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Achieving Business Goals
Achieving        Business Goals

Personal Transformation Inspiration
Personal Transformation Inspiration


Experiencing corporate burn-out?
Life In Balance
Concierge Wellness Retreats in Topanga are tailored to your specific needs and gives you maximum in-depth, private, one-on-one attention with holistic wellness expert Dianne Porchia, MA, DMDM.

Ideal for VIPs and high level individuals who prefer not to share their personal story with strangers in a group retreat setting.

Let the beauty of Nature  
HEAL your overworked and stressed out mind  
TEACH you new ways of looking at old problems  
INSPIRE positive change for new beginnings



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Holistic Wellness Retreat, Topanga
Topanga Holistic Wellness Retreats

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Available year round in Topanga and at
Destination Resorts Internationally
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Blessings & Light To You
For Whole Integrated Self Health
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Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM

Soar into Wellness, Vitality & Inspiration  


Life In Balance:  BODY  MIND  HEART  SOUL
Concierge Wellness Retreat, Topanga

5-night Retreats

Starting at


Tranquil accommodation at charming Topanga Canyon Inn B&B

where workshop meets for 3 hours a da

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Daily hikes into Topanga State Park

world's largest natural wilderness within the boundaries of a major city 





Daily phyto-chemical smoothies,



delicious formulas for health, detox and vitality

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Healthy evening dinners

Catered by local private chefs or
Dinner Vouchers for local Topanga eateries. 
(special dietary needs by prior arrangements)


Special celebration dinner at renown organic Inn of the Seventh Ray Restaurant

where we finalize your Take Home Action Plan 

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Ayurvedic Massage treatment booked with a Topanga healer for your private retreat





Floatation Tank Therapy Session booked for your private retreat 





Yoga Classes booked at Topanga yoga studio during your private retreat 




water color supplies  

Creative expression, art classes, artist's eye, writers' inspiration, drumming, dance, body movement are all possible when you book a private concierge retreat.




Porchias WISH rev Porchia's WISH Holistic Wellness Workshop  

Create Your Life In Balance


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Plenty of FREE time for personal rest and relaxation, personal reflection, journaling


Take Home Action Plan to support your goals back home


Follow-up group phone accountability  




Your Private Holistic Wellness Retreat  




Private Retreat details below

CONTACT For Pricing & Details
Porchia's WISH
Holistic Wellness Program

Holistic Wellness Retreats



Whole Integrated Self Health

Holistic and integrative medicine recognizes that a multi-disciplinary approach to "whole person" health and wellness provides the maximum therapeutic benefit.

Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM holds a Master's Degree in Spiritual Psychology, is a Diplomat from the College of Mind-Body Medicine, American Association of Integrative Medicine.

Porchia uses effective holistic stress reduction as the door opener, then integrates practices and principles of mid-body medicine for deeper healing work physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually within each wellness retreat.

Read more on holistic wellness

Holistic means NO DRUGS 
Addresses all levels of one's being:

PHYSICAL LEVEL:  Diet, nutrition, exercise, work habits and lifestyle

MENTAL LEVEL: Thoughts, beliefs and values that motivate behavior and can keep one stuck in old patterns.

EMOTIONAL LEVEL: Feelings follow thoughts and affect the physical body on a chemical and cellular level and can either support health and wellness through strengthening immune function or weakening immune function,  thereby making one more susceptible to illness and disease.

SPIRITUAL LEVEL:  The source of Soul Wisdom, spiritual growth, personal healing, love, forgiveness, compassion.  The heart and soul level is where all healing takes place.

Holistic Stress Reduction is highly recommended to support immune health for anyone challenged with immune deficiencies, hypertension, irritable bowel syndrome, tension headaches, other stress related disorders and anyone currently facing or recovering from cancer. 

Read more on stress 


Identify personal goals for renewed health, wellness, personal growth, new beginnings, relationship, career success and fulfillment.


Learn effective stress reduction techniques for supporting immune function, health & wellness 



Revitalize with QiGong Breathing Exercises


Vipassana Meditatoin  using Nature as teacher, healer & inspiration



  Connect with Spirit through Nature 




Create New Beginnings for health, wellness, relationship, career, personal growth




Reconnect authentically through learning heart-centered communication skills 




Transform your "inner saboteur" voice into an "inner ally" for success


Take Home Action Plan to support your goals back home


Dianne in Yellow Follow-up group webinar one month later  to help keep you on track


Private, phone and Skype sessions may also be scheduled after your private retreat to provide consistent support once back home.  




Masterful Retreat facilitation by Dianne Porchia

Master's Degree Spiritual Psychology

Diplomat from College of Mind-Body Medicine 

American Association Integrative Medicine

President Topanga's Chamber of Commerce 





Call NOW  310-455-2851  


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