Want to know a secret?  

 "The process and organization leading up to cooking the egg can tell you a lot about the cook."

- Chef, Author and Restaurateur, David Chang


Clearly process is important to delivering a great product-be it a great meal or a great work of art. At Creative Cabinets and Faux Finishes we pride ourselves not only on our product and services, but we are confident we've got a process that is second to none.


Below we walk you through the 5-step process we use to deliver excellence in cabinet refinishing.


Step 1: Custom carpentry, embellishments & extensive prep

After design consultation, all doors, drawers and shelves are removed and taken off-site to the CCFF warehouse.  This allows for kitchen use until cabinet box work begins onsite. Carpentry will be done at this point as well.


Step 2: All cabinetry components thoroughly sanded  & cleaned

All doors, drawers and shelves are thoroughly sanded and cleaned of f-site at our warehouse.  Any contact paper and glue residual removed-any holes are filled.  Once on-site, we follow the same procedure for your cabinet boxes-all surrounding areas are protected and area is "tented off."


Step 3: Cabinet top-grade priming

Once cabinets are properly prepped, we use a high-quality cabinet grade primer, and meticulously spray the cabinet surface to ensure bonding.


Step 4: Base coating using specialty paint

Our paint is specifically designed for cabinet refinishing.  This paint proves of higher quality, and is more durable than any other paint product.  The basecoat is "sprayed" for a factory smooth finish. We never roll or brush!


Step 5: Industry-approved protective topcoat finish applied

After Steps 1-4 are complete, we apply a decorative finish if desired (ie. glazing, pin striping, etc.)  Then apply an industry-approved topcoat/polyurethane to ensure the highest level of protection and durability.


Just remember, 

Process Makes Perfect!