Earlville Farm (Madison County, NY), a 175 acre dairy purchased for lease in 2015 to the Csendon family.

Our Ninth Harvest
Enabling the Millennials - Disrupting the Monoculture 
Regenerating our soils and capital 

As a corporate guideline, we do not look for specific farmland to purchase. We  develop relationships with farmers, mostly young and organic, that want to start or grow their sustainable farm business. We only move to purchase if we have a ready, willing and able farm tenant in hand.

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Owned Acres
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Recently, we closed on our latest acquisition and 28th farm, a 79 acre purchase (at auction) to be transitioned to organic grains, located near Yoder, Indiana (Allen County). As with all six of our farm purchases this year, the Yoder Farm will be leased to a millennial tenant, in this case to existing farmers, Andy and Catie Ambriole. As noted above, millennial tenants now account for almost 70% of our leased farmland. This is perhaps our most significant impact and cause for optimism.

As we look back on our first nine years, we realize that we are just getting started. Helping the next generation of farmers to build sustainable and economic businesses is the heart of our company. We do not need to change our business plan; we only need to do more of it. Disrupting monoculture is the opportunity, it's working, and we are setting the table for others to follow our lead.

A significant portion of the land we financed or leased this year will be directed to pastured operations, organic buffer/filter strips, and conservation acres. The transition to regenerative, climate conscious agriculture has begun. 

Give your family and the planet a healthy gift this year end by
investing in the next generation of Iroquois Valley farms and farmers.

Harry Carr, who raises livestock on his pasture-based and organic Mint Creek Farm, stands with his white, bronze, and Aztec black turkeys.
Iroquois Valley is expanding! The Board of Managers recently approved up to $5 million of mortgage financing for the organic friends and family of existing tenants and for select regional growth. With a future of climate uncertainty, we urgently need more farmers like Harry that are growing their businesses, restoring soil life, sequestering more carbon and regenerating the health of our communities. Mint Creek Farm plans to add another 600 acres over the next 5 years to its existing 225 pastured acres. This land will likely come out of monoculture production. Harry and his partner Gwen, are assisted by their two millennial children, Raya and Jonathan, who will carry the business forward.
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