Are you prepared?
"Home is where the heart is."
Gaius Plinius Secundus
Almost two thousand years ago this phrase was coined by a Roman philosopher., and it still holds true today. The home is a place of gathering for family and friends. We all have fond memories that we associate with rooms in our home-the furniture, and features. When children come in, or guests arrive, we want our home to be a place that is welcoming and warm, and in many cases, a showroom for our family.
Take a moment and look around your own home. Reminisce about people who've spent time within those walls, sat in those chairs, ate at that table. And imagine new visitors and friends. Is your home the place where your heart is?
At CCFF, we understand this in a relatable way. Our founder, Jennifer Hill, has built our organization with the same eye and standard that she brings to her own home. She is raising children, gathering, and entertaining in her own home, and in turn, recognizes that CCFF plays a special role in the homes of others. We are an organization that impacts families and their friends.
To help ensure a "home-worthy" product Jenna often utilizes her own house as a place to try new ideas, implement new trends, and new finishes, that she brings to the homes of CCFF's clients. All to make sure they are high quality in both form and function.
Martha Stewart said, "All the things I love is what my business is about". Jennifer Hill has taken this to heart with her own home and for over 10 years, she has taken her heart into the homes of others, creating places of pride for the homeowners and their families.