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March 2014

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Whistler Canyon Land Acquisition



By Jon Knechtel
Director of Trail Operations, PNTS

As most of you, who have been following this, are aware the 63.36 acre parcel that includes the 
Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail and the Frog Pond Trail, was purchased by Echo Bay 
Minerals "Kinross Gold" on December 13th.  This will ensure protection for the trail corridor, 
between the county trailhead and BLM property.

I can't say enough for Kinross Gold in their stepping up to make this land acquisition possible.  

Although we had a very successful fundraising campaign, we missed our total goal by around $3,000and would not have had money enough to make this dream a reality had it not been for 

Kinross Gold. The original $25,000 donated from Kinross in 2008 was returned to them,  as well 

as the $9,011.05 that was donated by the Okanogan Chapter of the Backcountry Horsemen.  For those of you that decided to leave their donations with the PNTA, it's was decided that those funds will stay in a restricted account earmarked for land acquisitions.  Over the coming years there will be other pieces of property that will become available and the PNTA needs to be able to have the funds to acquire them,  without waiting for the federal government to take the appropriate steps to protect the Trail.


Once again I thank all those who donated to the "Save the Whistler Canyon Fund" and special 

thanks to Echo Bay Minerals "Kinross Gold"



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New Forest Service Public Website for the PNNST


Thanks to efforts of our USFS Trail Administrator Matt McGrath and Natural Resources

Specialist Becky Blanchard the PNNST now has a Forest Service public website.  It is still 

under construction but what it has is worth checking out. They have a slideshow with great scenic views of the trail and they plan on adding more content.The link below will take you to the Forest Service site.


The site link is


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Every summer, PNTA puts youths to work constructing and maintaining trail segments across the Pacific Northwest National Scenic Trail.  We employ young adults from the local community to work with trained trail professionals.  They benefit themselves and make substantial improvements to this national trail treasure.


"There is nothing like sending a youth into the woods to do trail building work with a team of youths and leadership.  It builds character, they have a great time, and they earn a summer wage." 

   --- Lewis Trout, Regional Trail more


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Sponsors of the PNTA Youth Performance Trail Crew Program


A Big Thank You to the following local businesses who have chosen to sponsor a youth crew member.  Youth are important to not only our future but the communities that they are a part of and investing in them today brings with it returns for tomorrow.


Port Townsend Kiwanis Club, Port Townsend, WA

Terry Fife of Edward Jones Investments, Bellingham, WA

Waldod Subway, Deming, WA

Handy Mart of Sedro Woolley, WA

Loggers & Contractors Supply, Inc, Sedro Woolley, WA

Skagit River Steel & Recycling, Burlington, WA

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Book Shelf


Tim Youngbluth's "Pacific Northwest Trail Digest".  Tim is a retired Air Force Colonel who has been hiking for 50 years.  With the assistance or three of the more current thru-hikers Tim has put to together a wonderful book on trail tips and navigation notes for the PNT.  He includes tips on getting permits, campsites, places for resupply, Waypoints, key trail notes and much more.  This is a book well worth having on your shelf.  You can find it on in both a paperback version and a Kindle version.  You can also contact the author at [email protected].  


Craig Romano's "Day Hiking Eastern Washington"(with Rich Landers) (Mountaineers Books) is now available. There are lots of hikes in this book that you can hike along portions of the Pacific Northwest Trail. They are a diverse lot and offer some of the best hiking in Eastern Washington.  Hike the PNT on the following hikes in this book; 


Similkameen Trail (hike no. 1), Whistler Canyon (hike no. 2), Antoine Trail (hike no. 3), 

Southside Trail (hike no. 4), Clackamas Mountain (hike no. 10), 

Thirteenmile Canyon (Hike no. 17), Thirteenmile Mountain (hike no. 18), 

Eds and Bald Mountains (hike no. 19), Sherman Peak (hike no. 21), 

Columbia (hike no. 22), Copper Butte (hikes no. 27 and 28), 

Ryan's Cabin Loop (hike no. 31), Sentinel Butte (Hike no. 32), 

Abercrombie Mountain (hike no. 45), Crowell Ridge (hike no. 51), 

Gypsy Peak (Hike no. 52),  Shedroof Divide (hike no. 54)

For more information on this book and the others he has written visit him at: and on Facebook at  "Craig Romano Guidebook Author."



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Volunteer Work Parties


The backbone of trail organizations like ours are the volunteers and members who through their efforts help to maintain what is one of our country's greatest assests, its wilderness trails and parks.  If you want to join a crew or if you, your club/organization or company want to put a crew together lets us know.  You can contact us at (360) 854-9415 or e-mail either Lewis Trout, Trail Crew Coordinator at [email protected] or Jon Knechtel, Director of Trail Operations at [email protected].  If you want to let other volunteers join your crew we can add it to this list along with your contact information for those interested in volunteering.  


Tips to trail work:

     No matter where you work  wear long pants, long sleeve shirts, have work gloves, and plenty of fluids to drink.  If the crew is a day crew usually you will need to bring a lunch.  It all depends on the crew's organizer as to what you need. 



      Each person working on a crew will have to sign a liability release form.  

      Parents or guardians of those under 18 must sign for minors.


*******Work Parties*******



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  Youth Volunteer Vacations 


Pacific Northwest Trail Association's Youth Vacations are opportunities for high school students ages 14-18 to spend a week outdoors building and maintaining hiking trails in a safe, teamwork-oriented environment throughout the state. Learn more about the details and the schedule.


Service Trips for High Schools Students


Are you a high school student age 14 - 18 who loves to be outdoors? Are you eager to experience new challenges, learn new skills and meet new people? Learn all about the world of building and maintaining hiking trails, experienced in a safe, teamwork-oriented environment in various locations across the state. PNTA offers first-time participants front country trips, and more experienced students have the option to join a more remote trip in the backcountry.


Front country Trips:


PNTA Front country trips provide opportunities to experience projects near the ocean and in the mountains. All of our trips provide you with experienced crew leaders, a great project, some camping gear may be available (tents and sleeping pads provided for front country trips) and all of your meals for the week.


Advanced Backcountry Trips:


Those with experience, or Youth Volunteer Vacation experience may be eligible for one of our Advanced Backcountry trips. Participants on these trips will be backpacking in to the work site and will have a chance to advance trail and leadership skills under the supervision of a PNTA crew leader. Approval from a crew leader is necessary.


Youth Vacation Information:


>   You must be 14 -18 years old to join one of our Youth Volunteer Vacations


         >   Each person working on a crew will have to sign a liability release form.  

           Parents or guardians of those under 18 must sign for minors.


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If you have any events you would like to have included or if you want to put together a volunteer 
work party and would like to have that information included in the newsletter you can contact us at 
(360) 854--9415 or e-mail us at [email protected] 
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Upcoming Events 

April 25th, 2014

Cowboy Dinner and Auction
In support of PNTA Youth Programs

For more information contact Lewis Trout (360) 854-9415 

or e-mail [email protected]


May 17th, 2014


Dog-Gone Trail Hike

Enjoy a day with your two & four legged friends


For more information contact Lewis Trout (360) 854-9415 

or e-mail [email protected]


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Ron Strickland



         Ultimate Hiker's      

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  Grizzly Bears  


  Razor Clams

Chris Townsend

Pacific Northwest

Trail Digest

Pacific Northwest Trail Guide
Tim Youngbluth
Day Hiking in
Eastern Washington
Day hiking in Eastern Wa
Craig Ramono



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Great news up until now it's been difficult to get a hold of a copy of the PNT trail guide. But thanks to one of our followers on Facebook we were given the heads up that you can now get an affordable copy of the guide from:  Google's ebookstore.         
Trail Guide
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