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This Week at the Parish

Knights of Columbus Business Meeting

Tuesday, Jan. 10
6:30 p.m.
Knight's House

K of C

Saint Vincent de Paul Meeting
Wed., Jan. 11
7:00 p.m.
PEC Lower Level

Parish Book Program 2017

Euchre Night!
Friday, January 27
6:30 p.m.
Auxiliary Gym

Weekly Bulletin

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Move Out Day! A Bittersweet Goodbye
The last Lord's Prayer in the current church

As we reflect on the personal history each of us have with the current church, from baptisms to communion, weddings, or funerals, we remember that we are the body of Christ: we are the church (even in the gym where we will worship for a few months!).

This edition of "The Road to the Dedication" will provide various perspectives from "our side of the fence." You will hear the final song from the last Mass celebrated at 8:15 this morning. You will see all of us on staff "moving out" of the current church to allow renovations to begin. 

And finally, you will get another sneak peek inside the new church from the perspective of altar.

Photos from the Last Mass
The Last Song in the Current Church

IMG 6973

Moving Day!

Moving Day Eighth grade school students helped the parish staff and volunteers with the task of moving out of the current church so renovations can begin. Click HERE for photos from the day's activities!

Perspective from the new Altar

Road to Dedication: from the altar
Temporary Mass Locations

January 10 - March 2
The current church and Holy Cross Room are now closed. For temporary changes to the location of all Masses until the opening of the new church at the Dedication on March 25 at noon, click HERE.

Countdown to the Dedication!

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