March 6, 2014                                                                       4 Adar II, 5774 



זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         




SHABBAT PARSHAT VAYIKRA - Leviticus 1:1 - 5:26


הסכום - Summary

  • This Torah portion opens the third of the Five Books of Moses.
  • In Hebrew, Leviticus is called Vayikra, the word with which it begins, meaning "and He called (to Moses)."
  • Out of the Tabernacle came the voice of G-d, saying to Moses, "Tell the children of Israel that they may bring these offerings to Me: An Olah, or burnt offering; a Minhah or meal offering; a Shlamim, or a peace offering; a Hattat, or sin offering; and an Asham, or guilt offering."
  • Then G-d told Moses how the priests should present the sacrifices that the people were to bring when they were making an offering to Him or to atone for a wrong.


 SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Nachum Chasan

Head of School 




Jewish Name Quiz II...From Aaron to Zohar, there are a lot of Jewish names. How much do you know about their meanings and origins?


1.  Which of these male names mean, "G-D is my judge"?


- Abraham                  - David

- Daniel                      - Benjamin


2. What does the female name Mayim mean?


- Stream                     - Water

- Flower                     - Mountain


3. A parent might choose Leor or Leora for a child born during which holiday?

- Tu B'Shivat, because they mean, "Tree"

- Hanukkah, because they mean, "my light"

- Passover, because they mean, "Exodus"

- Rosh Hashanah, because they mean, "sweet"




8th Grade Science Fair - Regional Winners!
On Wednesday, February 19th, our eighth grade students participated in the regional competition of the Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science Fair (PJAS). Students presented their science fair projects using a slide presentation to a panel of judges, who asked questions and evaluated the projects.  Anya Fox and Miriam Reid were each awarded first place.  Hallel Cheskis, Yael Muroff, and Simona Shuman received second place, and Ari Dym was awarded third place. Anya and Miriam will go on to compete at the state level in May at Penn State University. We are very proud of all the students for their achievements!   
                - Mrs. Gaughan, Science Teacher
Kid Writing in Kindergarten
In February, Kindergartners were happily engaged in writing original fiction and non-fiction stories in their first Kid Writing journals. These Family and Friends journals went home at the end of the month to be read and admired by family members. 
The Kid Writing process we follow in our class is both an art and a science:      
  • Every Tuesday and Wednesday a dedicated team of  6-7 volunteers comes into the classroom and works one-on-one with students, guiding them through the writing process.
  • Each child has already drawn a story and proceeds to tell the adult what he/she wants to write. Guides help frame this story by asking clarifying questions.
  • Guides do not spell words for the writer. Instead they say each word slowly and clearly while the child writes what he hears, using phonetic spelling. 
  • The Guide then underwrites the story in small letters, using standard spelling.
  • This process repeats until we publish the resulting journals, which are so amazing!
                      -  Mrs. Carpenter, Kindergarten Teacher
How well do you know our faculty and staff? 
"Go students go!" One of our teachers can list
Cheerleading Captain on her resume'.
Do you have any idea who this energetic teacher is?
March 6

A Change...2nd grade Chumash Celebration, originally scheduled for March 6, has been postponed until the week of March 17. Watch for more info.


March 7

Student Council sponsored Costume Day - "What I want to be when I grow up"
March 7

Kabbalat Shabbat, 1:45 pm
March 16

Community Purim Celebration -  
see ad below
March 17

Purim School Celebration



                       Don't Forget... 
Tomorrow (March 7) is a Student Council 
Dress-Up Day !

Theme: What do you want to be when you grow up?
                 Come to school in costume!  
Race for Education
Kick-Off Letter to Parents
Join the Silver Academy for a festive Purim meal featuring 
Chinese food from David Chu's in Baltimore!
        Sunday, March 16, 4:30, at the JCC

             For more fun, there will be a
Purim Pet Costume Contest!
                 Click Here for More Info

 Matanot La'Evyonim-  "Gifts for the Poor"


We are participating in a wonderful 

Purim Mitzvah through donations to the 

Od Yosef Chai organization.


Click Here for More Information


Purim Postcards 
are here!


   KidStuff Coupon Books are still available for $25 each. 
   Pick one up from the school office before they're gone!





  Passover Candy Sale has been extended!  

  Please return your orders by Monday, March 10!







                     Book Drive
           We are collecting books to donate to the 
                         Ronald McDonald House! 
      • Donation boxes in the JCC lobby and School Office
      • Ends March 17
      • New and gently used books for all ages
      • Sponsored by Silver Academy's Student Council





Girl Scout Cookie Booth
In front of Pet Value (next to Giant)
 Sunday, March 9, 10:00-3:00





 Girl Scouts Meeting Schedule 
* Brownies & Juniors, March 10
* Daisies,  March 17


              Ice Cream on Fridays...
                  Remember your $1
The Student Council will be selling ice cream every
Friday during lunchtime. The cost is $1.

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This spring the 8th grade class will travel to Israel. Help us fund our trip with the purchase of Chai Notes.

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Clip your boxtops and bring them to school. Last year our school earned almost $350 from this program!




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