A Menu for Change
Iroquois Valley Farms Annual Meeting focuses on food and health.
Our Annual Meeting was held this year on July 9 in rural Iroquois County, Illinois at the Miller Farm - where our CEO David Miller began an organic transition in 2005. The meeting was held during the wheat harvest in an outdoor tent so that one could easily view various organic varieties of wheat including golden fields of Turkey Red and Cascadia (see pictures below), experimental plots farmed by Harold Wilken, Board Manager and legacy farm tenant. For more details on the Miller Farm organic test plots, click here

A key goal of our meeting this year was to highlight the food diversity of our farms and farmers. What better way to do this than by tasting the organic production represented by typical field crop rotations. The Annual Meeting menu  included organic wheat berry salads and tomatoes, organic pastured turkey burgers and goat cheese, black beluga lentil soup with cornbread, and black bean chocolate cake. The menu incorporated the local and organic crop rotations of soy/wheat/alfalfa/hay or pasture/corn. These basic organic grains, legumes and proteins are in short supply nationally and represent the building blocks of the ongoing transition from the "no growth" monoculture of chemical food/feed production.  In order to stimulate more production, more corporate buyers are assisting organic farmers with the difficult transition period -- something we have done for 10 years. As a responsible consumer, you can directly assist by eating more healthy and investing in what you eat.  

To read the New York Times article highlighting how more companies are helping with family farmer organic transitions, click here.   
To watch a recording of the Annual Meeting and see our presentation, click here
Expanding capital access with ImpactUs
Recently we have engaged an exciting new company to administer and market our Young Farmer Land Access Notes. ImpactUs attended our annual meeting with a film crew to help document the organic growth opportunity developing with our family farmers. As we know, over 70% of our tenants are millennials, typically 3rd or 4th generation,  and they are the foundation of a more healthy agricultural economy.  Expect to see more companies expanding investor access in this growing sector of agriculture.

As information, our 5 year corporate note (4.5 year maturity) is yielding 2.5% p.a.  

Above: Specialty grains growing at the Miller Farm; Bottom Left: Board Manager Harold Wilken leads the farm tour; Bottom Right: Board Chairman and Co-Founder Dr. Stephen Rivard speaks at the Annual Meeting
The current PPM Offering has been extended.   
The Board of Managers recently approved an extension until  year end on our current Private Debt and Equity Offering.

To review our Private Placement Memorandum, click here. To view the Update Report to the PPM, click here. Our Fact Sheet is available to view or download here.
Connecting farm families, communities, and investors since 2007. 
As a corporate guideline, we do not look for specific farmland to purchase. We  develop relationships with farmers, mostly young and organic, that want to grow their farm business. We move to purchase if we have a ready, willing and able farm tenant in hand. 

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