"There are always two people in every picture: 
the photographer and the viewer." 
                                                      - Ansel Adams 

Opening TODAY
Ansel Adams (1902-84), perhaps the best-known photographer in American history, developed a system for creating luminous, vivid landscape photographs in sharp contrasts of black and white. He then printed his film negatives with meticulous attention to craft. Adams's manner of framing and capturing both magnificent, large-scale landscape formations, and small, exquisite natural objects created icons of the American wilderness.
The nearly forty breathtaking photographs in 
Ansel Adams: Eloquent Light 
have never been on view together, and Reynolda House is the exhibition's
only venue. Read more about the exhibition and spring events.


Reynolda House Museum of American Art | 2250 Reynolda Road | PO Box 7287 | Winston-Salem | NC | 27106