October 22, 2015
Cheshvan 9, 5776
Mark Your Calendar for 
This Important Event!
Shari Dym, Director of Development

Souper Annual Campaign Kick Off
          Join us for hot soup on a cool night. The Silver Academy will kick of their annual campaign with a "Souper" event on Wednesday November 4 from 4 to 8 pm in the Mary Sachs Auditorium of the  Jewish Community Center.
          Our school's fabulous volunteer chefs have prepared five different soups for the evening. Seena Chriti's Mexican Turkey Pozole (meat), Shari Dym's Chicken Noodle (meat), Mindy Lock's Mushroom Barley (meat), Andrea Lieber's Vegetarian Vegetable (parve) and Tammy Reid's Butternut Squash (parve) will  be one the night's menu. You can eat in at the JCC or pick up your order to go. There will also be bread bowls and rolls available. Soup will be $5.00 a single serving or $8.00 for a bread bowl.
          Eva Siegel, The Silver Academy Annual Campaign Chair, will have volunteers on hand with your Annual Pledge Card. If you complete your pledge card, you will get a coupon for a free bowl of soup. Campaign calls will begin on Sunday November 8, so save the team a call and stop in for a hot cup of soup.
          To make sure you get your soup of choice, you may pre-order.  You may also order soup-to-go for pickup (soup only, not bread bowl).

To place your pre-order or soup-to-go order, 
email Shari at

Dvar Torah
Nachum Chasan, Dean of Judaic Studies

זכור את יום השבת לקדשו
SHABBAT -  October 23rd and 24th
The 10th and 11th of Cheshvan
HAVDALAH - 6:56 pm
PARSHAT - Lech Lecha   -- Genesis 12:1- 17:27
סיכום - Summary 
  • Abram is called to leave his family and the city of Haran in Mesopotamia.
  • G-d appears to Abram in Canaan and tells him that this land will be assigned to him and his heirs.
  • Abram separates from his nephew Lot by remaining in the land of Canaan. Lot journeys eastward, ultimately settling near the wicked city of Sodom.
  • Abram's name is changed to Abraham, meaning "father of a multitude of nations."
  • Sarai's name is changed to Sarah, meaning "princess," and she is told that she will bear a son. 
SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -
Inside the Classroom

1st Grade Judaics
Morah Aviva (Mrs. Aviva Woodland)

Kitah Alef is enjoying learning with Ariot  אֲרִיאוֹת, the Lion of Hebrew Letters. The students love singing in Hebrew "Shir Alefbet" (Alphabet Song) , the days of the week and the 4 seasons of the year. Students learn a new Hebrew letter (אוֹת - Ote) each week! This week we learned the Hebrew letter ש Shin and a new vowel to add to the first 3 we have already learned. Each week we read a simple story featuring the letter of the week with Ariot.  The story this week is "Shabbat Shalom" featuring Shachar, Sharona, (two students in the virtual Kitah Alef classroom) and the vocabulary Shalom, Shabbat, & Shabbat Shalom. Students play games in
reading and are building sentences with the vocabulary.  In our Everyday Hebrew segment we are learning Yeled יֶלֶד (boy) and Yaldah  יָלְדָה (girl). Rounding out our week we learn Parashat HaShavuah and end each week with Kabbalat Shabbat in our classroom!

Shabbat Shalom from  Kitah Alef :-)


7th and 8th Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Sandy Nussbaum

Have you ever wondered what it was like along the Susquehanna River, right outside our school windows, in 1764?  Author Conrad Richter, in the early 1950's, wondered exactly the same thing. As a result, he wrote The Light in the Forest, which was published in 1953.

Our seventh and eighth graders have just concluded reading this remarkable novel. We have learned about the relationships between the Lenni Lenape Indians and the white settlers, focusing on the character of True Son. True Son, also known as Johnny Butler, was a  white boy who had been kidnapped by the Indians and was raised by them until the age of twelve.  He was then returned to his birth family as a result of a new treaty. Needless to say, the dramatic plot opened up many opportunities for the students to explore the conflicts (both internal and external),figurative language, imagery, contrast, suspense, irony, and point of view. A walk along the "Mighty Susquehanna" will never be the same for our Middle School students of literature!!

We are looking forward to sharing our creative projects based on this novel. 
The setting for our class novel, The Light in the Forest, is right outside our window!

School Notes and Reminders

Girl Scouts is starting!
Our upcoming meeting dates are:

Girl Scouts (2nd grade and up): 
-November 2nd, 16th and 30th

Daisy Girl Scouts (Kdg and 1st grade):
-October 26th
-November 9th and 23rd

Ice Cream on Fridays...Remember your $1
The Student Council will be selling ice cream every Friday for $1. You can bring in your dollar each Friday or bring in $5 or $10 to be added to your account.

Mark Your Calendar!

Community News

Kristallnacht 2015
  • Sunday evening, November 8, 5:00-6:30 pm
  • Mary Sachs Auditorium
  • Special Guest, author Rhonda Fink Whitman will review her book, 94 Maidens

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Please register your giant bonuscard if you have not done so already.  Instructions can be found in the link below. Our School is The Silver Academy and our number is 21305. This is a new number, but all of our old numbers transferred. We currently have 427 people who have registered our school. The highest number we had was 569. Let's set a new record this year!  Pass this information along to your family and friends!

(School Code: 21305    Name: The Silver Academy)
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Silver Snapshots

Students were presented Mensch awards at the 
October Kabbalat Shabbat

We love science experiments!    

Team Building Exercises in Phys Ed Class

Students Experience Playing the Djembe Drum

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Dates to Remember

Nov 1
Daylight Savings Time Ends - Change clocks!

Nov 3
Student Council Elections

Nov 4
Soup Night
(See Notes and Reminders for Details)

Nov 6, 1:30 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat

Nov 6
Grandparents & Special Persons Day

Nov 9
1st Mkg Period Ends

Nov 17, 6:30-8:30 pm
Parent-Teacher Conferences

Nov 18, 11:40
Early Dismissal
Parent-Teacher Conferences, 1:00-4:00

Silver Summary is for Grandparents too!