Folks it's time to be THANKFUL!!! I know it's easy to focus on the hardships, sufferings and just the blasted bad news on the TV and radio, but it's not conducive to feeling happy or thankful. Honestly, I have always secretly wished there was a news station that only produced good news, can you imagine how awesome that would be?  Everyday people do extraordinary things to bring hope, joy and peace all over the world.  If everyday we turned on a TV or radio station and discovered another great inspiring story, then maybe more people would do more wonderful things.  Let's focus on the best qualities of humanity that are being displayed all around us as we move towards Thanksgiving!

Call for portrait artists  

The Rare Disease United Foundation will be displaying our Beyond the Diagnosis Art Exhibit at Brown University's Alpert Medical School during the entire month of February 2015. We are in need of a few artists willing to donate their time and talents to paint rare disease patients. There are 30 million Americans living with a rare disease. There are 7,000 rare diseases. Only 5% have a treatment. There are NO cures. We created the Art Exhibit as a way of raising awareness about the many unmet needs of the rare disease community. We believe that art leaves a lasting impression and the Exhibit will be seen by those who we need most to see us, the medical community. The Exhibit will travel to medical schools and hospitals around the country and eventually, the world.

Artist are asked to do portraits of rare disease patients from photographs provided by the Rare Disease United Foundation. All artwork needs to be in by January 1, 2015. We hope to create an Exhibit Catalogue and prints of the pieces for families of the patients. We are so grateful to the artists who are making this possible. Thank you for your time and consideration!!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


Patricia Ferland Weltin

Executive Director/Founder

Rare Disease United Foundation

T: 401.434.0052 * F: 401.434.0039 * C: 401.487.3012

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!  

Sarah Tallarico
Executive Director
Wickford Art Association