February 26, 2015
Adar 7, 5775
70th Anniversary Concert Update

William Close & The Earth Harp Collective 
Are Coming Soon!

March 15 at The Forum Auditorium


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Ushers Needed

 Silver Academy Alumni and Parents, we are in need of concert ushers. Please consider volunteering!  Interested?  Contact Ann Rosenberg at [email protected]

Good Things Happen Every Week 
at The Silver Academy

Rachel Zilbering

Assistant Principal


We had such a fun and successful open house last Thursday.  If you were there, you might have estimated that we had over 130 people in attendance, which included new families, current families, alumni, faculty and friends!  In addition to the delicious food and good company, we had the chance to hear from a variety of speakers and tour the classrooms. 

Since the open house is held in the evening, what was missing was a chance to see the students in action.  I want to personally invite anyone interested in taking a tour of the school during the day to contact me.  It is one thing for us to tell you that our students love the school, but another thing to see it in action.  I also want to invite everyone for Kabbalat Shabbat, which is held one Friday a month.  The remaining Kabbalat Shabbat's for the year are: March 13th at 2:45April 17th at 2:45 and May 1st at 2:45.  There is no need to RSVP, just sign in at the office and join us in the Wolfson.  

Have a good weekend and shabbat shalom.



 D'var Torah

Nachum Chasan, Head of School

[email protected]


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         







סיכום - Summary

  • This weeks Torah portion begins with the instruction given to bring pure olive oil (שמן זית) for use in the Menorah inside the Tabernacle.
  • The seven-branched Menorah was kept burning continually in front of the Holy of Holies.
  • The Menorah was to be attended by the Kohanim.
  • A description of the priestly clothing is listed. It includes the ephod, breastplate, robe, fringed tunic headdress and sash.
  • The portion concludes with directions for building an alter for burning incense (קטרת) before the ark.
  • On the Shabbat before Purim (Shabbat Zachor), we add a reading that deals with the injunction to remember (זכור) the horrendous attack of Amalek upon the Israelites. Its connection to Purim is related to the fact that Haman was related to the Amalekites, who were archenemies of Israel.




שמן זית - Shemen Ziet - olive oil

קטרת - Ktoret -- Incense

זכור - Zachor -- Remember


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -

Nachum Chasan

Head of School




Inside the Classroom


3rd and 4th Grades Judaics

Mr. Ellis Rosenberg


The Third and Fourth Grades continue to "plow" ('sno joke) through their work. We've been quite busy with both 3rd and 4th having a Siyum (celebration of completion of a section) for finishing their respective portions in Chumash; Third having finished Va'Yerah and Fourth having completed Toldot. The third grade has begun to study Parashat Chaye Sarah while Fourth grade has continued their studies with Parashat Va'Yetze.

We've planted lima beans in honor of Tu B'Shvat---tree saplings are not yet available locally. We've learned that because this is a Shmittah year in Eretz Yisrael, even in Israel they did not plant trees on Tu B'Shvat because there is no planting, sewing or harvesting in Israel during a Shmittah year.

We're now in the process of reviewing and learning the laws and customs of Purim.  We are compiling our own reference books with the four Mitzvot of Purim. As the Megillah is written on a scroll of parchment, our "books" will be written on "scrolls" as well. We can't wait for you to see them! Have a Wonderful and Happy Purim!!


5th Grade Judaics 

Rabbi Gewirtz


There's no better time for a humorous and unusual approach to a subject than the month of Adar, with its joyous, funny spirit, and claustrophobic weather.  The Fifth Grade will examine the story and themes of Megilat Esther by comparing and contrasting them to those in the recent movie, Megilat Lester.  The writers and producers of Megilat Lester included witty allusions to the Talmudic commentary on the Megilah as well as 

plenty of Jewish "in-jokes" that can be entertaining springboards to much related (and unrelated) Judaic knowledge.  Paradoxically, the primary theme of the Megilah is masterfully demonstrated by the movie precisely because it radically changes the Purim story.  Ask your kids about that (in a few weeks)!



7th-8th Grade Trip to Israel 

This spring our 7th and 8th grade classes will travel to Israel! 
(They are so excited!) Please consider helping us fund our trip by participating in one or more of these fundraisers.
  • Online Donation Fund - Please consider donating to help defray the cost of $4,000 per student.                               Click Here to Donate


SchoolNotes      School Notes and Reminders     

PTO Sponsored Purim Seudah
Thursday, March 5, 4:30 pm
In the Mary Sachs Auditorium

Join us for fun, food and celebration...featuring food from Dougie's of Baltimore! There will be face painting and children's entertainment.  The cost is $15 per adult, $6 per child, maximum $45 per family.  Please send payment into the Silver Academy office and RSVP to [email protected]org by Friday, February 27th.

Matanot La' Evyonim - 

Purim Gifts for the Poor

We are participating in a wonderful Purim Mitzvah through donations to the Od Yosef Chai organization. 



Silver Academy Students are Invited to Sing the National Anthem at a 
Hershey Bears Hockey Game!

When: Sunday, March 1, 5:00 pm


Tickets may be purchased through the Giant Center


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70 Years of Memories

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 Community News

March 1, 11:00-1:00
at the JCC


Discount Tickets for the 3D Movie
at the Whitaker Center

  • Get tickets at the JCC Atrium Desk
  • $8 for JCC members and Annual Campaign Contributors (regular $9.50)
  • We have 50 tickets to sell
  • Click Here for Show Times

Conversational Hebrew Class 
New Session Starting in February! 

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Silver Snapshots

5th Grade Learns Coding (Computer Programming) 
Using Scratch.mit.edu

Glee Club Brings Us Back to the 70's 
With Their Rendition of "Survivor" 
JCC  Jr. High Basketball "Most Improved Player" Award Winners

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Dates to Remember

March 3
Picture Retakes

March 4, 11:40
Early Dismissal 

March 5, 4:30 pm
Purim Seudah/Celebration

March 13 , 2:45 pm
Kabbalat Shabbat

March 19, 6:45 pm
2nd Grade Chumash Celebration

March 23-27
3rd-8th grades
Terra Nova Testing

April 3, No School
First Seder

April 6-10, No School

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