September 11, 2014
Elul 16, 5774
Good things happen every week at our school!

Rachel Zilbering, Assistant Principal

[email protected]


When you walk through the halls of The Silver Academy, it is remarkable to see and hear what goes on every day.  Today, I watched students engaged in prayer, conducting science experiments, working on writing assignments, speaking and singing in Hebrew, actively exercising in physical education classes, studying Judaic texts... and that was only what I saw.   Each day students at The Silver Academy are pushing themselves to their fullest potential.  Ask your children about their day (be specific!) and find out what it's all about. 

 D'var Torah

Nachum Chasan, Head of School

[email protected]


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                          






הסכום - Summary

  • This Torah portion begins with the last part of Moses' farewell address to the children of Israel.
  • It marks the end of Moses' review of the Law by which Israel is to live in the land which they will soon enter.
  • He tells the people that in the Promised Land, where they will be engaged in agriculture, they will work the soil, and nurture it.
  • The crops will be rich and blessed, and the people will bring of their "first fruits" to the Sanctuary, in thanksgiving to G-d.
  • In Ki Tavo, Moses instructs the people that they are required to take a tenth of the yield of the land and give it to those who are needy: the stranger, the orphan and the widow.
  • The Torah ensures that those who are needy are taken care of by their community.


 SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -

 Inside the Classroom


3rd Grade Judaics

Mr. Ellis Rosenberg


Kitah Gimel has hit the ground running! We have begun to study and review the laws and customs of Rosh HaShanah, including the sounding of the Shofar. There are a few budding Ba'alei Tokayah (those who sound the shofar)! We have learned how Hashem taught us the importance of the Mitzvah of Bikur Cholim (visiting the sick) and how Avraham taught us the importance of the Mitzvah of Hachnasat Orchim (welcoming guests), all in the first

chapter of our studies in Chumash. We have also 

learned many mitzvot in our studies of the weekly Torah portion, including how to be kind to animals as well as to people.  







7th & 8th Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Sandy Nussbaum


What makes a great mystery? How did Sir Arthur Conan Doyle manage to keep our 7th and 8th graders glued to the edges of their seats? During our reading of the Sherlock Holmes story, "The Speckled Band", we explored the various literary techniques used by this famous author.  We projected our own theories as we read. Who was responsible for the murder? How was it executed? What was the speckled band? How did Sherlock Holmes use his powers of deductive reasoning to solve the crime? Ask our 8th graders. They now have ALL the answers!!!The next step is to use what we have learned to craft our own "Sherlock Holmes" mysteries. 


We are working on developing our vocabularies, learning many new words and how they are used in our everyday language experiences.


Make sure to check out our upcoming creative responses to some very interesting picture prompts. What would you write when presented with a picture of a pot of gold, a baseball player in action, or a scene of the beach?.(This class and their teacher really love the beach!)   Look for the results on our bulletin board soon.


We are looking forward to studying more famous classic authors of great renown. Edgar Allan Poe is next!


 Notes, Reminders and Other Goodies

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Conversational Hebrew Class 
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 Weekly Snapshots

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Learning about rhythm and rests in Mrs. Cherepinsky's music class


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