January 2015

The new PNT.org is LIVE!


The front page of www.pnt.org

Dear Friend of the Pacific Northwest Trail Association,



It is the pleasure to let you know that we have launched our new website!



Over the past year we have been working hard with our partner Earth and Sky Studios rebuilding and designing a website to better tell the story of the Pacific Northwest Trail. We wanted to create a website that would become the first stop for information, maps, and trail guides about the PNT. We also wanted to make it easier for people to get involved with the trail and the association, because sometimes connecting with the land means working with the land. We hope you take some time and look through the site.



What you'll find:


  • THE TRAIL - Your first stop to exploring the PNT. In this section you will be able to explore the trail by region, check out trail towns, discover day hikes in your local area, and read tips and tricks from past thru hikers.
  • MAPS- Looking to thru-hike the PNT? Or just looking for a section to hike close-by? The maps section offers our downloadable strip maps. Just download,print, or to keep on a handheld device while on the trail.
  • WHAT WE DO-  Learn more about our SKY youth programs where youth from ages 12-24 learn how to build trails, gain outdoor skills, and explore in the wilderness along the PNT. 
  • WHO WE ARE- Check out our staff, board, and partners along the trail, as well as how to contact us and visit our office! You can also read the incredible story about how the PNT started as one mans dream and became one of eleven National Scenic Trails.
  • GET INVOLVED- Here you can find volunteer opportunities, sign up for our newsletter, and also help the trail grow by becoming a member of the PNTA.
  • STORE- Order your PNTA Merchandise for yourself or a loved one. 
  • BLOG- Stay up to date on what we are doing along the trail, read interviews and articles written by PNTA staff, hikers, and volunteers.

Although the site has launched, over the next year we will be working out the kinks, adding more content and resources,  and building a home for the PNT community to interact, access information, and most importantly, get out on the trail. 


Lastly, we hope you will take this time now to  Become a member and help us preserve, protect, and promote this great trail. 


Thank you again for supporting us and the Pacific Northwest Trail. 

Happy Trails!



Jon Knechtel
Director of Trail Operations


If you have any events you would like to have included or if you want to put together a volunteer work party and would like to have that information included in the newsletter you can contact us at (360) 854--9415 or e-mail us at [email protected]