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September 2015
Roswell Kitchen Gets a Spectacular Transformation
When these homeowners decided it was time to make some changes to their kitchen, they had no idea for dramatic the transformation was going to be! They were in for quite a surprise when they walked into their newly refinished kitchen!
Originally Dark Maple, cabinets were refinished to a custom white painted finish. Other additions include cove crown molding with apron, Light rail under cabinet molding, custom-built island panels, granite countertop, Subway tile backsplash, Atlas cabinetry Hardware, Walls painted neutral finish, new sink and faucet.
Another dramatic change was to the back of the island.  It was covered in a textured wallpaper that was painted dark brown. CCFF custom built inset panels on the curved island and added decorative corbels. In addition. the raised bar on the island was leveled giving much more continuous countertop space.

BEFORE: Textured wallpaper paint brown
AFTER:  custom built panels with corbels

BEFORE: Dark maple Island with raised bar
AFTER: White Island with leveled counter

This kitchen now appears much bigger with the white tone-on-tone color scheme (which is a hot trend right now in kitchens.) These homeowners could not be happier and look forward to spending time enjoying their new kitchen with family and friends!

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With the beginning of the
holiday season
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Simple Solution For Cleaning Your Kitchen Cabinets
How often do you clean your kitchen cabinets? If you are like the majority, not very often!  However, it is extremely important to keep your cabinets clean from oils, grease, food and dirty fingers. Sometimes it's hard to see the grease and oils on your cabinets but regardless of how clean you are, grease and grime will attach itself to your cabinets (unless of course - you don't cook!)  

Cleaning your cabinets weekly (or whenever something spills onto them) will help maintain the durability and life span of your cabinet finish.  Below are a few guidelines on how to keep your cabinets looking brand new for year's to come. 
  • Clean them regularly. Do not leave grease or water on them for a long time. Water and grease will eat away at your new finish. If you spill water or grease, just wipe it off within a few hours.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals to clean your cabinets. 
  • Fabuloso, 409, pledge or other chemical cleaners will eat away at the finish over time. 
  • Clean cabinets with diluted dish soap and water. 
  • Do no scrub with soft scrub or comet cleaner.
  • Magic erasers are ok to use infrequently for stubborn stains. Do not use on stained finishes. White Only !
  • Remember sharp objects will not only damage the paint for your wood doors. Use caution when putting away silverware and knives.
Follow these guideline and you will have your cabinets looking fresh and beautiful. Happy cleaning!

More than Fifty Shades of Gray and White
Gray and white are at the top of the charts for kitchen cabinet color. Choosing a gray or a white color can be overwhelming because there is certainly a lot more than 50 shades. 

The lighting in your kitchen plays a big part in what shade of white or gray to pick.  Colors can look different in the morning, afternoon and evening.  In addition, colors look different when it is sunny versus when it is overcast.  

At CCFF, we have made your job easy.  We have narrowed down the choices to give you a nice selection of grays and whites to choose from. You can trust our design consultants to help you choose the right color for your cabinets.  For more information on picking white and gray cabinet colors, please click here.

Dazzling Backsplashes
Every square inch of your kitchen should be used to improve the design and flow of your new kitchen. Homeowners are no longer ignoring the area between their sinks/counters and upper cabinets. They are instead installing eye-catching backsplashes (Article by of Improvenet