February 4, 2016
Shevat 25, 5776
Good Things Happen Every Day
at The Silver Academy
Rachel Zilbering, Principal

If I were to ask parents about their concerns in raising children, I imagine cyber safety would be on most lists.  In the era of smartphones, tablets and a non-stop stream of information, how do we stay ahead?  Although each family is unique in determining their rules for technology and internet use, we can all come together for some common information and appropriate guidance. 

The Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office will be presenting two Cyber Safety Workshops...one to the students of The Silver Academy during our school day on Thursday, February 18th, and another to parents at 6:30 pm, Tuesday, February 23rd. Mark your calendar, as you will not want to miss this relevant presentation. It is open to the public, so please consider bringing a friend. The best way to stay ahead in an ever changing world is to be informed.

Click Here for More Information About the Cyber Safety Presentation for Parents.

In the meantime, please take a look at these Internet Safety Tips for Kids: Click Here for Internet Safety Tips

Dvar Torah
Nachum Chasan, Dean of Judaic Studies

זכור את יום השבת לקדשו
SHABBAT - February 5th and 6th      
The 26th and 27th of Shevat
CANDLE LIGHTING - Friday, 5:10 pm
HAVDALAH - Saturday, 6:14 pm
PARSHAT - Mishpatim - Exodus 21:1 - 24:18
סיכום - Summary 
  • When Moses ascended Mount Sinai he remained there for forty days and forty nights.
  • G-d gave Moses a set of rules and regulations by which Israel was to live and be holy.
  • Both a variety of civil and criminal laws were presented, including treatment of slaves, crimes of murder, personal injuries, damages through neglect or stealing, offenses against others through lying, idolatry, oppression, unfair business practices, and unjust conduct of judges.
  • Rules are presented for the Shabbat, the Sabbatical Year, Passover, Shavuot and Sukkot.
  • The Israelites are reminded to be sensitive to the needs of strangers.
  • Commandments to observe the Jewish Dietary Laws. 
SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -

Inside the Classroom
Mrs. Tammy Reid (Morah Tamara)

Ganeinu is doing Mitzvot

The concept of "What is a mitzvah" can be tricky at first. Each class period in Ganeinu we talk about different types of mitzvot--beween man and man, man and G-d, and man and Nature. The kids get a chance to share mitzvot that they have done since we last met. These are some great kids! They help cook dinner, share with their friends and siblings, pick up trash outside, clean up messes they did not make, feed their pets (Yup, that's a mitzvah!) and a host of other helpful activities. Each mitzvah gets written on a slip of paper and made into a loop on a chain that hangs in our room. We hope our mitzvah chain will circle the room before the year is over.

3rd Grade General Studies
Mrs. Bonni Teplitz Roseman

When we think of the winter months, we of course think of cold weather and snow. However, third grade students also think of some of the great people who made this country a better place. As we celebrate Black History Month and Presidents' Day during February, we think of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln to name a few.

The third graders have recently been studying these influential figures. One activity focused on the life of Abraham Lincoln. After reading a few books about the life of Abraham Lincoln, we dove a little deeper and discussed why he was important and how he made a difference in the life of slaves. Students discovered that even though he lost when running for U.S. Senate, he did not give up on his dreams. (How different history would have been if this defeat would have ended his political career.)  The students then went beyond the information learned from the books and answered additional questions about Abraham Lincoln through researching on the computer. Lastly, students wrote a paragraph (very tall and slim) to fit into Abraham Lincoln's tall hat. Stop by to see the finished projects on the bulletin board outside of our classroom.

(Did you know that Abraham Lincoln stored his important papers in his tall hat, which he tended to lose because he was unorganized? Thank goodness today we can just scan our important papers and save them on the computer or a jump drive. I wonder what Abraham Lincoln would think of this concept....)

Getting to Know Our School Families

Check out this week's focus family - The Dym Family?

CLICK HERE to learn a little more about this Silver Academy family.


Cyber Safety Workshop
The Pennsylvania 
Attorney General's Office 


  • Tuesday, February 23, 6:30 pm
  • In The Silver Academy Wolfsome Auditorium
  • A few topics...Social Media, Cyberbullying, Apps
  • All are welcome
  • No Charge

Welcome Rabbi Pavolotzky 
and Rabbi Szuster

Rabbi Rami Pavolotzky and Rabbi Daniela Szuster, of Temple Beth El in Lancaster, have joined the rotation of our community Rabbis who lead a discussion with our students after morning prayers each week. The Rabbis are also the parents of three Silver Academy students. All of our students, faculty and staff send a warm welcome to the Pavolotzky-Szuster family!

Silver Academy Open House

Join Us for Food, Fun and Friends
Be sure to click on the link below to place your food order!


School Notes and Reminders

Silver Academy Shabbat 
at Kesher Israel
Saturday, March 19
  • 9:00 am - Morning service led by Rabbi Akiva Males
  • 10:30 am - Junior Congregation led by Tammy Reid
  • 11:45 - Luncheon (Those who are attending other synagogues that morning are welcome)
  • Cost: $15 per adult / $5 per child / $36 per family maximum (Checks payable to Silver Academy PTO)
  • RSVP Shari Dym, [email protected], by March 11

Girl Scout News
Girl Scout Cookies are on sale 
now! Support our troops!
Interested in buying Cookies but don't know who to ask...contact Aviva Woodland at 717-645-3917 or
Chastity Cottingham-Frye at 695-4838

Upcoming Girl Scout Meetings: 

Brownies, Junior, Cadette Meetings: 2/1, 2/22
Daisies Meeting: 2/8, 2/29

JCC Boys and Girls Basketball Schedule
Mark your calendar, and come out to support our teams!

Challah With a Twist 
Offers Weekly Order and Delivery To Students and Teachers
  • Order your challah at this website:  challahwithatwist.com
  • Place your order by Thursday.
  • Challah will be delivered to our school on Fridays for students to bring home.
  • Send check to school, payable to Challah with a Twist
  • Questions? Please call Varda Gewirtz at 717-919-1358.
"Challah With a Twist", (a.k.a. Varda Challah), has been providing home baked challah for the Harrisburg community for over 20 years.

Ice Cream on Fridays...Remember your $1
The Student Council will be selling ice cream every Friday for $1. You can bring in your dollar each Friday or bring in $5 or $10 to be added to your account.

Ongoing Fundraisers

Boxtops 4 Education
Clip  BoxTops 4 Education symbols on General Mills, Pillsbury, Betty Crocker, Nestle Juicy Juice, Progresso soups and others. Each is worth 10 and can be redeemed by The Silver Academy for cash! Please visit the Box Tops 4 Education website for more details.

Giant A+ School Rewards
The Giant A+ School Rewards program provides the opportunity to designate The Silver Academy as the beneficiary of 1% of all your purchases made through your Giant bonus card - no extra cost to you. To enroll, please visit the Giant A+ School Rewards Program website to register your bonus card number...Use The Silver Academy's registration number: 21305.

Giant Gift Cards
Purchase these dollar for dollar in the school's office, and then spend them the same as cash. The Silver Academy earns 5% - that's $50 earned for every $1,000 sold!  You may also purchase by calling Susan at 717-608-0190.

This is how it works...Download the free Shoparoo App on your phone and use the code VuG13074. You will then complete a profile and pick The Rabbi David L. Silver Yeshiva Academy. Then after you complete a shopping trip, take a picture of the receipt using the camera on your phone with the app open. It is that easy! Once a year, Shoparoo sends the school a check from the percentages! 
Finally, if you are unable to scan the receipts and want us to take care of them, send your receipts to Bonni Roseman at school and she will take care of them for you! 

  Silver Snapshots

Music & Drama Club Practicing "Frog and Toad"  

Kitah Alef enjoyed Adon Ballon (Mr. Balloon) 
with Ariot (Lion of Letters)!  

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Dates to Remember

February 5, 1:45
Kabbalat Shabbat

February 15
No School 

February 18, 7-8:00 pm
Open House

February 22, 4:00-8:00
The Silver Deli

February 23, 6:30 pm
Cyber Safety Workshop for parents

Silver Summary is for Grandparents too!