Alpharetta Kitchen Gets Long-awaited Facelift
After initially meeting with CCFF over a year ago, Alpharetta homeowners in the Chartwell subdivision finally decided it was time to take the plunge and update their "heavily glazed" kitchen cabinets.

"I had CCFF come out to my house about a year ago to discuss updating my kitchen, but then life got busy and I put it off. I was constantly looking at pictures on Houzz and alot of the ones that I liked in the Atlanta area, CCFF had done. I called Jenna again and she came out to give me a new quote," expressed homeowner Allison.
The "heavily glazed" outdated cabinets were refinished to a crisp and clean white painted finish. 

Kitchen modifications include the following:
  • New Shaker style doors and drawer fronts
  • Crown molding
  • Light rail molding
  • Top Knobs cabinetry hardware
  • Custom-built Island
  • Walls freshly painted
New Shaker style doors and drawers update the kitchen dramatically with its clean, sleek and simple design. 
"The project started early January and everything went exactly according to schedule. The crew was great at showing up on time and were very neat and friendly."
New larger cove crown molding replaced the builder-grade molding giving the cabinets added height and balance. Under cabinet light rail molding was added - giving the cabinets a more custom look.

"I had all new fronts and a completely new island built and installed."
The custom-built Island  opened up the space giving increased countertop space just by leveling the raised bar.

The new Top Knobs cabinet hardware varied on the doors and drawers with pulls, knobs with back plate and cup pulls.  This creates visual interest with the hardware being the "Jewelry" of the cabinets.

Below are some additional pictures of the kitchen showing off all the new modifications and add-ons that make this kitchen an updated and timeless space that will stand the test of time for many years to come.

The homeowners are absolutely thrilled with how their kitchen turned out. The transformation is so dramatic that walking into the kitchen is like walking into a entirely new room. There is not anything better than hearing what this homeowner had to say about their renovation - "I'm in love with my new kitchen!"

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