Are you ready to update your kitchen?
Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing: What to Expect

You are thinking about getting your kitchen cabinets refinished but not sure about the cost, timeframe, process and all the other factors involved. 
As cabinet refinishers for more than 10 years, we will take you through the steps of the process so you know exactly what is involved in order to get a factory smooth professional finish.

An in-home complimentary consult determines what finish is best based on cabinet type (laminate, painted or wood), condition and what appeals to the homeowner.

The cost of a kitchen cabinet refinish typically starts at $2,500 and up based on size, condition and any additional carpentry or modifications.

Scheduling your job secured with a 50% deposit and signed contract.
Once job starts, homeowner will be contacted as to each day's activity.

The project time frame typically ranges from 7-10 days from start to finish without the use of your kitchen for 3-5 days. 

Below outlines CCFF's cabinet refinishing process 
ensuring the highest level of durability and longevity for a ultra smooth professional finish:

  • Step 1: Custom carpentry, embellishments & extensive prep. After design consultation, all doors, drawers and shelves are removed and taken off-site to the CCFF warehouse. This allows for kitchen use until cabinet box work begins onsite. Basic carpentry (e.g. crown and light rail molding) may be done at this point as well.
  • Step 2: All cabinetry components thoroughly sanded and cleaned.  Doors, drawers and shelves are thoroughly sanded and cleaned off-site at our warehouse. Any contact paper and glue residual removed-any holes are filled. Once on-site, we follow the same procedure for your cabinet boxes-all surrounding areas are protected and area is "tented off."
  • Step 3: Cabinet top-grade priming. Once cabinets are properly prepped, we use a high-quality cabinet grade primer, and meticulously spray the cabinet surface to ensure bonding.

  • Step 4: Basecoat/Topcoat using cabinet-grade specialty paint specifically designed for cabinets. This paint proves of higher quality, and is more durable than any other paint product. The basecoat/topcoat is "sprayed" for a factory smooth finish. We never roll or brush!

  • Step 5: Thorough cleanup and installation of all cabinet doors, drawers and cabinet hardware. A final walk through will be completed that this time to ensure satisfaction.

Our clients tell us that the entire process went fast and that they can not believe the dramatic transformation. Check out our client reviews on our website as well as Houzz and Google.

So if you are ready to update your kitchen like this one, give us a call to set up a in-home complimentary consult with one of our design consultants.