December 3, 2015
Kislev 21, 5776
Good Things Happen Every
Day at The Silver Academy

Rachel Zilbering, Principal

Chanukah is just around the corner and at The Silver Academy we have a lot going on!  

Preparations are well underway for The Celebration of Light and Learning on Thursday, December 10th at 6:45.  We invite the entire community to watch the students as they present just a few of their many talents. 

I want to give some special recognition to the Student Council for their organization of a special tzedakah project.  Last week they organized a Thanksgiving food drive for the JFS Food Pantry.  The entire school participated and it was heartwarming to watch the students helping others. 

Dvar Torah
Nachum Chasan, Dean of Judaic Studies
זכור את יום השבת לקדשו 
SHABBAT - December 4th and 5th
The 22nd and 23rd of Kislev
CANDLE LIGHTING - Friday, 4:21 pm
HAVDALAH - Saturday, 5:23 pm
PARSHAT - Vayeshev -- Genesis 37:1 - 40:23
סיכום - Summary
  • In the Parsha this week Jacob settled in Canaan
  • Jacob had 12 sons and one daughter and of all of his sons he loved Joseph the best.
  • Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colors.
  • Joseph had a dream that caused jealousy among his brothers.
  • Joseph's brothers sell him to a caravan of Ishmaelites.
  • Joseph is then sold as a slave in Egypt and then is imprisoned though no fault of his own.
  • Joseph interprets the dreams of two fellow prisoners, the Baker and the Butler.  
SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -

Inside the Classroom

7th and 8th Grade Social Studies
Ms. Bonni Teplitz-Roseman

Can you name all 44 presidents of the United States in order? Do you know which president was only in office for 30 days? The 7th and 8th graders at the Silver Academy do. This fall the 7th and 8th graders memorized the names of the presidents of the United States in order. Each week the students studied ten of the presidents. To help the students learn and remember facts and names, they referenced a song from the Animaniacs cartoon series (produced by Warner Brother's Animation and Steven Spielberg). They loved singing the song so much, that the students suggested singing it at our Light and Learning celebration next week.

Mark your calendar as you will not want to miss this rendition of The Presidents Song!  (Please note, while the lyrics of the song are quite humorous, and some of the facts may be questionable, they are not the opinions of the singers or the teacher:)

Third and Fourth Grade Judaics
Mr. Ellis Rosenberg
[email protected]        

If you ask a student in fourth grade what they did in Judaics recently, they might say, "We learned about opening a school for animals;  We followed one of our class members in his quest to join the basketball team," or, "We learned how to integrate a new classmate with a physical disability into our class."  These are just a few examples of the stories we read and discussions we have to learn derech eretz for the situations that we may encounter in everyday life. By the way, these lively discussions are all done in Hebrew!

Fourth Grade is also preparing for Chanukah by studying its laws and traditions, such as: How is a Chanukah Menorah different than the Menorah which was in the Holy Temple? What letters were on the s'vivon during the time of the Chanukah miracle? Why do some dreidels have a "pay" and some have a "shin"? Why do we eat latkes and donuts on Chanukah? Which holiday occurred first--Purim or Chanukah?  Students have also enjoyed a hands-on Chanukah project... making a Chanukia (Chanukah Menorah), which they will be taking home to use for the holiday.  

Have  a "freilichin"(happy) Chanukah!!


Student Council News

Thanksgiving Food Drive 

During the week leading up to Thanksgiving, The Silver Academy student council organized a successful canned food drive.  The recipient of the food drive was Jewish Family Services' Food Pantry.  As a school, students and faculty donated over 250 items!

"I was so excited when I found out that our school raised more than our 200 item goal."  ~ Erin Brodsky 

"The support and donations we received were overwhelming. Our school truly is a special place filled with children who have big hearts and a strong devotion to their community. Thank you to everyone who helped make this food drive a success!" ~Jessica Wenzelburger, Student Council Advisor

A New Face at the Silver Academy

Welcome to our new Physical Education teacher, Emily Lloyd! 

Out of a love of being active, happy, and healthy, Emily's true passion shines through in the classes she leads at The Silver Academy.  Miss Lloyd played basketball and soccer in High School, and continued both in college at Lancaster Bible College. She has also played softball and lacrosse. Basketball is her favorite sport, which she coaches at the high school level in Lancaster county.

Emily states that her drive this year is not all sports, but that she will be helping students develop in a variety of areas: social skills, cognitive skills, and physical to name a few! She wants this to be an enjoyable year for all students, as well as productive, challenging and encouraging. Miss Lloyd is very excited to be a part of the children's Physical Education experience this year. 
School Notes and Reminders

Prospective Parents Information Session
Thursday, December 17, 9:30-11:30

Want to Learn if The Silver Academy is a good match for you and your children? Join us to meet current parents, sit in on classes, speak with administrators, and interact with students. 

Chanukah at the Capitol!
Students, sign up and join the fun...
On Monday, December 7, at 4:15, the entire school is invited to perform at the annual "Chanukah at the Capitol" in the Capitol East Wing Rotunda.  Mrs. Cherepinsky will be leading the group.  This is not a mandatory event, but it is a lot of fun and certainly a unique and special opportunity!  There is always food, music and prizes, too. 
A Note About Parking:  We have checked with Capitol Police and you should be able to park on Commonwealth Ave., North Drive and South Drive after 4 pm.  Also, a note on your dashboard stating "Chanukah at the Capitol" would probably be a good idea.  

To sign up, please email the school at:  

Mark your calendar...
Celebration of Light and Learning
  • December 10th at 6:45 in the Mary Sachs Auditorium
  • Teachers will send emails at a later date with specific class instructions.
  • You won't want to miss this wonderful event!

New, Easy Fund Raiser! 

We have found a wonderful way to help the school earn money and all you have to do is take pictures of your receipts from your regular shopping trips to places like Giant, CVS, and so many other stores. This is how it works... 
  • Download the free Shoparoo App on your phone and use the code VuG13074
  • Complete a profile and pick The David L. Silver Yeshiva Academy
  • After you complete a shopping trip, take a picture of the receipt using the camera on your phone with the app open. It is that easy!
  •  Once a year, Shoparoo sends the school a check from the percentages! 
If you are unable to scan the receipts and want us to take care of them, send your receipts to Bonni Roseman at school and she will submit them for you! 

Thank you for supporting our school!

Challah With a Twist 
Offers Weekly Order and Delivery To Students and Teachers
  • Order your challah at this website:
  • Place your order by Thursday.
  • Challah will be delivered to our school on Fridays for students to bring home.
  • Send check to school, payable to Challah with a Twist
  • Questions? Please call Varda Gewirtz at 717-919-1358.
"Challah With a Twist", (a.k.a. Varda Challah), has been providing home baked challah for the Harrisburg community for over 20 years.

Ice Cream on Fridays...Remember your $1
The Student Council will be selling ice cream every Friday for $1. You can bring in your dollar each Friday or bring in $5 or $10 to be added to your account.


Help Support Our School by  
Shopping at Giant
Two easy ways to earn money for our school..
  • Register your Giant bonus card...More registered cards means more $ earned!

Please register your giant bonuscard if you have not done so already.  Instructions can be found in the link below. Our School is The Silver Academy and our number is 21305. This is a new number, but all of our old numbers transferred. We currently have 427 people who have registered our school. The highest number we had was 569. Let's set a new record this year!  Pass this information along to your family and friends!

(School Code: 21305    Name: The Silver Academy)
  • Buy Giant Gift Cards at the school office...Every time you shop at Giant, you help our school!
Silver Snapshot



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Dates to Remember

Dec 4, 1:45 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat

Dec 7, 4:30 pm
Chanukah at the Capitol - in the State Capitol Rotunda

Dec 7-11, 14, 8:15 am
Candle Lighting in the JCC Rotunda

Dec 10, 6:45
Celebration of Light and Learning - 
Mary Sachs Auditorium

Dec 17, 12:00
Arthur Goldberg Memorial Lecture

Dec 17
Winter Open House

Dec 24 - Jan 1
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