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240 Years Later And Americans Are Still At It! 

Camp Photo Gallery
Photo by Sue Rosen
CELEBRATE! What was happening in the summer of 1776? Politics, and maybe dancing in the evenings? What's happening this summer? Politics, and dancing, singing and music-making, morning, noon and night! And what's more American than CDSS's
American Dance & Music Week at Pinewoods Camp? It's a winning place to dance and network with contra dancers and musicians from across the country. Vote with your feet in 2016 and come to American Week or one of our other exhilarating weeks,

SCHOLARSHIPS are still available, especially for weeks that have the most openings. We're looking for candidates for NGI Scholarships in the 15-30 age range; if you qualify, contact Linda Henry at [email protected]. We also have additional funding for those over 30; follow this link for that info. (Please note that camp applications must include a deposit to hold a space while scholarship applications are being considered. A full refund will be given if you must cancel due to insufficient scholarship aid.)

INTERESTED? Register here. And please share this message with your friends and family, or send their name(s)/email(s) to Linda as soon as possible.

This summer CELEBRATE with dance, music and song!
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