December 5, 2013                                                                       2 Tevet, 5774 


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו          


    HAVDALAH - 5:24 PM



    הסכום - Summary

    • Joseph was thirty years old when he became Pharaoh's prime minister
    • He managed well and when the famine came, people from every country journeyed to Egypt to buy food.
    • Joseph's own brothers did not recognize him
    • His brothers were overcome with fear when Joseph insisted that Benjamin remain in Egypt.
    • Judah pleads with Joseph to take him in place of Benjamin.
    • Joseph was so moved with the request that he revealed himself to his brothers.
    • Joseph invites his family to come and live with him in Egypt.
    • Jacob arrives in Egypt for an emotional reunion with Joseph.
    • Jacob and his family increase in numbers and wealth in the area of Goshen.


     SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


    Nachum Chasan

    Head of School






Ganeinu with Morah Tamara (Mrs. Reid)
Each Thursday in Ganeinu we learn the Parsha Hashavua (the weekly Bible portion.) Recently we have been learning about Yosef and his brothers. Yosef's brothers were not happy that Yosef was his father's favorite. They were also not happy that Yosef reported on them to their father. Yosef thought he was telling his father important things that needed to be corrected, but in truth his brothers had done no wrong. This led to a lesson on the difference between tattling and responsible reporting.



2nd Grade with Morah Aviva


Kitah Bet, during the Hebrew month of Kislev, enjoyed learning the story of Chanukah in "HaNisim BaChanukah". We acted out the story in class. This year, we have begun learning the Hebrew past tense verbs and the story of Chanukah gave us numerous opportunities to learn the past tense verbs which we already know in the present tense. We learned verbs describing the activities of the peaceful life of the Yehudim (Jews) in Eretz Yisrael such as Ovdu (served), Lamdu (learned), Omru (spoke), Shomru (observed). One day the Y'vanim  (Greeks) came and forbade the Yehudim to be Jewish. Mattityahu Hashmona-i arose with his 5 sons and the Macabeem fought and prevailed over the Y'vanim. 

Kitah Bet prepared long and hard and did an awesome job presenting their play at the Celebration of Light and Learning on Tuesday night. They ended with a beautiful rendition of  "Todah Al HaNisim" (Gratitude for the Miracles) and "HaNace LaMacabeem" (The Miracle of the Maccabees). They toppled the p'selim (idols) which the Y'vanim brought to the Beit HaMikdash) and had fun battling with swords. Kitah Bet hopes that everyone has had a joyous Chanukah!


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Dec 20
1:45, Kabbalat Shabbat
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Bring a Friend Day, Mitzvah Day
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Girl Scouts Meeting Schedule

Daisies: December 16th


Brownie/Jrs:  December 9 and 23

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Ellis Rosenberg 


Which years did you attend The Silver Academy?  1961-1970 


Where did you grow up?  2300 block of Green Street in Harrisburg


Where did you go to school after The Silver Academy?  Talmudical Academy/Yeshivat Chofetz Chaim of Baltimore, then  University of Pennsylvania and Elizabethtown College


Where do you live now? Second Street in Harrisburg


What do you do?  I am the Judaics Teacher at the greatest school on the East Coast! 

Reuben, Geoffrey, wife Ann, Rob's wife Brachie, Rob, Ellis, mother Sylvia, grandson Avi

What was your favorite class at The Silver Academy? I enjoyed learning Gemorrah with Rabbi Goldberg because it taught me critical thinking.

Who was your best f
riend at The Silver Academy?  David Rosenbaum and I spent a lot of time together.

What was your favorite lunch at The Silver Academy?  Salmon salad sandwiches and corn soup by Mrs. Gardner

How many times were you sent to the principal's office?  One that I remember, and probably a few that I don't recall

What was your favorite memory and/or do you have any funny stories about The Silver Academy?  Some of my favorite memories include the new activities which we instituted when I was student council president, such as the Purim carnival.


What is your favorite sports team? I have always followed the Phillies. In fact, in Mrs. Leiberman's fourth grade class, we were asked to write a composition about an important event that happened in our lives. I wrote about Chico Ruiz stealing home and starting the ten-game losing streak which cost the Phillies the pennant in 1964. 

What was your favorite thing to do at the JCC? We used to get together and bowl a few games in the bowling alley, which was managed by Ray Weldon. 


Who was your biggest role model in Harrisburg? Along with my father (of blessed memory) and my mother, I would have to say it was Rabbi Paul Goldberg.





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Students Perform at our Light and Learning Celebration
A visit from Dori Weinstein, well-know childrens book author
1st Grade Volunteering at JFS 
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