Dear CDSS members and friends,

Beginning in 2015, our Pinewoods season will not include English & American Dance Week. The announcement, made on August 18th, has raised several questions from you about that change, as well as the Campers' Week date, and about CDSS policies in general. We are very sorry that how we have communicated programming decisions has caused anger and hurt feelings. It was not our intent to do so and we apologize. We hope the newly posted FAQs will answer your questions, clear up some misinformation, and give you an understanding of where CDSS is headed and why the decision about CDSS Camps was made.

To see the FAQs, go to and click the link in the What's New section in the middle of our homepage (below our name) or access the page directly here. There also is a letter to everyone from CDSS President David Millstone and information about CDSS's Strategic Direction. Our thanks to everyone for their support and their concerns. If you have additional questions, don't hesitate to ask: or

Rima Dael, Executive Director
Country Dance and Song Society

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