Use your imagination
These are times that require great imaginations.  For example instead of seeing great white piles of snow along the road and fields blanketed with white, we imagine overgrown wildflowers bursting with scent and color to saturate our senses. Instead of the frigid cold burning our eyes and hurting our skin and lungs we imagine a warm breeze encompassing us as we press towards our destinations outside. (LOL I heard some laughter)
So what can we do with all this winter that is enslaving us? It feels like we are prisoners and we are serving a sentence. Acceptance is the first stop on the road to contentment. 
Next stop is making a decision to see the good or beauty in what we have, not what we want.
The patterns on the frozen waters change everyday as the temperature vacillates- well that could be inspiration for an abstract painting or a photo series on frozen water patterns.  The snow covered branches and rooftops inspire a poem or cause us to see the world as more uniform- we have more in common than what makes us different- we are all of us covered in white- Your landscaping being superior to your neighbors does not matter now, instead you find yourself helping your neighbor get unstuck from the snow embankment.
If we pay attention to the feelings this winter provokes, and if we allow ourselves to have a positive perspective on the good it can bring out of us, then we can look at winter as an opportunity to learn contentment which will open our eyes to see beauty in the patterns of this monochromatic landscape around us.  
So take your vitamin D, look in the mirror and smile at yourself- there's more snow coming!  Yes!! An opportunity for you to shine!!! 
I would love to hear how many of you take these words to heart-.  If you have a story, or a work of art that you create based on being inspired today to have a positive outlook on this winter,  I want to hear it.  I want to collect these stories of your creativity for the next couple of weeks- feel free to send me images of your art as well.  We will call these inspirations "The Winter Blue Bells"
- works of art created by artists determined to save the world one beautiful interpretation at a time.
Sound like a plan? 
Get cracking!

Your friend,
Sarah Tallarico
Members Show
This week!! Reception on Friday- 1 piece per member!

March Community Event

Tuesday, March 10, 7 - 8 PM

Art for Auto Enthusiasts 

A presentation by Guy Cassaday


Guy was trained as an Industrial Designer with a major in Automotive Design. Over the course of his 30 years as an Industrial Designer he specialized in Toy Design and Development for Tonka Toys, G.I. Joe and Tinker Toys, to name just a few.



Join us for Guy's talk and visual presentation of his design work, great passion for automotive illustration and his new career as a fine artist.


 March Featured Artist of the Month

Nancy C. Paull, Watercolor, Acrylic


In painting, Nancy uses watercolor or acrylic paint, illustration board, canvas and Yupo paper, which she loves due to "its ultra-smooth texture that is so extremely forgiving that it is almost sinful to use."  The most important aspects of her composition which she allows to flow into her artwork are love, humor, joy, mystery and a celebration of the joys and abundance of life.


Nancy constantly searches for new materials and ways of expression.  She tries to maintain some degree of spontaneity and painterly quality in her finished paintings.  In her painting process she almost never premixes paints on the palette, preferring pure color right out of the tube to make the painting fresh and vibrant.  She admires paintings that aren't "perfect."  Her most successful paintings are what she calls "one shot" paintings - paintings that are spontaneous, joyful and whimsical, a lighthearted effect that evolves effortlessly, with a spirit of playfulness.  Most of the time she draws with her paintbrush, creating a work that is loose and flows easier, a moment of happy inspiration.


Nancy has studied with nationally and internationally known artists: Ted Minchin, Tom Francesconi, John Salminen, Frank Francese, Don Andrews, Richard Ochs, Jane Shoenfeld, Andrew Kusmin and Peter Spataro. Well-known local artists she has studied with include Carole Berren, Robin Wiseman, Nancy Gaucher-Thomas, Richard Harrington, Won Ok Park and Richard Marthers (RISD).  Among her sources of inspiration are Raoul Dufy, Henri Matisse, Paul Cezanne, Pierre Bonnard, Vasily Kandinsky, Paul Klee, Amedeo Modigliani and Pablo Picasso. 


In addition to winning numerous awards in Members and Open Juried shows around Rhode Island, Nancy has received the Grumbacher Award and three Winsor and Newton Awards.  She is a member of the Newport Art Museum, the Rhode Island Watercolor Society, the Wickford Art Association and the South County Art Association. Currently, she paints with the members of Natalie Pfanstiehl's Plein Aire Painters of Narragansett Bay.  


"Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules,

 making mistakes, and having fun." - Mary Lou Cook


Nancy C. Paull 



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