October 24, 2013                                                                       20 cheshvan, 5774 


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         







הסכום - Summary


  • Death and burial of Sarah in the Cave of Machpelah.
  • Abraham sends his loyal servant Eliezer to search for a wife for Isaac.
  • Eliezer finds Rebekah, whom Isaac chooses to be his wife.
  • Abraham dies at the age of one hundred and seventy-five years.
  • Abraham is buried next to Sahah in the Cave of Machpelah.
  • All the descendants of Ishmael are listed.


Notable Mitzvah (Commandment) in the Parsha


  • Tza'ar Ba'alei Chayim: Prevention of Cruelty to Animals - Kindness to animals is an important religious obligation in Judaism. Rebekah's insistence that Eliezer's camels also receive water was one of the conditions for her being chosen as the eventual wife of Isaac. It clearly displayed her sensitivity and compassion toward animals.


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Nachum Chasan

Head of School 




Kindergarten with Morah Sarah
Kita Gan is so busy having fun and learning! In these pictures we are playing Shabbat matching games and Jewish symbols dominos.  We love learning through play.  Our favorite activity is playing with Bentzi, our turtle puppet from Israel. He has taught us so much Hebrew already; how to meet and greet people, animal names, we can say "I can" and "I want", we know colors and numbers, some family members, and even the days of the week! 





Fifth Grade General Studies with Mr. Hart


In fifth grade social studies, students are learning about early exploration of the western hemisphere by Christopher Columbus and the Spanish. In language arts, we are continuing a unit on sentences, learning all about the components of good sentences. Journal writing reinforces what we learn in our lessons. In math, students take a test this week on mult-digit multiplication. Fifth graders have also been introduced to a math puzzle called an "arithmagon." They have enjoyed applying their math knowledge to these arithmagon puzzles and just can't get enough of them! -- Mr. Hart 


Who was the first Ganeinu teacher 
at our school?

November 1
Kabbalat Shabbat, 2:45
November 4

Quarterly Exams
November 5

Student Council Elections
November 8

1st Quarter Ends
November 14
Authur Goldberg Memorial Lecture (5-8 gr)

       October Menu                                Nurse Notes                         Harrisburg Jewish                                                                                                                     Youth Choir      

  • CANDIDATE SPEECHES will be delivered to our student body on Friday, November 1, in the morning
  • ELECTION DAY is Tuesday, November 5 
  • Remember to wear RED, WHITE and BLUE 
    on election
     Candidates for Student Council Offices              
       President                                Treasurer                                Secretary
Noah Meeder, 7th gr                Sam Welks, 6th  gr               Dalia Shvartsman, 6th gr
Ruth Nehama, 9th gr             Deborah Schleig, 7th gr               Miriam Reid, 8th gr
            Good luck to all our candidates!


Ice Cream on Fridays...
Remember your $1

The Student Council will be selling ice cream every Friday during lunchtime.  The cost is $1.


                  Girl Scout Meetings

            Daisy Scouts - Nov 4
   Brownie/Junior Scouts - Oct 28 and Nov 11

Buy Giant Scrip and Support the Silver Academy!

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Bring in Your Box Tops! 


Clip your boxtops and bring them to school. Last year our school earned almost $350 from this program!



Each week, we will feature one alumnus from our rich alumni network.

Solomon Krevsky 

Sol, his wife, Katy, and children, Max and Abby (missing Lilah)


When did you attend The Silver Academy?  1968-1978 (Kindergarten through 9th Grade)


Where did you  grow up?  

3400 Block of 4th Street in Harrisburg


Where do you live now?  Harrisburg Area


What do you do?  I am a Lawyer.



Where did you go to school after The Silver Academy? 
Susquehanna Twp. High School, Muhlenberg College, then University of New Hampshire School of Law


What was your favorite class at The Silver Academy? G'marra (Talmud) with Rabbi Paul Goldberg


Who was your best friend at The Silver Academy?  Phil Bloom


What was your favorite lunch at The Silver Academy? Mrs. Gardner's tuna fish sandwich


Three Generations  
(Jay, Sol and Max)

What was a favorite memory of your time at The Silver Academy?  In 7th grade we had advanced Spanish with Ms. Koplovitz.  As a final project we were required to put on a skit.  My team members, including Matt Leopold, Natalie Tull and Amy Itzkowitz, re-enacted iconic skits from Saturday Night Live in Spanish with full costumes and props.  It became legendary!


What is your favorite sports team?  Phillies


What was your favorite activity at the JCC?  Iddy/Biddy Basketball


Who was your biggest role model in Harrisburg?  My parents - Jay and Nancy Krevsky



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Silver Snapshots 

Third Grade Singing about their
Hebrew Memory Boxes

Making Hebrew Letter Alef

Fall Project in Art Class

Snack Time in
Abrham and Sarah's Tent
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