
  • reproductive and sexual health services (ie: Planned Parenthood)
  • my pronoun of choice
  • masturbation exploration
  • LGBTQ training
  • how you feel about your genitals 

It is critical that you know the constitutional and legal rights that you have once your child steps into an Oregon public school. Your school should NOT be using students to promote sex, reproductive "rights", healthcare services, or insurance coverage to your minor child without your knowledge! 

A Serious Blurring of the Lines
Oregon Schools Promoting Health Insurance to Kids


The lines are blurring. There is a concerted effort to create a seamless relationship between healthcare and education in Oregon. Sounds nice. Sounds convenient. But at what cost?


When your child goes off to school who is ultimately responsible for them?

Who gets to decide...


The medicine that goes into your minor child's body?

The Healthcare services and insurance your child gets?

The community services that your child either receives or is encouraged to access?

What "trusted professional" will evaluate your minor child's private parts?

What confidential services will minors be encouraged to utilize?

What parents will have knowledge of?


It is imperative that parents and guardians be resolute and alert to what services are being offered to their minor children once they drop their child off at school.

Visit for resources to empower, equip and give you courage. 


YOU have a lot more influence than you think!

School-Based Health Centers
"Whole-Body Health"


When you send your child to school to receive a quality education, do you know what healthcare services and messages their SBHC, teachers, and peers may be promoting?  Do we want someone else making health care decisions for your minor child?


The upcoming Oregon School-Based Health Center Network (OSBHC) 2013 Annual Conference is on October 11 at Century High School in Hillsboro, Oregon.  To view the complete conference agenda visit:


Here are some of the topics that will be discussed:

  • "Whole-body health"
  • "Integrating school staff into health activities"
  • "Planned Parenthood's Youth Trainers - The importance of confidentiality and a non-judgmental attitude, body-language and speech that resonates with teens"
  • "Create a sustainable, school-wide prevention and wellness campaign"
  • "Improving health of LGBTQ youth in clinical and educational settings"
In Oregon, minors of any age are allowed to access birth control-related information and services as well as treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) without parental consent. 
(ORS 109.610, ORS 109.640) 
View Oregon Health Authority's Minor Rights: Access and Consent to Health Care at:
Is this really what your child's school should be promoting? 
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