December 11, 2014
Kislev 19, 5775
A Season of Activity at 
The Silver Academy

Rachel Zilbering

Assistant Principal


December is a fun time of year to be a student at The Silver Academy, we have so much going on, both in and out of school.  I want to take this space to give you more details about our "Dates to Remember".  Mark your calendars and we hope to see you there!

  • December 14, Phone-a-Thon for the Annual Campaign - It's not too late to sign up, and it is such a big help to the school.  See details and contact info below.
  • December 14-19, Silver Academy Chanukah Bazaar at the JCC - The PTO is again sponsoring a Chanukah Bazaar in the Spector Room at the JCC.  We still need volunteers but we also need SHOPPERS!  Tell your friends and relatives to stop by for a great selection of Judaic gifts.
  • December 16, Celebrate Chanukah at the Capitol - This is a unique Harrisburg opportunity where the community comes together to light the first candle with the governor. 
  • December 17-19 and 22-23, Candle Lighting at The Silver Academy - Each morning the entire school will congregate in the JCC lobby to light the menorah.  Please join us if you can!
  • December 18, Celebration of Light and Learning at The Silver Academy - The entire school from Ganienu - 8th grade will be participating in this Celebration in the Mary Sachs auditorium.  Again, all are invited to attend.    
  • December 21, Latkepalooza at the JCC - This promises to be a lively family event that will feature the Moma Doni Band!
  • December 23, Breaking the World Record of Lit Menorahs at the Farm Show Complex - The world record is 825 and we're aiming to have 900.  Each family can bring as many menorahs and candles as they like but the menorah must be kosher.  For a menorah to be kosher:  1) The eight candles of the menorah must be arranged in a straight line or a semicircle (but not in a circle), and 2) eight candle holders should be at one height and the shamash slightly above, below, in front or set back.  If you have questions about this event, you can contact the office. 

 D'var Torah

Nachum Chasan, Head of School

[email protected]


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         






סיכום - Summary 

  • Jacob settled (וישב) in Canaan
  • Jacob had 12 sons and one daughter. Of all his children he loved Joseph the best.
  • Jacob gave Joseph a coat of many colors (כתנת פסים)
  • Joseph had a dream (חלום) that caused jealousy among his brothers.
  • Joseph's brothers sell him to a caravan of Ishmaelites.
  • Joseph is sold as a slave in Egypt and then is imprisoned through no fault of his own.
  • Joseph interprets correctly the dreams of two fellow prisoners, the Baker and the Butler.






חלום  --CHALOM - DREAM


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Inside the Classroom


3rd and 4th Grade Hebrew

Morah Alla Fligelman


At this time of the year, both third and fourth grades are busy learning about Hanukkah. The focus of third grade is traditions and mitzvot of the holiday. They are learning what happened "back in the days" of the Jewish nation and relate it to the traditions we have today. One of the students' favorite traditions involves cooking. In class they read recipes for levivot (latkes) and sufganiyot (donuts) and are looking forward to making these treats at home.


Fourth grade is extending their understanding of the history of Hanukkah by learning about how the Greek culture influenced Jewish life. Also, students are reading the "Igrot haMakabim" (The letters of the Makkabees) in order to understand the types of problems Jews faced. Fourth grade has taken their learning to the stage as they created plays to demonstrate these difficult situations and design their own solutions. Afterward, we compare their ideas to the actual historical events.


Both third and fourth grades are having fun preparing for next week's Light and Learning Celebration. Third grade is enjoying singing and dancing, while 4th grade is preparing an exciting play about the Makkabees. The students are all looking forward to performing for you at the Celebration of Light and Learning!




6th Grade Social Studies

Mr. Glenn Hart 

Question: What has ten legs and two dice and knows geography?

Answer: The sixth graders playing Shut the Box to review Social Studies vocabulary!

Shut the Box is just one of the review activities sixth grade uses to prepare for a Social Studies test. To start, the numbers 1 through 12 are written on the blackboard, and players, in teams, take turns rolling two dice. Depending on the numbers that come up on the dice, players may "uncover" the hidden letters that spell vocabulary words. Points are awarded for any numbers still "covered" after the hidden word is guessed correctly. But not so fast...the team that guesses the vocabulary word has to provide a suitable definition for it before they can earn the points. This game is great fun and students are always requesting it as part of a test review. 


Student Highlights

to Asher Weinstock on becoming a 
Bar Mitzvah on Saturday, December 6!


Also, Mazel Tov to our winners of the "Get Smart About Antibiotics" children's art contest, sponsored by the PA Department of Health. Students ages twelve and under submitted artwork to help spread the word about the importance of hand hygiene, vaccines and appropriate antibiotic use.

A big round of applause to Marcus Graeff, 1st place (ages 5-6); Sophie Swidler, 2nd place (ages 6-7); Sarah Weinstein, 2nd place (ages 8-9).


 70 Years of Memories

Student Council Happenings

Chanukah Door Decorating Contest 
Starts Monday!
  • Students bring in supplies Monday, Dec 15
  • Parents vote for their favorite door 
    • When:  Thursday, before Light and Learning
    • How:  Put money in the container outside your favorite door (proceeds go to Student Council Fund)

Chanukah Events

School Notes and Reminders

70th Anniversary Concert 
William Close & The Earth Harp Collective 
will be unforgettable! 

Save the date - Sunday, March 15!

Quantum of the Seas' Sonic Odyssey -
Quantum of the Seas' Sonic Odyssey -

William Close: The Ultimate Edit. Presented by Sennheiser MOMENTUM.
Watch this video...You will be amazed

Girls and Boys Basketball Schedules 
Check the schedule and plan to come and support our basketball teams!

Girl Scout Schedule...
 Come Join the Fun!
  • Daisies:  Dec. 15Jan. 5Jan. 19
  • Brownies/Jr:  Dec. 22Jan. 12Jan.26
For more information contact Aviva Woodland, [email protected] or Chastity Cottingham-Frye, [email protected]



Ice Cream on Fridays...Remember your $1
The Student Council will be selling ice cream every Friday for $1. You can bring in your dollar each Friday or bring in $5 or $10 to be added to your account.

 Community News

Conversational Hebrew Class 
New Session Starting in January! 
Have you ever wanted to say more than "Shalom" in Modern Hebrew? Do you want  to understand what your Silver Academy children are talking about? If so, it's time to join our Conversational Hebrew class. 

If you love to sing, join one of the 
Harrisburg Jewish Choirs!  Sign up now!

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Weekly Snapshots

Teri Berman Shares Her Mother's Story as a
Holocaust Survivor with 7th and 8th Grades
Legos and Science Come Together 

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Dates to Remember

Dec 17, 18 and 19
8:15 am
Candle Lighting

Dec 18, 6:45 pm
Celebration of Light and Learning

Dec 22 and 23
Candle Lighting

Dec 23, 4:30-5:30
World Record Menorah Lighting at Farm Show Building     (click here)

Dec 24-Jan 2
No School
Winter Break

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