Give Your Business a Marketing Reboot 
with Our January 2014 Programme 
It's time to reboot your marketing, and we've gathered top experts to help you do it. Learn everything from how to make your website really work, to writing great copy - and lots in between!


This series of webinars and our one-day conference, Marketing Reboot LIVE, are brought to you by Constant Contact and friends.


What to expect?


Take part in Marketing Reboot 2014 to get expert training & advice, great guidance on the hot marketing techniques to focus on, and tried & tested strategies that will work for you.


All the sessions are totally free, best-practice focussed, and carefully designed to give you what you need to make your business fly in 2014.


Hosted by Constant Contact's own Tamsin Fox-Davies, each session brings in a key expert to share their knowledge and top tips for you. We want to save you time, money, and give you big results - so that's exactly what we're going to do!


Join us to get actionable training and advice - all in one place and designed with your small business in mind.


What's in Marketing Reboot 2014?


Marketing Reboot 2014 is made up of a series of 4 webinars, a one-day conference, and a handy guide. You can use as much or as little as you like, but we recommend sitting in on as many sessions as possible to give you the best possible start to 2014.


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Our FREE Marketing Reboot Expert Webinar Series:

Expert Webinar: Why and How to Reboot Your Marketing for 2014

7th January 2014, 2pm-3pm 

With Tamsin Fox-Davies, Small Business Marketing Mentor


Do you feel like your marketing needs some attention? Do you want to make 2014 a great year for your business? Join this information-packed webinar to find out why you should reboot your marketing and exactly how to do it.



Your presenter is Tamsin Fox-Davies, Constant Contact's own Small Business Marketing Mentor. When it comes to low cost small business marketing she has been there, done that, and printed and sold the t-shirts via her own e-commerce site.



Expert Webinar: Creating Copy That Sells 

14th January, 2pm-3pm 

With Jackie Barrie, Expert Copywriter 


How you communicate your values and the benefits of your products and services is vital to your business. However, writing the copy (i.e. words) for your website, blog, brochures or whatever is often a stumbling block.


Jackie Barrie has been a copywriter for over 30 years, and has written hundreds of successful websites, newsletters, blogs and articles. In this webinar, you'll get expert - but common sense - ideas about how to make your copy achieve the results you want, as Jackie shares practical hints and tips you can take away and implement immediately.



21st January, 2pm-3pm

Kathy Ennis, Personal Branding Specialist 


Your digital presence, including your website, social media profiles, and newsletters is an extension of you and your brand. How you put that together, and the message it sends out to your audience is not something that you can afford to get wrong.


Kathy Ennis is an expert when it comes to personal branding online AND off. She'll be telling us how to make your digital properties a reflection of your brand, what key things to focus on, and how to make it work for you.






Expert Webinar: Getting Started with Email Marketing   

 28th January, 2pm-3pm


Bridgit McKone, Constant Contact Platinum Solution Provider


Of course you know that an email newsletter is a great tool to use to build relationships and promote your business, but how do you physically put it together? In this session, we'll be taking you through the step-by-step process of setting up and sending your email using Constant Contact. You'll be able to replicate this process yourself to create great looking and effective emails for your business.


Bridget McKone is one of the leading Constant Contact Solution Providers in the UK. She runs her own successful marketing agency specialising in creating and delivering effective email newsletters for her customers. She knows this process backwards, and will be sharing her expert tips with you in a tour of Constant Contact Email Marketing, and show you how you can do it for yourself.



Marketing Reboot LIVE: One-Day Conference
30th January, 9am-4pm - Waterloo, London
Hosted by Tamsin Fox-Davies, featuring top local experts


Sometimes you just have to put a day aside to get up to date and work ON your business (rather that IN it). To help you reboot your marketing, we've put together a brilliant one-day conference, featuring a series of sessions from some of our favourite marketing experts sharing their knowledge with you.


Our conference sessions include:


Engagement Marketing

Tamsin Fox-Davies, Constant Contact Small Business Marketing Mentor

The best approach for marketing any small business. This is the strategy session that will put you on the right track. You'll learn why customer relationships are your objective and how to create and sustain them.


You are your best marketing tool

Annette Kramer, Presentation & Pitching Coach to the Stars

As a small business, you are the physical embodiment of your brand, and you need to be able to represent your business in the best possible way. Annette is the woman who can make sure you're doing it.


How I Made it Work for Me

Karen Haller, Renowed Business Colour & Branding Expert 

All this theory is great, but you want to know how a real business actually got their marketing to work for them. Karen has been featured on TV, radio, in the press, and worked on some very high profile campaigns - but she started from zero. Karen is going to share with you how she made it to where she is now and what she does to promote her business on an ongoing basis.


Making your website work for you

James Brown, Small Business Website Specialist

Your website has to do more than just look good. It needs to work for you, get your site visitors to take action, and drive them towards becoming your customers. James will share with us the tricks of the website trade that every small business owner should know.


Social media essentials you need to know

David Duncan, Social Media Strategist

Social media is a wonderful free tool, but it's easy to waste time in the social sphere with little result - if you're not careful. David's top tips will save you a lot of time and frustration as he shares with you the things he does for his customers on a daily basis.


Creating great content

Sam Bailey, Content & Community Manager

Having good channels to talk to people on is no good if you've not got anything to say. Constant Contact UK's own Content & Community Manager, Sam Bailey, will show you exactly how to design and deliver the content that will create the 'know, like and trust' factor that you need to get people buying from you again and again.


Your 2014 marketing calendar

Tamsin Fox-Davies, Small Business Marketing Mentor

Now that you have great ideas for your marketing, it's time to work out your marketing calendar. This is a vital step in your Marketing Reboot process, and in this session you'll learn how to do it quickly and painlessly. We'll even give you a calendar template to do it with!


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Who should take part?

  • Small business owner
  • Marketing manager
  • Freelancer
  • Solopreneur
  • Not-for-profits


If you run or work in a small business, are a freelancer, solopreneur, or work in a not-for-profit, and want to know how to promote your business better, then this programme of learning is for you.


It's designed specifically for people who just want the actionable information that matters to them - and we've got it!

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