March 3, 2016
23 Adar 1, 5776
Good Things Happen Every Day
at The Silver Academy
Rachel Zilbering, Principal

When we held our door decorating contest in December, the money raised was used to send some comforts of home to the men and women serving in the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).  Pizza, soda and chips were delivered to soldiers through the efforts of Mr. Rosenberg's son Baruch, who lives in Jerusalem with his family.  We also joined the efforts of another organization that delivered cakes and treats.  We were not expecting to get a thank you note, as these young soldiers are in the middle of dangerous work.  So, it was quite a surprise when we received a note through the contact form of our school website.  

"Shalom, my name is Tzvi and I am a lone soldier currently serving in the Israeli Defense Force. About a week ago I picked up a cake from the Lone Soldier Center that was sponsored by your school. As it happened, I got the cake on Friday on my way back to base for Shabbat. Shabbat on that base is a lot like being stuck in a hotel room over Shabbat, and the cake made a big difference.
Thank you,

Our actions were small by comparison, but they made a big difference to this soldier.  Thank you to everyone who participated in this mitzvah project. 

Shabbat shalom
Baruch Rosenberg Delivering Pizza
Ellis Rosenberg Hand Delivering a donation from The Silver Academy
Dvar Torah
Nachum Chasan, Dean of Judaic Studies
SHABBAT - March 4th and 5th       
The 24th and 25th of Adar I
HAVDALAH - Saturday, 6:46 PM
PARSHAT - Vayakhel - Exodus 35:1 - 38:20
סיכום - Summary
  • The commandment to observe the Shabbat is repeated.
  •  Moses asks the Israelites to donate gifts of gold, silver, copper and precious stones to be used for building the tabernacle.
  • Moses appoints Bezalel and Ohaliab to oversee the sanctuary construction.
  • This week we read a special Maftir (section of the Torah reading) for Shabbat Shekalim.
  • It tells of the census that was taken and the requirement of every Israelite to contribute a half-shekel towards the maintenance of the Sanctuary.
SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -
Nachum Chasan
Dean of Judaic Studies

Inside the Classroom
Mrs. Susan Gaughan
We are fortunate here, at The Silver Academy, to have a Penn State Lab Learner Lab. This lab was presented to our school in 2005 and allows students to learn by doing hands-on experimentation. Students love experiencing the processes of science first hand! Here are some of this year's engaging lessons.

Our fifth and sixth grade scientists are determining if the presence of sugar or salt affect the activity of yeast. They enjoyed collecting the data, (watching the balloons rise and measuring their circumference.)

Second grade scientists question what happens when acid rain falls onto the earth. They constructed a model of a lake and its shore to see first hand how pollutants can be transferred between land, groundwater and surface water.

How does an engine affect the energy of a car? Fourth grade scientists experimented with adding a balloon to their car to answer this question. They discovered that both gravity and an inflated balloon act as sources of potential energy for the car. should have seen how far the car traveled!

Look at that! I never noticed that before! These are just a couple of thoughts of our third grade scientists as they considered the role of the mouth, teeth and tongue in digestion. From here our scientists used a meter stick, metric ruler, and a ball of string to measure the total length of the digestive system, from mouth to large intestines. Our classroom couldn't hold the length of the string so they had to move to the hallway!

Sometimes science class incorporates art work. Our seventh grade astronomers are painting the planets as they make a scale model showing the relative distances between the planets in our solar system and their relationships to the sun. Please take a tour of the planets in our school hallway!

5th Grade Judaic Studies
Mr. Ellis Rosenberg

In the fifth grade, we've been studying the laws of davening Shacharit (morning prayers). Among the items that we've covered are such things as what is the "shaliach tzibur" and what does he do. Why was he such an important aspect of davening, especially before the printing press was invented? Why does the shaliach tzibur repeat the shemoneh esray? How many times do we bow as we recite the shemoneh esray ?  Do we bend our knees first and then bow? In our study of the prophets, we have continued our work in the Book of Judges. We learned how being a "lefty" was a big advantage for Ehud, and how the 'Secret Service" failed Eglon. We have just begun to study the great prophetess Deborah, and how she and Barak cooperated to defeat General Sisera. (What does that story have to do with the number of times that the shofar is sounded on Rosh Hashanah?)  Of course we have continued our weekly studies in the Torah portion.

Getting to Know Our School Families

Check out this week's focus family - The Zilbering family!

 CLICK HERE to learn a little more about this Silver Academy family.

Good News!

to Emily and Gregg Freeburn on the birth of their daughter, Lillian Estelle Freeburn, born February 24! The happy grandparents are Mike and Ricci Rubin Doctrow, and Richard and Debra Shattls Freeburn. Emily is a graduate of The Silver Academy, and now serves on the school's Board. Both Mike and Ricci also attended The Silver Academy. 

Best wishes to baby Lillian and her family from all of us here at The Silver Academy!

Community News

Inspirational Jewish Women 
Through History

Join us for this community wide event as we explore the journey of outstanding Jewish women and listen to our guest speaker and Harrisburg resident, Maly Jackson, share her unique story of inspiration.
  • Sunday, April 3, 9:30-11:30
  • Tickets and registration will be available soon! 
  • Breakfast will be served
  • Jointly presented by Hadassah and the Jewish Federation's Women's Philanthropy
  • For more information, contact Ivy Schneider at 236-9555 x3299
School Notes and Reminders

Mishloach Manot Cards

What is better than a basket of goodies on Purim day? 
A little relaxation with your festivities!

Help your friends unwind as they celebrate with the hottest trend- adult coloring pages- in our exclusive 2016 Purim postcard.

  • Cost: $1 per card 
  • To purchase cards, call the school office 717-238-8775 
  • Proceeds benefit the Silver Academy PTO.


As we prepare for the joyous celebration of Purim, we remember that there are those who cannot afford to celebrate in a festive way. One of the four Mitzvot of Purim is "Gifts for the Poor" (Matanot La'evyonim). We have the opportunity to fulfill this Tzedakah in an unusually meaningful way through the organization, Od Yosef Chai, Inc.

Click Here for information about how you can participate in this wonderful Purim Mitzvah!

  • Contact a Silver Academy student to place an order 
  • Make checks payable to The Silver Academy
  • Sale ends March 4 (tomorrow)
  • Questions? e-mail [email protected]



Silver Academy Shabbat 
at Kesher Israel
Saturday, March 19
  • 9:00 am - Morning service led by Rabbi Akiva Males
  • 10:30 am - Junior Congregation led by Tammy Reid
  • 11:45 - Luncheon (Those who are attending other synagogues that morning are welcome)
  • RSVP Shari Dym, [email protected], by March 11

Girl Scout News
 Join us at our Cookie Booth!
Support our troop!
  • Sundays, March 6, 13 & 2, 11 am - 3 pm
  • In front of Pet Valu, (next to the Giant on Linglestown Road)

Upcoming Girl Scout Meetings: 

Daisies Meeting: 3/14 & 3/26
Brownies, Juniors & Cadettes: 3/7 & 3/21

Challah With a Twist 
Offers Weekly Order and Delivery To Students and Teachers
  • Order your challah at this website:
  • Place your order by Thursday.
  • Challah will be delivered to our school on Fridays for students to bring home.
  • Send check to school, payable to Challah with a Twist
  • Questions? Please call Varda Gewirtz at 717-919-1358.
"Challah With a Twist", (a.k.a. Varda Challah), has been providing home baked challah for the Harrisburg community for over 20 years.

Ice Cream on Fridays...Remember your $1
The Student Council will be selling ice cream every Friday for $1. You can bring in your dollar each Friday or bring in $5 or $10 to be added to your account.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Boxtops 4 Education
Clip  BoxTops 4 Education symbols on General Mills, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Nestle Juicy Juice, Progresso soups and others. Each is worth 10� and can be redeemed by The Silver Academy for cash! Please visit the Box Tops 4 Education website for more details.

Giant A+ School Rewards
The Giant A+ School Rewards program provides the opportunity to designate The Silver Academy as the beneficiary of 1% of all your purchases made through your Giant bonus card - no extra cost to you. To enroll, please visit the Giant A+ School Rewards Program website to register your bonus card number...Use The Silver Academy's registration number: 21305.

Giant Gift Cards
Purchase these dollar for dollar in the school's office, and then spend them the same as cash. The Silver Academy earns 5% - that's $50 earned for every $1,000 sold!  You may also purchase by calling Susan at 717-608-0190.

This is how it works...Download the free Shoparoo App on your phone and use the code VuG13074. You will then complete a profile and pick The Rabbi David L. Silver Yeshiva Academy. Then after you complete a shopping trip, take a picture of the receipt using the camera on your phone with the app open. It is that easy! Once a year, Shoparoo sends the school a check from the percentages! 
Finally, if you are unable to scan the receipts and want us to take care of them, send your receipts to Bonni Roseman at school and she will take care of them for you! 

 Silver Snapshots
Read Across America Day
and Dr. Seuss Dress-Up Week
A visit from "Dr. Seuss"

Reading Dr. Seuss in Hebrew

Crazy Hat Day

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