November 7, 2013                                                                       4 Kislev, 5774 



זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         







הסכום - Summary

  • Jacob leaves Beer-Sheba and is on the way to his Uncle Laban's house.
  • He lays down to sleep and dreams of a ladder reaching from earth to heaven, and G-d's angels were going up and down the ladder.
  • When Jacob arose in the morning, he said: "This must be G-d's House."  And he called the place Beth-El - the House of G-d.
  • Jacob becomes a member of Laban's family.
  • Jacob works a total of 21 years for Laban and he marries Leah and Rachel.
  • Jacob's family increases and he becomes very rich from working for Laban.
  • He decides to leave Haran and begin his journey back to Canaan.


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Nachum Chasan

Head of School 





In the Second Grade Classroom with Mrs. Hurley

Last week, we read Stellaluna and learned about the differences between bats and birds. Check out our bulletin board to read what second grade has learned about bats. Students also enjoyed writing creative stories about the adventures of a bat.


Next week, we will begin our Thanksgiving unit. Students will learn about Pilgrims and the Wampanoag tribe.



6th and 7th Grades Learn Judaics in a 

"Flipped" Classroom Style


The flipped classroom model offers new flexibility in the educational process.  Technology allows students to accomplish at home some of what was traditionally learned in class, which allows teachers to use classroom time more efficiently for projects, discussions and activities that enrich learning. 


In the case of the Silver Academy's 6th and 7th grades, this approach is manifest in a new method called "e-read".  It began at the Pa Educational Technology Expo and Conference last February in Hershey. One of many internet apps recommended for educational purposes is called SpeakPipe. Developed as an alternative to e-mail for visitors to a business website, it allows visitors to record an audio message.  


Sixth and Seventh graders at The Silver Academy now use Speakpipe to send Rabbi Gewirtz a recording of the Judaic text and translation learned that day in school for his evaluation.  This way there is time for each student to read and translate the entire selection, rather than just a piece of it, and Rabbi Gewirtz is able to receive feedback before the next day's class.  Together with the e-quiz, (written homework also sent electronically), "e-read" enables more precisely tailoring of lessons for the next day.



Do you recall a favorite sport/activity at the JCC, that ended with the renovations in 1993?


November 8

1st Quarter Ends
November 8

Symphony Field Trip (gr 2-8)
November 10

Phone-a-Thon Fundraiser (see ad below to volunteer)
November 14

Arthur Goldberg Memorial Lecture (gr 5-8)
(see link below for program)
November 18

Turkey Trot Run (gr k-8)  (see note below)
Nov 18-22

Scholastic Book Fair (see ad below to volunteer)
November 19

Parent/Teacher Conferences 6:30-8:30 pm
November 20

Early Dismissal - 11:40
Parent/Teacher Conferences 1:00-4:00

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                  STUDENT TURKEY TROT!
              Monday, November 18 
                   (Rain date is Monday, Nov 25)


    Be Sure To Be Dressed for Outdoor Phys Ed


  All classes will participate in an outdoor one-mile            Turkey Trot (Run) during Phys Ed Class. 



To volunteer, email Ben Chadwell: [email protected]


  •  November 10 at the JCC
  • Time slots are 10-12, 12-2, and 6-8
  • Child care is available upon request



       We are in need of a lunchtime helper on Thursdays, 12:00-1:00...
    • Parents, grandparents, or other caring adults are welcome!
    • Please contact Deb Weinstein at [email protected]  
      to sign up!
    • Weekly or biweekly schedules available


    Ice Cream on Fridays...
      Remember your $1 

    The Student Council will be selling ice cream every 
    Friday during lunchtime.  The cost is $1.


     Girl Scout Meeting -  Brownie/Junior Scouts - Nov 11

    Buy Giant Scrip and Support the Silver Academy!
        For every $100 in Giant gift cards you purchase, our school
        receives $5!  
    Shop and support the school at the same time!
        Purchase scrip gift cards in the school office or through
        Susan Leviton at 608-0190 or [email protected]



    Bring in Your Box Tops! 


    Clip your boxtops and bring them to school. Last year our school earned almost $350 from this program!




    Saturday, November 23, 6:45 pm




                                 November Menu               
    Health Notes          
    Arthur Goldberg Memorial
                                                                                                                            Lecture Program                                                                                                                                                    

    Each week, we will feature one alumnus from our rich alumni network.

    Howard Stein


    Howard with wife, Jessica, and children Joshua, Noah and Eliya

    Which years did you attend The Silver Academy? 1975-1983


    Where did you grow up? Lower Paxton Township 


    Where did you go to school after The Silver Academy? CD School District, then West Virginia University

    Where are you now? Living in Mechanicsburg;

    Working in Middletown


    What do you do? I am Chief Operating Officer for MY CU Services - Credit Union Service Organization, providing payment and technology services to more than 1,200 credit unions across the US.

    What was your favorite class at The Silver Academy? Science Class

    Who was your best friend at The Silver Academy? Andy Gross

    What is your current favorite food and what was your favorite lunch at The Silver Academy? Lox and bagel, peanut butter on bread   


    How many times were you sent to the principals office? Once for applying food coloring to snow balls and then throwing them.

    What was your favorite memory of The Silver Academy? My favorite memories surround class trips, such as our trip to Washington DC.


    What is your favorite sports team? Anything Pittsburgh

    What was your favorite thing to do at the JCC?  Play basketball in the Gym


    Who was your biggest role model in Harrisburg? Rabbi Goldberg


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