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Upcoming Calendar Events
Monday, December 24 - 
Tuesday, January 1st
Winter Break
Friday, January 4th
7:30 AM - 8:00 AM
Dad's & Doughnuts Breakfast
(Moms and special friends welcomed as well)

Thursday, January 10th
Silver Academy- Dixon Univertsity Center Reception
Wolfson Hall
5:00 PM

Monday, January 21st
Bring a Friend to School Day

Saturday Night, February 9th
Silver Academy Havdallah 
7:00 PM- 9:00 PM

D'var Torah


זכור את יום השבת לקדשו                         





SHABBAT PARSHAT - VAYIGASH  (Genesis 44:18 - 47:27)



הסכום - Summary


  • When Joseph insisted that Benjamin remain in Egypt the other brothers were over come with fear and sorrow.
  • Judah pleads with Joseph to take him as a slave in place of Benjamin.
  • Joseph was moved to pity and he ordered the court cleared, and then revealed himself to his brothers.
  • "I am Joseph your brother, whom you sold into Egypt," he said. "Do not be ashamed, for G-d sent me before you to preserve life."
  • Then Joseph invited his brothers to come live in Egypt and to bring their father there
  • Jacob arrives in Egypt for an emotional reunion with Joseph.
  • Pharaoh was good to them and the Children of Israel were happy in his land.
  • Jacob and his family increase in numbers and wealth in the area of Goshen in Egypt.


SHABBAT SHALOM  שבת שלום -


Nachum Chasan

Head of School


Alumni Spotlight
Each week, The Silver Summary will feature one alumnus from our rich alumni network.


Corporal Isaac Levine
Harrisburg, PA


Which years did you attend The Silver Academy?

I attended The Silver Academy from Ganeanu-5th grade. 1990-1996.

Where are you from and where did you grow up? 
Uptown Harrisburg; 2 blocks from the JCC. 
What school did you attend after The Silver Academy?
Susquehanna Township School Distrcit, Dickinson College, HACC and now Widener Law.
Where do you reside now?
I still live in Harrisburg one block from where I grew up.
What do you do?

I work full time as a police officer and go to law school at night.  


Who was your favorite teacher at The Silver Academy? 
The Hebrew classes with Rabbi Gewirtz. I still remember most of the shoresh lessons and they helped me do well in college when I studied Hebrew. Also Cantor Rockoff's classes were always memorable, and definatly the ones that have stuck with me the most. 
What was your favorite lunch at The Silver Academy?
It was absolutely not the hot dogs; one time they were green and blue. I think the best day was pizza day. We used to take the pizza and put the pudding on top. But nothing topped the Kosher Bite Truck.


Who was your best friend?
Jesse Hervitz.
How many times were you sent to the principals office?
I was in the principals office probably once a week but I was sent out to the hallway on a daily or hourly basis.
What was your favorite memory and/or do you have any funny stories about The Silver Academy?
There are many. One time at Recess  we used to play by where the parking lot ends now, we found a bunch of cinder blocks and thought it would be a good idea to play catch with them. The next thing I remember was when one of the girls got hit in the head with a cinder block and had to get stitches.  We all got in trouble.


A certain Hebrew teacher also did not like when students would day dream in class; her solution was to tie a rope around your wrist. When you would start to drift off while leaning on your hand she would tug on her string and make your face smack off your desk. She had the timing perfect.
What was your favorite thing to do at the JCC?
I remember going to the bowling alley until it just disapeared one day. We made up tons of stories about how the person who ran it was in the witness protection program or in the Bermuda Triangle.


The basketball team was also a big deal. I don't know that I ever scored a basket in all the years that I played, but I know that I had more than a few technical fouls.
What is your favorite Sports team?
Unfortunately, the Eagles.
Who was your biggest role model in Harrisburg?
My parents and grandparents. They showed my sister and I the value of family, religion, education and hard work. No matter how busy they were or how boring the play was or how bad the basketball team was they never missed a game or a performance and were always there to support us.
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Inside the Classroom- Ganeinu 


 Wishing you a Shavuah Tov (Good Week) From Ganeinu

Since havdalah is a service of separation between the holiness of shabbat and the everyday week, our last week before winter break seemed like a great time to learn about it, before we separated from each other. We talked about how to know shabbat is over if you can't tell time (find 3 stars in the sky). We sang the service and made brachot on grape juice (wine), fire (candle), and bisumim (spices).

We learned that a havdalah candle needs more than one wick because the bracha says "borei m'orei haeish" and "m'orei" is plural for illuminations, so the bracha needs more than one flame.

We made our own bisumim out of esrogim saved from sukkot. Thank you Neima Schertz for donating them to our class. We stuck cloves in the fruit and watched them dry for the past few months. Some of the kids like the smell and some think it is icky. I guess sweetness is in the nose of the beholder.

We cast our own havdala candles. Each child chose their favorite colored crayon. We melted wax in class and poured layers into a cup set up with three wick. When the wax cooled and hardened we peeled the cup off and have a lovely striped havdalah candle!

We also took a class picture (as you can see) and included the image on our own havdalah sheet complete with Hebrew, English, transliteration and explanations. Now each Ganeinu family is ready for the complete havdalah experience!

As we say after havdalah each week, I hope you all have a "shavuah tov" a good week while we are apart.
-Morah Tamara
Inside the Classroom- 5th Grade 

     Despite a recent spate of illness affecting several classroom members, over the past few weeks fifth grade has continued to move forward with its learning. In math, we just finished a unit introducing decimals. We are now using this base of knowledge to perform arithmetic operations and rounding on decimals. In social studies we learned about the origins of the 13 Colonies, from the mysterious disappearance of the Roanoke Island settlers to the founding of Georgia, the last of the original 13 Colonies to be established. We learned that Colonial life could be summed up in three words: busy, busy, and BUSY! There were lots of chores for the young people to do. In language arts the students each composed an acrostic poem based on the novel Holes, and they wrote original fairy tales in their journals about a farmer who one day discovers that his corn crop is yielding jewels instead of kernels! It's also not unusual to find fifth graders engaged in a rousing, competitive game of Sparkle a day or two before a spelling test. (Don't know what Sparkle is? Just ask a fifth grader, then play it at home!). -Mr. Hart 

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