WAA Outreach to NK Students!


In 2010, Janice Strain approached the Wickford Art Association and asked if we would consider hosting a kid's art show at the gallery.  Janice was a very motivated art teacher and advocate for students and their art.  Her passion for art and kids was very evident and I eagerly brought her proposal to the WAA Board of Directors.  The Board embraced the idea whole-heartedly.  Janice Strain's passion for art is expressed here in her own words: "You know when a kid plays football the fans show up in great numbers to cheer him on.  I want to see this same kind of validation for young artists.  I believe having their artwork in an actual art gallery would be such an honor and it would encourage them to continue having art as a part of their lives, and that is what I am hoping to inspire in them."


Janice Strain's vision, the inaugural show saw over 300 visitors to the exhibit.  In more recent years, the number of visitors has grown to well over 500 at the opening reception alone.  It is a wonderful thing to see parents and grandparents taking pictures of their beloved family member standing by his or her artwork beaming with pride.


You are welcome to attend any and all of our exhibits and events- but we especially invite you to view the Kids show coming up May 8th -24th with the reception on Saturday May 9th from 1-3pm at the gallery. Let's encourage these young artists to be all they can be!  See you at the gallery!


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We are always seeking volunteers who can add their passion and skills to our organization to make us a better place! We are seeking people in these areas:
  • Hospitality- for show receptions
  • Historian- to archive on-going history that we are making and to work alongside an intern to digitally archive our records.
  • Festival staff: There are many ways to serve here with a great group of people- a 2 day marathon for real art enthusiasts
  • Up-coming kids show: Helping to hang the art, set up, count number of visitors, ask for donations at the door and more.
  • Yard work- Spring cleaning is necessary! Lead a team and plan a day to beautify the grounds. 
  • And so much more!  What is your gift you want to give?  We probably need and want it!  Call and make an appointment with me and let's get started!

April 2015 Featured Juried Artist Member of the Month

Susan Klas Wright, Watercolor, Oil


Artist Statement:
"The power and majesty of mountains, the sea, and the tranquility of quieter natural places move me to paint. It's the legacy of family camping vacations during my childhood when the sounds of trickling streams, the feel of pine needles underfoot, and the heat of campfires got into my blood. I try to convey the mood of these special places in my work. In my portrait work, I feel that the "spark", the essence of each individual is paramount to achieving a memorable likeness. My work ranges from realism to semi-abstract and I work with watercolors and oils." 

Some History:
Susan began her career as a Graphic Artist and Photographer in Buffalo, New York. After moving to Connecticut, she exhibited her paintings at the Kent Art Association and the Housatonic Art League. Now living in Rhode Island, Sue's work appears in exhibits at the Wickford Art Association, the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, and the Providence Art Club where she is an exhibiting artist/juried artist member of each organization. She also teaches watercolors at the Providence Art Club, Wickford Art Association, and other locations.
Susan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the State University of New York at Buffalo and a Master at Teaching degree from Rhode Island College.

Website: www.susanklaswright.com

Have a blessed and beautiful weekend!  Don't forget to come and view the amazing exhibit at the gallery now!