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Adult Faith Formation

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This Week at Saint Pius

Kids of the Kingdom
Tuesday, January 17
9:30 a.m.
White House


Catholic Social Teaching
Thursday, January 19
7:00 p.m.
Euchre Night!
Friday, January 27
6:30 p.m.
Auxiliary Gym

Christ Renews His Parish Retreat Weekends

(January 28/29)
(February 11/12)
These weekend retreats are for adults and include sharing of experiences, both personal and communal. Through prayer and participation in the sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist, parishioners deepen their personal faith and evangelize one another.

Weekly Bulletin
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The Mysteries of the Rosary

A Reflection from Dan Allen, Parishioner

The following is the twelfth of twenty monthly reflections about the Mysteries of the Rosary as they relate to family life. The mysteries will not be necessarily chronological but presented as they interact with the liturgical year. For previous installments, click HERE.

FFF My wife Stephanie and I have a running joke between us.  I ask her if there is anywhere she would like to go on vacation, and she quickly answers, "Somewhere with a beach."  Of course, we have found that there is a difference between the idyllic beach scene in her mind and the reality of being by water with young kids in tow.  Usually, it means that Stephanie is managing "the bag," filled with enough supplies to guide us through any number of misadventures that could be in store, and while she covers home base on the beach, I am out in the water with my aspiring but not yet functioning swimmers.  Whenever someone approaches the water and is uncertain about swimming ability or the unseen terrain, our instinctive reaction is to hold out our hands in support, and this image came to me as I reflected on our rosary mystery this month.

Living our Faith at Home

Because many Catholic-Christians are baptized as infants, it can be a challenge to mark the anniversary of such an event personally.  We invite you to look at the upcoming year's calendar and plan to celebrate each family member's baptismal anniversary in a special way.  How that looks could be as diverse as the ages, temperaments, and spirituality of the people involved, but commit to celebrating throughout the year this important gift of our salvation.
Did you know....

While many baptismal fonts appear inside of modern churches, there is a rich history of baptisteries being located near but outside a church.  The reason was not to exclude those who had not yet been baptized but to show in architecture what we believe, i.e. through the waters of baptism we enter the Church.  A meaningful symbol of our new church construction at Saint Pius X is that our baptismal font will be located just outside the main worship space, and it will invite us to both remember this truth of our faith and invite others to enter and share in our common joy.

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