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Best for the World 
Iroquois Valley Farms Honored by B Labs as a "Best for the World" Company
This week, B Labs released their list of "Best for the World" Companies - social enterprises that have scored in the top 10% of all certified B Corporations. The list highlights 515 companies out of 1,800 certified B Corporations total. 

We are honored to be recognized for our work in creating a food system where more organic farmers can access land and grow their business. Iroquois Valley Farms elected its certified B Corporation status in August 2012, when there were only 600 other companies in the B Corporation community. Since then, the number has tripled as more companies opt to maximize social and environmental impacts as well as financial sustainability. 

To learn more about why Iroquois Valley Farms chose to become a certified B Corporation and what it means for our business structure, read our piece in the Huffington Post

A Message from the CEO
Ten years ago we started this company by buying one farm in Iroquois County, Illinois, the  "buckle of the corn belt". The business mission was simple, enable a more diverse and healthy food system by providing the capital to transition to organic production. Today we have over 30 farms with a 70% millennial tenancy and investors in over 30 states (plus Washington D.C. and two foreign countries) . The public health benefits of cleaning our soils, water and air have never been more compelling. We are excited to be recognized by B Labs as "Best for the World" and look forward to expanding our impacts in the years to come. Want to change the world? Eat healthy and invest in what you eat.

Dave Miller, CEO and Co-Founder
..and the Director of Impact
Iroquois Valley Farms' triple-bottom-line positively impacts family farmers, public health, and the health of the planet. We collaborate deeply with communities of all kinds to maximize transformative impacts. Our work is greatly enhanced by being part of the B Corp ecosystem, working together in our common goal to evolve as Best for the World businesses. We are grateful for the vision, recognition, and support of B Labs.

John Steven Bianucci

We are expanding our pastured operations - pending financings include farms in Minnesota, New York, Vermont, and Iowa. Pictured above are prairie pasture raised hogs on Mint Creek Farm.
The current PPM Offering is open
Our farmer pipeline is growing and we need more investor capital to fund exciting new opportunities in Vermont, Minnesota, and New York. Please contact us for details.

To review our Private Placement Memorandum, click here. To view the Update Report to the PPM, click here. Our Fact Sheet is available to view or download here.

Connecting farm families, communities, and investors since 2007. 
As a corporate guideline, we do not look for specific farmland to purchase or finance. We  develop relationships with farmers, mostly young and organic, that want to grow their farm business. We move forward if we have a ready, willing and able farm tenant in hand. 

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