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Upcoming Calendar Events

Friday, March 15th 
Kabbalat Shabbat Celebration
2:45-3:30 PM

Dress like your favorite fictional/non fictional character. Click here for more info
Shabbat, March 16th

Silver Academy Shabbat @ Chisuk Emuna

The Silver Academy appreciates its close partnerships with local synagogues and temples.  Over the years, some congregations have hosted Silver Academy Shabbat programs to highlight the participation of our students and the important role our school plays in the community. 


On Saturday, March 16th, Silver Academy students who are the children of Chisuk Emuna Congregation members and friends will lead parts of the Shabbat morning service and participate along with their parents in special Shabbat programs. Mr. Nachum Chasan, our Head of School, will address the congregation.  Dr. Andrea Lieber, our School President, will also participate.


For more information about this special Shabbat and to sign up for a part, please contact Nachum Chasan, 238-8775 or Mandy Cheskis, Chisuk Emuna Educational Director, 232-2707.


 D'var Torah


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         





SHABBAT PARSHAT VAYIKRA (Vayikra -  (1:1 - 5:26)



הסכום - Summary


  • This week's torah portion opens the third of the Five Books of Moses.
  • In Hebrew, Leviticus is called Vayikra, the word with which it begins, meaning "and He called (to Moses)."
  • Vayikra takes up many important matters dealing with Jewish nationhood.
  • What kinds of judges and courts were to be established.
  • What provisions were to be made against the possibility of war.
  • Also discussed in Vayikra are the proper attitude of a child toward his parents, how to treat the poor, the widow, and the orphan; festivals and dietary laws.
  • In our parsha we have the description of five kinds of sacrifices to be offered in the sanctuary: the Olah, or burnt offering; the Minchah, or meal offering; the Zevach Shelamim, or sacrifice of well-being; the Chattat, or sin offering; and the Asham, or guilt offering.


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Nachum Chasan

Head of School 

Alumni Spotlight


Each week, The Silver Summary will feature one alumnus from our rich alumni network. 


Traci Siegel

Jerusalem, Israel



What years did you attend The Silver Academy?

I attended the The Silver Academy Ganeinu until 8th grade which was 1992-2003 


Where did you grow up in Harrisburg?

I grew up on Green St. about a two blocks from the JCC. 


Where did you go to school after The Silver Academy?

For high school I went to Beth Tfiloh all the way in Baltimore. I then studied at Midreshet Lindenbaum in Jerusalem for one year and after, studied Government and Politics at the University of Maryland. 


Where do you live now? 

I currently live in Jerusalem. Let me know if you are ever in town! Seeing Harrisburgers here is the best!


What do you do?

I am drafting into the Israel Defense Forces in April and until then I am a waitress at Mikes Place Jerusalem. Shoshana Miskin, another Silver academy alumna, was my coworker! 


What was your favorite class at The Silver Academy?

I think science was probably my favorite class with Mrs. Gaughn. I remember the time at the beginning of class she took a candle and lit it, blew it out and then started eating it. It turns out it was just a potato with a piece of coconut at the tip. We learned that in science things aren't always what they seem. She always did cool things like that to engage us. She also showed us Bill Nye videos.


Who was your best friend at The Silver Academy?

My best friend then is still my best friend now - Rivkah Blutstein. But the truth is we were all pretty close. The best thing about being in the Silver Academy is that your class is like your family.


What was your favorite school lunch?

It's hard for me to remember, but I used to be such a picky eater I probably never ate lunch. 


How many times were you sent to the principal's office?

I can't think of any times I was sent to the principal's office. And I think if it had ever happened, I would probably remember because it would be so traumatizing. 


What was your favorite memory and/or do you have any funny stories about The Silver Academy?

Looking back I like to remember how Rabbi Gewirtz got us all to join Rashi Club, an after school activity where we practiced learning Rashi, the commentary on the Torah. I think just by making it an after school club he tricked us into thinking it was a cool thing to do. And it worked! You were either in it or you were nobody. 


What was your favorite thing to do at the JCC? 

When we were younger it seemed like such a big place. I'm not even sure what we would do all the time but we always stayed after school and hung out - played basketball, enjoyed the jungle gym, went swimming, and bought sandwiches from the snack bar. I loved it all! 



The Silver Academy will be holding their Passover Model Seders on Thursday March 21st. We need volunteers for the following jobs:


Wednesday March 20th

4 helpers to prepare food for the Seders


Thursday March 21st

7 volunteers to help the day of with serving 


If you can help with the above jobs, please email Leslie Wiener  [email protected]


Inside the Classroom - Ganeinu

     Ganeinu is where the alef-bet is first introduced. We have been working our way through the alef-bet. By now the kids are even starting to write their own names in Hebrew! For each letter we do a project that highlights the new letter. What better way to review than by making our names in oogiyot (cookies)? As a class we sorted the cookie cutters and put them in order. Then each child had to find the letter that made up their name. Snack-time has never been so delicious, or educational! (Thank you to Shari Dym for the donation of the alef-bet cookie cutters.)


Inside the Classroom - 1st Grade

This week, first grade continues their journey around the world with Cinderella. We are comparing several versions of Cinderella to see how they are alike and how they are different. Students are focusing on setting, characters and magic in each story. After each story, we learn about the country the story was written in. We have read Cinderella stories from Mexico, Egypt, China and Russia. Tomorrow, each student will write an opinion paper about their favorite version of Cinderella, giving reasons to support their opinion. Through this unit, we are learning what different versions of the same story can teach us about different cultures.


In math, we have started a new chapter on fractions. In this chapter, students will learn to identify 1/2, 1/3, and 1/4 fractions. Through exploration with manipulative pieces and real life examples (pizza!) students have already developed a solid foundation of fractions and what they stand for. Keep up the great work first grade!
Silver Academy at Ari Dym Bar Mitzvah

On Tuesday, March 12, the 1st-7th grade students celebrated Ari Dym's Bar Mitzvah at Kesher Israel. The students partook in the Rosh Hodesh/ New Month prayers  in the main sanctuary.  We then heard Ari read the Torah beautifully and deliver a great speech! Afterwards we were all treated to a delicious brunch in the social hall. For his Bar Mitzvah project, Ari raised $4,000 to purchase new touch screen computers for the school computer lab. We we all happy to celebrate Ari's Bar Mitzvah and extremely proud of his fundraising efforts to upgrade our school computers.

Silver Academy Students Shine at Science Fair

Last week, our 7th  grade students participated in the annual Capital Area Science and Engineering Fair held at the Whitaker Center in Harrisburg. They presented their science fair projects and answered questions from a panel of judges. Ari Dym received a third place award for his project, while Yael Muroff, Hallel and Cheskis were awarded second place. Miriam Reid, Anya Fox, and Simona Shuman all received first place awards. Miriam Reid's project was considered one of the top projects in the entire fair and was in the running for the "junior grand champion". We are extremely proud of all our students for all their achievements.  

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