December 2014

Local Marine Recruits Build Teamwork on the PNT


Last month, a group of 30 local Marine Corps recruits joined us in helping maintain a trail on Blanchard Mountain.

Each month the local Marine Corps recruiting offices of Burlington, Bellingham, and Oak Harbor organize different activities, workouts, and volunteer events for local youth interested in the Marines.

SGT McKelvey of the Bellingham Marine Corps recruiting office came up with the idea to get recruits outside, working in nature and the community. "It's a great way to not only teach teamwork but to show that the Marines is more than just military missions, being a humanitarian is a big part of being a Marine, and to have them help out their local communities, is a good way to show that." 

The 30 Marine Corps recruits set out in groups of four, each with a different tool and purpose. 


"We want to show them what it's like to work as a team, and how teamwork can create on the ground results," said SGT Maguire, a career counselor at the Burlington Recruiting Office.


The Marine Corps recruits completed a mile of trail maintenance, which involved pruning back trees, controlling erosion, and widening the trail to the state and Forest Service standards for trails with horseback riding. 

"Having the opportunity to get a workout in and give our community a place to workout is something we feel is important," SGT Dickerson said.







Hike of the Month! - Anecortes Community Forest 

Anecortes, WA


It's that time of year where hiking at high elevations becomes hard with inclement weather, snow and road closures. However, the winter doesn't mean hang up your boots for the season as there are plenty of great day hikes along the PNT which make a great day hike all year round. 


Take a hike through the Anecortes Community Forest Lands! Just only 1.5 hours away from downtown Seattle, these trails are not only accessible to get to but accessible for everyone. Walk through old growth Pacific Northwest forests on trails that meander around lakes and up to views like the one on top of Mt Erie overlooking the water. 


Maps can be purchased of the area at the Anecortes Visitors Center.



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