November 21, 2013                                                                       18 Kislev, 5774 



זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         







הסכום - Summary

  • Jacob had twelve sons and one daughter, and of his sons he loved Joseph best.
  • When Joseph was seventeen, Jacob had a coat of many colors made for him.  
  • For this his brothers disliked him and their dislike turned to hatred when Joseph dreamed that he would on day rule over them.
  • Joseph's brothers sell him to a caravan of Ishmaelites on their way to Egypt.
  • The brothers took Joseph's coat of many colors and dipped it into goat's blood and brought it to Jacob.
  • They tell Jacob that Joseph must have been attacked by a wild beast.
  • Jacob believes that his son Joseph has died; he rends his garment and mourns for his son for many days.


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Nachum Chasan

Head of School 







Welcome to Eighth Grade Language Arts

Classic authors, those whose works and words have withstood the test of time, have been the focus of the literature component in our class.  As we have traveled back in time we have encountered Edgar Allan Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, O. Henry, and Mark Twain.  We mystified each other as we shared our original mysteries modeled after the adventures of the famous detective "Sherlock Holmes." We were duly scared by the BEATING HEART and confounded by O. Henry's surprise endings. Currently, we are traveling  the Mississippi with Mark Twain as he learns to pilot a river boat.  And this is JUST the beginning!!!!!  
                                                - Mrs. Nussbaum






In the Art Room with Mrs. Rietmulder


Students learn new art techniques each year. 

Here is a sampling of their beautiful projects!

                    8th Grade - Glue and Acrylic            1st Grade - Water Color Wash
                              Fall Leaf Batik                     with Crayon Resist of Dragonflies                                                       
                                                                         2nd and 3rd Grades - Creating                4th Grade - Bubble wrap
                      secondary color for their mixed              print of Indian corn using                                          media collage of pumpkin and gourd                 real corn husks                    



One of the faculty/staff members of the 
Silver Academy has a yellow belt in karate.
Can you name this self-defense artist?

Nov 22
Last Day of Scholastic Book Fair
Nov 27
11:40 Early Dismissal, Erev Chanukah
Nov 27

Chanukah at the Capitol  (see ad below)
Nov 28-29

No School, Chanukah

Dec 2 - 5

Chanukah Candle Lighting, 8:15 am
Dec 3

Celebration of Light & Learning, 6:45 pm
Dec 5

Chanukah Breakfast, 7:30 - 8:00 am
  (see ad below)

Celebrate Chanukah at the Capitol!
November 27 at 4:30
Bring the whole family. It will 
be fun!

This spring the 8th grade class will travel to Israel. Help us fund our trip with the purchase of Chai Notes.

To download your Chai Note,
and for more information,


  • Children's author, Dori Weinstein, will visit our school Monday, November 25. 
  • Signed books will be available for purchase.
    You must pre-order.
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Chanukah Breakfast  
School Store

December 5,  7:30-8:00 am
All are Welcome!

School Store will be filled with amazing Chanukah items, school supplies and 
other fun stuff...All items $1 or less

Ice Cream on Fridays...
  Remember your $1 

The Student Council will be selling ice cream every 
Friday during lunchtime.  The cost is $1.

Buy Giant Scrip and Support the Silver Academy!
    For every $100 in Giant gift cards you purchase, our school
    receives $5!  
Shop and support the school at the same time!
    Purchase scrip gift cards in the school office or through
    Susan Leviton at 608-0190 or [email protected]



Bring in Your Box Tops! 


Clip your boxtops and bring them to school. Last year our school earned almost $350 from this program!




Please sign-up to volunteer at the 



Many 2-hour slots are available.

            • Wed, Nov 20: 4pm - 6pm 
            • Thurs, Nov 21: 9am - 6pm
            • Sun, Nov 24: 10am - 1pm
            • Mon, Nov 25: 9am - 8pm
            • Tues, Nov 26: 9am - 8pm


Please e-mail [email protected] with the times you are available.
Thank you, PTO 
The Greater Harrisburg Area and Israel Bonds 
Brunch Honoring Famed Hollywood Producer, 
and Harrisburg Native, Gerald Abrams
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We need your help at the Jewish Home

to increase Jewish community life at the Jewish Home!



2014 Annual Campaign - The Silver Academy
 Watch Our Campaign Video
Support the 
2014 Annual Campaign
We have raised $80,000 from our $140,000 goal. Please consider a gift to our campaign which funds school scholarships.

         Mazal Tov to Neima Schertz, winner of the phone-a-thon raffle!
Neima will receive a 17lb kosher organic free range turkey 
from Kol Foods, valued at $160! Thank you to the PTO for
sponsoring this initiative!

Saturday, November 23, 6:45 pm
                           November Menu         
December Menu          
Health Notes          

Each week, we will feature one alumnus from our rich alumni network.


Layah Gewirtz Goldish 


Which years did you attend The Silver Academy? 1985-1992

Layah and Shashana Nussbaum Plotkin ('94)
Where did you grow up?  Green Street - 2 blocks from school


Where did you go to school after The Silver Academy?  Yeshiva of Greater Washington in Silver Spring, MD


Where do you live now? Queens, NY 


What do you do? I work in a school office, and I try to channel Mrs. Hartman a"h.


What was your favorite class at The Silver Academy? Rabbi Gewirtz :)


Who was your best friend at The Silver Academy?  Yocheved Nussbaum and Lauren Gold were my closest friends. 

What is your current favorite food and what was your favorite lunch at The Silver Academy?  My favorite food now is chocolate, and I don't remember having a favorite lunch but I did like the pudding.


How many times were you sent to the principals office?  Not counting 6th Grade... 

What were your favorite or funniest memories of the Silver Academy? 
8th Grade was a great year and great memory was our class trips to Israel, of course! and to Chincoteague Island. My funniest memory was when I was running for Secretary of student council and I wrote all the signs "Vote Layah for Secratary". Ms. Koplovitz, a"h, pulled me aside and told me that the proper spelling was "secretary" because a secretary has to keep a lot of secrets. I had to change all the signs, but I've spelled it correctly ever since.


What is your favorite sports team?  I married a Clevelander so I became a fan of the Browns, Cavaliers, and Indians. 

What was your favorite thing to do at the JCC?  Visit the old snack bar! 


Who was your biggest role model in Harrisburg?  My parents, Rabbi & Mrs. Gewirtz 




Contribute to the Silver Academy
 Make a donation in memory of or in honor of a 
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Silver Snapshots 

8th Grade heading to Barrack Hebrew Academy 
in Philadelphia to celebrate Shabbaton
Turkey Trot!
What a wonderful day!  All students ran 1 mile...even Kindergarten!


Silver Summary is for Grandparents too!

Would your parents like to have a window into their grandchildren's Silver Academy world?


To receive the Silver Summary send their email address  HERE