November 13, 2014
Cheshvan 21, 5775
 Good things happen every week at 
 The Silver Academy!

Rachel Zilbering, Assistant Principal



Grandmas and Grandpas, Sabas and Savtas, Mom-Moms and Pop-pops. Whatever we call them, The Silver Academy had a very memorable Grandparents' and Special Persons' Day on Friday, November 7th.


The Grandparents (and special people) first visited with the individual classes for a special academic activity.  Some of the activities included Hebrew bingo, writing workshop, a science experiment and an interactive algebra problem.  After the individual activities, we all joined together as a group to celebrate our first Kabbalat Shabbat of the year.  

At Kabbalat Shabbat we honored students with birthday books, presented certificates for participation in the fire-safety month poster contest and presented mensch awards.  We also heard a dvar torah, watched the 8th graders perform an Israeli dance and sang with Rabbi Cytryn.  Of course as part of Kabbalat Shabbat the 7th and 8th graders led us in the blessings over the candles, wine and challah. 


Thank you to all who attended. The students loved having you here.  Also, a big thank you to Jackie Rubin for planning the day.  We look forward to seeing all of the Grandparents and Special People again next year!

 D'var Torah

Nachum Chasan, Head of School


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         






סיכום - Summary


  • The death and burial of Sarah in the Cave of Machpelah (מערת מכפלה).
  • Abraham sends his servant Eliezer in search of a wife for Isaac.
  • Eliezer finds Rebekah by a well of water (באר מים).
  • Rebekah gives Eliezer water to drink and she also shows kindness to animals (צער בעלי חיים)
  • Eliezer asks Rebekah to become the bride for Isaac and she agrees.
  • The death of Abraham, who is buried next to Sarah in the Cave of Machpelah (מערת מכפלה).




מערת מכפלה - Maarat Machpelah - The Cave of Machpelah

בער מים - Beer Mayim - A well of water

צער בעלי חיים - Tzar Baa-lay hayim - Kindness to animals


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -



 Inside the Classroom


Morah Tamara


In Parshat Vayeira, Ganeinu learned about Avraham and his love of the mitzvah "Hachnasat Orchim", hosting guests. After talking about what makes a good host and a good guest, we built a tent in our room and prepared to be hosts. Students had fun baking cookies and hosting a special Shabbat Party with Kindergarten, their invited guests.







1st Grade General Studies

Mrs. Brandy Hurley


First Grade loves learning about pumpkins! Students just finished their pumpkin unit, where math and science were rolled into one! They learned the life cycle of a pumpkin and experimented with pumpkins and other fruits to learn why some float while others sink. One of the students' favorite projects was cutting open a pumpkin to investigate what was inside. This led to using the seeds to complete math activities. Currently we are investigating how it all started, by watching some of the seeds sprout and become new plants!  




 70 Years of Memories

Additions to the Silver Academy Family

to Ellis and Ann Rosenberg on the birth of their granddaughter, Esther Gittel, born Friday, Nov 7, in Jerusalem!  Their son, Rob (Baruch), and his wife, Brachie, are the happy parents! Esther Gittel is named after Brachie's grandmother.

We also extend Mazel Tov to the Bluth family on the birth of their daughter, Ofek Hodaya, born Thursday, Nov 6!

Notes and Reminders

70th Anniversary Concert featuring
William Close & The Earth Harp Collective 
will be unforgettable! 

Save the date - Sunday, March 15!

William Close: The Ultimate Edit. Presented by Sennheiser MOMENTUM.
Watch this video...You will be amazed

Girl Scout Schedule...
 Come Join the Fun!
  • Daisies:  Nov 17
  • Brownies/Jr:  Nov 24
For more information contact Aviva Woodland, or Chastity Cottingham-Frye,



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 Community News

Central PA Bar Bat Mitzvah Show

For the first time ever, vendors from all over Central PA are coming together to showcase their services to assist you in planning the perfect Bar or Bat Mitzvah! 

  • This Sunday, November 16, 1:00-4:00 
  • Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey Hotel
    4650 Lindle Road, Harrisburg
  • $5 Entrance Fee - This fee goes to the synagogue of your choice

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Weekly Snapshots

   Grandparents' and Special Persons' Day     

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