What is your passion?
"Where She Started Is Not Where She Ended Up"
-Todd Garretson, Circlemakers CEO
Have you ever considered a complete change of direction for your career? Can you imagine an on-camera news reporter becoming a home remodeling entrepreneur?
Now imagine that home remodeling entrepreneur growing a business to occupy 3000 square feet of showroom space, multiple painting crews, and several years worth of kitchen transformations being featured on Houzz.com.

Passion does has the power to change everything. Where there's courage to change, there you'll find passion. Jenna Hill is living proof.

The story of Jenna's transformation is truly inspiring. But what's even more inspiring is the transformation she's creating in homes everywhere.The day Jenna discovered her passion was the day she never looked back. 

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Interview courtesy of Circle Makers, LLC - A forward growth Strategy company