Wickford Art Festival Volunteer Sign-Up - June 16 at 7 PM at the Gallery


Hey everybody - we need YOU! The 52nd Wickford Art Festival (July 12th & 13th) depends on lots of volunteers to keep this event running smoothly before, during and after the festival. We are having another volunteer sign up on Monday June 16th at 7 pm at the WAA Gallery - you can find out more about how you can help the festival and share your ideas. Give some of your time helping our biggest fundraiser of the year! To show our appreciation, volunteers receive a commemorative 52nd Wickford Art Festival 100% cotton T-shirt and a coveted parking pass for the weekend, good at either Wilson Park or Wickford Middle School. You do not have to be a WAA member in order to volunteer at the festival either: so consider asking your friend or family member if they would like to volunteer too.

All committees need more volunteers so feel free to sign up for more than one committee. Please note that some committees still need a captain and we would love for you to take charge! (Volunteers who have signed up are noted with their initials in italics after the description.)


Can't make the meeting? Take a moment to look at our committee list below and let me know if you would like to lend your support! If you are interested in volunteering or captaining a committee, contact me at wickfordartfestival@gmail.com and let me know which committee and what works for your schedule.


The Wickford Art Festival's proceeds benefits the Wickford Art Association's Annual Scholarship Fund as well as its many programs and services. No matter how much time you can give the festival, your help is appreciated and greatly needed.


Thank you for your support!

Judy Salvadore, Festival Director









  • Banner/Sign Committee: Captain______: Volunteers needed to hang banners at designated locations before festival, after festival take down banners and signs and return to gallery. Also deliver and retrieve large Festival street banner to NK Dept of PW for hanging over West Main Street two weeks prior to event and retrieve afterwards. Need 1-2 volunteers.
  • Selfie Booth Committee: Captain Elizabeth Donovan: Liz is creating a Selfie Booth display and she will need people to help set up, take down and manage booth during festival. People will be able to dress up like famous artists and snap a selfie, hashtag it and post on social media. LD
  • Poster Committee: Volunteers willing to promote the festival in their daily travels by hanging provided WAF posters.No limit-we need people that love all over RI to help here.
  • Artist Registration Packets Committee / Captain Tracy Taylor: Develop a plan for artist packets and related materials (feedback form, area business coupons, etc); assembling registration packets and filling packets before Festival. Need about 7 volunteers/5 have signed up. TT, JA, AB, AO'N, CB



  • Artist Registration Committee: Captain__________: Registration takes place Friday night (3-7 pm) at WAA Gallery and Saturday morning (8-9:30 am) at our Information Booth on Main & Brown Streets. Meet and greet the Festival artists, check them in to show and provide the Artist Registration Packets. Direct artists to RI Sales Permit section below. Friday 3-7 pm: 4 hour shift-need 4: 2 have signed up. Saturday 8-9:30 am: 2 hour shift-overlaps with Information booth on Saturday am. AB, TT, NB (Fri, Sat), SH (Fri)
  • RI Sales Permit Subcommittee: Captain_________: IMPORTANT! We need a few volunteers that will learn the new state sales tax law that exempts most fine art of sales tax. These volunteers will only deal in issuing retail sales permits at registration and will need to get some training before festival. Friday 3-7 pm: 4 hour shift-need 2: 0 has signed up. Saturday 8-9:30 am: 2 hour shift-need 1: 0 has signed up.
  • Hospitality at Artist Reception / Captain Carol Beatrice: During Registration at Gallery on Friday night, we provide the artists with a reception before their long weekend of selling art. A variety of food donations (pizza, desserts, beverages, etc) will need to be solicited / donated and then setup before reception. After reception, gallery will need to be cleaned up, food put away, etc. Thursday & Friday food dropoff at gallery then Friday 2-3 setup; reception 3-7pm; cleanup 7-8 pm CB


  • Booth Assignment Committee: Captain Tim Murphy: Marking out and numbering designated artist booth spaces in town on JULY 10 Thursday morning. If weather is an issue, then work is done on Thursday evening, or JULY 11 Friday morning before Festival. Need three teams of three to lay out booths: Two have signed up. TM, SK
  • Information Booth Committee: Captain________. Set up WAA tents on Friday evening, having supplies delivered & ready for Saturday morning, provide information to public & artists, etc. Volunteers to provide information to attendees and artists on Saturday 8 am to 6 pm & Sunday 8 am to 5 pm. Takedown starts Sunday at 5 pm. We would like volunteers to commit to 4 hour shifts, if possible. AB, AO'N, CB, BGD (Sat, Sun)
  • Enforcement Committee: Need Captain________: Need a few volunteers roam the festival on Sat & Sun and enforce festival requirements: no functional art (note cards, mirrors, tables, etc), limit of 2 browse bins, etc. Must know the rules of the show and have confidence to enforce those rules in a kind but firm manner.
  • Festival "Go-fors": Need Captain________: Run errands, take water around, pick up ice, relieve artists in booths for food & bathroom breaks, etc. AO'N, LD, CB, MD Sun all day), GC (Sun)
  • Photography Committee: Photographers to document all three days (would love a GoPro time lapse of setup to breakdown!). Provide images to WAA for our website, Facebook, future show PR, for the press, historical reference, etc. Only Saturday am is covered (BB).
  • Sales Tax Form Collection Committee: Need captain________. A wonderful way to talk with artists at the end of the show and get their feedback on the Festival. On Sunday afternoon, volunteers first remind artists to submit sales tax forms, then collect artists' completed sales tax forms at end of festival. We will record the total sales of each artist so we can have an idea of how the festival generates sales and impacts the local economy. We deliver completed forms to the RI Division of Taxation the following day. Need 3 volunteers (one for each section of festival).
  • Set Up/Take Down Committee: Need Captain_________: Set up and take down our booths, etc. Also, helping artists set up and take down booths (Set up-Friday night & Saturday morning; Take down - Sunday afternoon after 5pm). Should be able to lift medium to heavy items. Elderly artists really appreciate this service from us. Could use a Boy Scouts Troop to work for community service badge, if anyone can help make that connection. Need 2-3 volunteers Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. JP Fri after 4, Sat am), BG(Fri)
  • Clean Up Committee: pick up trash, remove WAF signs etc. Need 2 volunteers; one has signed up for Monday am (remove signs). MAP



  • Apparel Committee / Captain Felicia Whiting: Oversee apparel printing, sales of apparel; get WAF apparel to town, keep track of merchandise, create signs with pricing, etc. FW, LD
  • Scholarship Raffle Committee / Captain Sarah Tallarico: Managed tent/volunteers, setting up tent, hanging artwork, arranges for art work to be stored Saturday night, have raffle tickets and raffle ticket sellers, be responsible for funds. Need teams to roam festival and sell raffle tickets.ST, DJ & PJ(Sat 10am-12pm)



  • Yes I Will Do Anything Between Now and Then That I Can But It Is Hard To Say What Just Yet.... We know, it is hard to commit because of our crazy schedules but if you think that you want to help the Festival but don't know what, where, why etc... Well, we still need you! We will ask and if you can't, then you can't, but we will include you just in case you can help us with a task. BBag


Finally, if anyone can help ensure the weather is sunny, warm and dry all weekend long... well, we really want you! Looking forward to a wonderful weekend full of art in July. Thanks again ~ Judy






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