CaseWare Analytics Helps Combat Purchasing Card Fraud With Continuous Monitoring Solution
Designed to prevent fraud and improper payments as well as lower reputational risks associated with the use of purchasing or procurement cards (P-Cards), CaseWare Analytics is thrilled to announce the launch of our Purchasing Card Monitoring solution. The solution allows purchasing card, audit and finance professionals to monitor, track and manage key risks, while leveraging CaseWare's expertise in assessing internal controls.


Read more about the new solution in our press release and see how other IDEA users are using the solution to prevent P-Card fraud.  

Integrating People, Process & Data Analysis Technology in Your Fight Against Fraud


While there are certain areas in every business that should always be looked at for fraud, there are many others that can impact the types of risk an organization should examine. This makes it difficult to find and fight fraud with a 'one size fits all' cookie-cutter solution since most applications and ERPs are customized to the business they support.


The first key to success is ensuring that the team is aligned on a clear vision, strategy and plan for using an audit software tool to fight fraud. You can even use a workshop approach as a team to brainstorm ideas and help build capability across the group.


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IDEA Tech Tip:
Checking for Spending Violations within Invoices


1) Use the @GetNextValue and @GetPreviousValue functions to perform an Extraction which will find Invoices on consecutive days from the same Vendor.


2) Sort the Invoice data on Vendor Number (Vendor_No), then on Invoice Data (Inv_Date), both in Ascending Order. Note: In your database, fields may be named differently.


3) Perform a Direct Extraction on the Sorted database using the Expression below. Remember to change the names below to match the field names in your data. There is a Find and Replace function in the IDEA Equation Editor which will assist you with this edit.


(VENDOR_NO == @GetNextValue("VENDOR_NO") .AND. @Abs(@Age(INV_DATE, @GetNextValue("INV_DATE"))) = 1) .OR. (VENDOR_NO == @GetPreviousValue ("VENDOR_NO") .AND. @Abs(@Age(INV_DATE, @GetPreviousValue("INV_DATE"))) = 1)

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