May 14, 2015
Iyar 25, 5775
Good Things Happen Every Week 
at The Silver Academy

Rachel Zilbering

Assistant Principal


Last night I had the pleasure of attending the 2nd Grade Chumash Celebration.  It was such a joy to watch the Kitah Bet students sing songs, perform a play entirely in Hebrew and of course receive their very own chumash.  I commend Kitah Bet students for their commitment to their studies in both general and Judaic studies.  Kol ha kavod!

Thinking of celebrations, I invite everyone to our school wide Celebration of Learning on May 21st at 6:45 in the Mary Sachs auditorium.  The students have been working very hard on their
performances, and there will even be a surprise guest appearance.  If you want to catch a glimpse of The Silver Academy, this is the perfect opportunity. I hope to see you there. 

 D'var Torah

Nachum Chasan, Head of School

[email protected]


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         






סיכום - Summary


  • The Israelites were a farming nation. In order to keep the land from falling into the hands of a few people, making slaves of many, Moses ordained two basic laws.
    1. The law of Shemitah, or the Sabbatical Year, a year of rest for the land to prevent it from being worn out.
    2. The law of Yovel or the Jubilee year, which came each fiftieth year. In that year, every Israelite slave was set free, and all the land which had been sold was to be restored to the hands of the original owner. 
  • Parshat Bechukotai brings to a close the third of the Five Books of Moses - the Book of Vayikra. In it, the Israelites are told that if they obey G-d's laws they will prosper and be well. On the other hand, should they stray from the path of righteousness, disorder and unhappiness would follow.
  • We now have finished the Book of Vayikra - HAZAK, HAZAK VE NETHAZAK!!! 

SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Nachum Chasan

Head of School



Inside the Classroom


Kindergarten General Studies

 Mrs. Sally Jo Bronner


Kindergarten has proudly displayed their feelings charts on the hallway bulletin board.  After reading a book in Hebrew about a boy and his many feelings, we created our own feelings charts.  Please take a look at how far our artwork has come, and how well we can write in Hebrew already. 
We also discovered something very funny..."Teletubbies" in Hebrew!  We greatly enjoy watching videos in Hebrew and identifying words we know, and learning new ones.  It's great to have Nitsan in class to help us out with the less common words! We have started to talk about the ways in which we are ready for first grade, and writing in two languages is just one of them! 


The students are truly enjoying the arrival of spring! We painted birdhouses to celebrate the beautiful warmer weather, and made beaded necklace gifts for Mother's Day.  Lag B'Omer Field Day was a fantastic day...Kindergarten participated in every activity with gusto!  

As you can see, we are finishing the year with many fun activities. 
The students can't wait for the Race for Education/Year-End Celebration at Green Hills, which they know will be as much fun as Field Day. 

Math 24 Club

Mrs. Mindy Lock


If you come to school 7:30 on a Tuesday morning, you may be surprised to find 4th and 5th grade students having fun playing a math game! The Math 24 club has been practicing all year in preparation of the regional Math 24 competition which was held May 4th at the Capital Area IU. Schools from three counties sent their best 4th-5th grade math students to compete. Congratulations to the Silver Academy team, Erin Brodsky, Brian Dym, Elez Bell, and Sarah Merwin, on participating in this highly challenging competition. Also, many thanks to our student coaches, Batsheva Gewritz, Chaim Bell, Dalia Shvartsman and Sarah Weinstein, for outstanding dedication to the team!





6th Grade Math

Mrs. Jane Dalton


What do Geometry and Mother's Day have in common?  If you answered "polygon jewelry", you have most likely received a piece of this jewelry from your 6th grader for Mother's Day! Using Friendly Plastic, 6th grade students each created a pin of polygon shapes as a gift for his/her mother. Each student can identify every polygon in the pin. Every year students look forward to this special geometry activity. They enjoy applying math to a real-life project that is also creative! I think each mother appreciates it even more.






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70 Years of Memories

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 Community News

 A Musical Showcase
The Third Annual Jewish Federation Fundraiser
Presented by Marina Cherepinsky

Performances by students from the greater Harrisburg area, including Silver Academy's own Elle Beck, Mikel Garner, Ben Yodfat, and Sarah Weinstein

Offered by Susquehanna Township 
Directed by Marina Cherepinsky
for Grade 2-9
Broadway Fun Camp - June 15-19
American Idol Wannabe Camp - June 22-26

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Silver Snapshots

Kindergarten has been observing the life cycle of the Butterfly in their Classroom. Students loved releasing the mature butterflies!


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May 21, 6:45 
Celebration of Learning

May 25 - No School
Memorial Day

June 8
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June 9, 7:00 pm
Eighth Grade Graduation

June 9, 11:40
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